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Subject: Sword of Rome play session rss

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Travis Linton
New Zealand
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This was Craig's first game so he played the Greeks, Andrew played Rome, Luke the Gauls and I played Etruscans/Saminites.

> Turn 1
> The Gauls come hard out after the Etruscans who stand there
> ground to hurt the raiders as much as possible. The Romans
> pass Sextant Laws preventing further Phelbian Revolts for
> rest of the game and at the last moment make a sneak attack
> on the Etruscans while they are preoccupied with Gallic
> marauders. Unexpectantanly the Roman Consul in charge of the
> attacking army is sent back to Roma giving victory to the
> wealthy miners. The Greeks engage in the first of many
> battles with their arch enemy Carthage as well as bolstering
> city loyalty.
> Turn 2
> This turn becomes one bloody battle after another. The
> Gauls continue hard after the Etruscans losing every battle
> because of bad luck, in the mean time the Trans-Alpine raid
> away in their northern territory taking precious VP cities.
> The Saminite's new leader builds an army to preoccupy
> the Romans in the south, which causes the Romans to bring on
> The Dictator. The Dictator sends the Saminites running back
> to their mountain passes but is greatly hurt in the process.
> The Greeks send the Carthaginians packing from Sicily and
> successfully siege their city. At the last minute they
> realize that the E/S will win a Sudden Death victory unless
> something is done. The Greeks play a Desperate Times and
> send a small troop to raid an Etruscan port VP city thus
> preventing a win this turn.
> Turn 3
> Rome still feels threaten by the small Saminite army hiding
> in the mountains. Rome decides to end the threat- ALL or
> Nothing- and invades Saminite territory out numbering them
> 3:1. However they are in for a surprise and are ambushed in
> the high mountain passes and lose their entire army as well
> as Roma and 2 VP cities as concessions. This will give E/S
> another Sudden Death victory unless something is done. Rome
> makes an alliance with Greece to entice them to come to the
> rescue. Mean while the Gauls are trying to build another
> army and recover lost territory from Trans-Alpine and
> Etruscan invaders. The Trans-Alpine are raiding coastal
> towns now controlled by the elite miners and Carthage is
> still licking wounds given by the Greeks last turn. The
> Greeks have their hands full with barbarians in Southern
> Italy but send a large army to subjugate Saminite villages.
> The mighty Etruscan army moves to Roma for better board
> position, bribing the pesky Volci on the way. With all
> powers in Italy coming after the E/S, their Sudden Death is
> becoming unlikely. Their UNDEFEATED army marches on the
> Greeks occupying Etruscan homeland. The gods are obviously
> with the Greeks, routing the Etruscans sending them running
> with their tail between their legs. The victorious Greeks
> take over another Etruscan city, recapture lost territory
> from barbarians and successfully subjugate a Saminite
> village. Rome now realizes their folly in allying with the
> Greeks, breaking their alliance and playing Desperate Times
> to attack the southern army. Unfortunately it is a little
> too late and the Greeks get a Sudden Death Victory!
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John Brock
United States
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That's harsh!

If all games of SoR ended that quickly, I'd be able to convince my friends to play it a lot more often...

Edit: I still can't figure out why the "Disable Emoticons" box is checked by default...
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