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Subject: One experienced player, two relative newbians rss

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Wade Schwendemann
United States
San Diego
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Nate requested Galaxy Trucker tonight. I agreed, and Brian did as well, despite his statement that, “while I’ve played it before, I did terrible”. I believe that Nate had only played once or twice before as well, but he seems to really like the game. I think it’s a lot of fun, and I may even like it better with 3 players than with 4, as there are a few more tiles to go around. That could of course be interpreted as a personal flaw, since more players makes ship building that much more critical. I like to have well built ships not just finish or have to use a lot of suboptimal pieces. In addition, I built the correct ship every time, something I’ve had problems with in the past.

Round one saw Brian sort of close himself off early while Nate and I had pretty good ships. I was able to use my experience with the game to remember the challenges and take a decent lead at the end. I finished first and had the most cargo, plus the prettiest ship (least exposed connectors).

Round two both Nate and Brian looked at the cards that were on their way and I think that helped them both, though Nate more so than Brian if you just look at results. At least this time Brian was able to finish the race, but because of the lack of cargo available for transport in the race, he got fewer points than in the previous race. Also, about mid-round we noticed a design error in Brian’s ship that I had failed to notice when checking it before hand. It ended up not really hurting him at all, but it put me on alert to check things more closely in the future. Nate had a ridiculous amount of battery power this round, I think it was something like 14 at the start.

Round three was the most fun (as it usually is) because the ship building is tougher and longer. In addition, there are more challenges and obstacles, and the consequences for failing to pass them are more deadly. This is where Nate’s comparison to a stained glass window really applies well. I managed to be the window in this little scenario, losing the contest in the combat zone for fewest engines and subsequently blowing off about 8 pieces of my ship due to getting two laser blasts from the same column up my backside. There was no stopping them wherever they came from, but they were particularly brutal. It made for some entertainment at my expense, which I welcome in this game. Actually, I welcome it just about anytime. I can take it.

The final score was about as you’d expect when one person has experience and the other two don’t. I finished with 88 points, Nate was at 45, and I believe Brian was in the 30s. Interestingly enough, the rulebook has a recommendation for when you have one experienced player and one less experienced player, switch ships once they’re built. I think its funny they suggest this, since Chris beat me pretty good his first go through the game. We didn’t do any trading since it was 3 player, but maybe we should have. I think the guys had a good time nonetheless. This game plays very quickly and I think it was probably just about an hour, maybe less. Sometime soon I’ll be getting the expansion which adds new aliens, new pieces, and more deadly event cards that are harder to work past. It should add to the already incredibly fun destructive element of the game and therefore to the number of laugh out loud funny moments during play.
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