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Knowing me, knowing you is a party game for up to 6 people.

The box contents
The game consists of a deck of cards and 6 scoring devices. Each card has five questions on it. Each scoring device (in the player’s color) has 5 containers, marked with the 5 opposing colors. Then there’s a large amount of small coins (points).

The game
Suppose you play with Joe (green), Jane (blue), Kate (red) and Kevin (orange). Joe draws a card a card for Jane and reads the five questions. "What kind of clothes will ...Jane... never wear?" Everybody, including Joe & Joe, scribble down their answer on a piece of paper. "What is ...Jane’s... least favourite vegetable?" Scribble, scribble. "What was the last body part where ...Jane... had a rash?" hushed laugther, more scribbling. "What kind of alternative healing would ...Jane... choose: acupuncture, herbs, osteopathy or healing hands?" Scribble, scribble. "What the tallest man made object ...Jane... has climbed?" When everybody is done writing, the questions are rehearsed, everybody gives his answer and lastly Jane gives hers. Then points are scored: suppose Jane & Joe answered T-shirt and Kevin & Kate answered sweater: Joe puts 2 coins in the blue container, for knowing (or guessing) the correct answer. Kevin earns a coins in the red container, because although he didn’t had the right answer, he had the same answer as Kate. Likewise Kate puts a coin in her orange container. And finally, Jane puts one coin in her green container, since Joe matched her answer. Al questions are handled this way and after that, Jane draws a card and starts reading it, filling in Kate’s name in the blanks. After two full rounds, the scoring devices are opened and scores compared, leading to conclusions like "Hey, Kevin scored more points for knowing Jane, then Joe does!"

Wrapping up
This is a nice game, a filler if you will, for people you know. For if you want to know them better and/ or they are no gamers. If playing with strangers, there’s so much uncommon ground I suppose it’s more entertaining to open a bottle of wine and start talking. On the other hand, for playing with people you already know well, many questions are uninspiring or common knowledge. Only one in ten questions may pike some interest, so the question is: makes the time invested in answering those other nine questions this game worthwhile? Maybe this game is best played once on an slow evening, while spending the rest of the time chatting, while enjoying the wine and browsing through the deck, looking for the interesting questions and using those for occasional funny topics.

The conclusion
I had fun, playing this with my wife, brother in law and his wife, as a nice pastime. You can give this game as a present to family who aren’t into boardgames. For gamers, I think the best advice is found in the comments section (BradH) : "Play someone else's copy. Don't buy it." Well, you just took care of that.
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