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Subject: 5p red condition rss

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Wade Schwendemann
United States
San Diego
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Chris, Kevin, Joel, Brian and I debated for a moment about what to pull out. We had quite fewer options for 5 than 4, and settled on Tribune. After the debacle that was the green difficulty level where Brian won the game on turn 2, we decided to play red. Honestly we thought that this would have made the game a bit shorter than the yellow, which requires Tribune to end the game. That condition, in a 5 player game, could have made for a long one for sure.

I was the first player on turn one. In my opening hand were no leaders and 2 pairs. That was a pretty easy decision for me on what to keep. No matter when I play I always look toward tribune as a mandatory objective, mostly because if you don’t get it you end up with less points on a tiebreaker if that happens. I settled into trying to pick up a couple factions on turn one and managed to secure the praetorians first, then the patricians if I could. This did not net me a scroll, something I’d pay for later. Joel took the legates, Brian took the senators, and Kevin took the Vestal Virgins I believe. Chris didn’t get any, but solidified his position on the board. At the end of the turn, Joel took the chariot and covered the legates.

Next turn Joel was first, and I was last. I don’t remember much about this turn except that I managed to take the Patricians. I had plebeian cards in my hand too, but since I didn’t have a scroll at all (and had no way of getting one) I didn’t make the play to take both. Kevin took the Senators and Chris took the Virgins. Joel took the gladiators and collected a ton from the catacombs. Brian took something too, but I’m not exactly sure what it was. Joel won the chariot again and kept the legates covered. This was getting old, since they’re really only one of two ways (without leaders anyhow) to get a scroll, and Kevin had just played about 35 points worth of senators down.

Next turn Brian was first, and he ended up taking over the gladiators I believe. He had picked up several leaders which we allowed him to get. Chris took the Plebians and Kevin took the Patricians from me. Joel still had the legates covered and was buying legions for 6 per turn following Chris’s assassination. Chris also managed to get eternal favor this turn before someone took the Virgins (Kevin?). I don’t think I took anything this turn, but managed to lose the praetorians, having acquired all the necessary legions at least. At the end of the turn Chris blocked the plebians.

The following turn Chris took over the patricians, I took the senators after an assassination, Brian took or held the Gladiators, Chris took the legates too, and Joel I think had the Praetorians at this point. At the end of the round Chris was exactly one laurel short of victory, having acquired tribune through the Patrician/Plebian route. We looked the board closely and determined that even if someone could get to the 4 victory conditions needed, we weren’t going to be able to beat him on tiebreakers, so we cleaned it up with Chris the clear winner.

I’m not sure what is going on with me, but I’m losing a little of my attraction to tribune. Maybe I need to get back to playing with less than 5, as there are only 2 scenarios that hold that many, or maybe we need to play the other one with the obligatory Tribune. I think that one would be a little more interactive, as the blocking that would happen would be quite interesting. If we’re playing five the next time we play, I’ll definitely vote that way. Either that, or try the game out with fewer players, just something to shake it up.
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