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Subject: Girlfriend Perspective on: Wicked Witches Way rss

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Because he is my very best friend :)
Fighting evil by moon light, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon.
Wicked Witches Way is a game that tests your quickness to analyze a situation in front of you the fastest, and do it better than others.


d10-1 1 Players board
d10-2 6 character tokens
d10-3 1 curse token
d10-4 9 "Magic Formula" Dice
d10-5 6 sets of 9 cards (one set for each player)
d10-6 27 "Black Magic"" cards
d10-8 A box (and its cover), which serves as a dice try and represents the great book of magic

Recommended Players

The recommended number of players is 2 - 6. I have found that it works best when you have 3-5 players.


Setting up is quite simple. Each player is going to choose a colour, and take the character and cards associated with it. All players are going to begin on number 1 on the board. If you are finding that 1 person is always ahead, you are able to set up a handicap moving players back 2 places, so they are on -2.

Place the "book" in the center of the table, and have the dice ready to be rolled.

How to Play

One player is going to take the all the dice, and roll them into the box.

Mentally, you are going to need to figure out what the puzzle is. You are either going to figure out the black puzzle, or the orange puzzle.

You are first going to seperate the dice into the 2 seperate colours (black and orange)

Depending on the dice colour, and pictures, you will remove different dice from the game.

If you roll and two dice come up as the same colour and the same picture, you remove one the duplicate dice from the game, leaving one behind. If it comes up as the same picture, but different colour, you remove all of those pictures from the game.

(in above photo, orange has two dice with the same picture, one of each set will be removed.)

Once you think you figured out the puzzle, you need to shut the cover on the book, so no one else will see.

You are then going to use your cards to tell what spell you are matching. If you were to put out an extra card, you are not going to advance. If you were the player who shut the book, and you put out an extra card that does not match, you will actually go back a space.

If you were to some of the spell correct, you will advance on the board the number of cards you were correct.

If you were to get the spells exact, you gain an extra bonus. If you guess the black spell correct, you take as many cards in the spell, and keep 1 card, discard the rest. If you match the orange spell, you advance 2 places.

If you are the person in the lead, you are cursed, meaning if you get the spell exactly right, you do not get a bonus. The curse will be removed as soon as a player passes you.

How to Win

The person who is furthest ahead, and has the most points win.

The Good vs The Bad

makes you think fast
penalty for the person in the lead
yuk people have a tendency to shut the book, and only put out one card to advance

Survey Says

This game is DEFINITELY not a favorite of mine. This game requires skill, that apparently I don't have. There are games out there I'm not really good at, that I still enjoy to play, and this is not one of them. If you are not good at thinking on your toes, or if you are playing with people close the book slowly, so you are not able to see, but they are, it takes a lot of fun out of it.

But, if you are good at thinking on your toes, and are good at the game memory, then you may enjoy it. I sure don't...

I do have a tip, if you are going to play. Being in first is not always necessary. Because once you are in first, you are cursed. Instead of going for the orange all the time, try going to the black. Under the black spells, you will usually get spells allowing you additional points at the end, and usually pushes you ahead of the one ahead.
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My nine year's daughter loves it!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice review.
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