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Subject: Count Dracula versus The Girlfriend rss

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You don't need any more.

I played a two player game of Fury of Dracula with my girlfriend. We hadn’t played this game for a while and thought it would be nice to give it a shot again. Make no mistake - we both like the game and its mechanics a lot, but for some reason it hasn’t hit our table as often as it might have deserved to.

I was Dracula and she’d play the hunters. This is how we’ve usually played. The one time I was playing the hunters I managed to stab (!) Dracula to death with a measly knife. After that she has been quite wary of playing the role of Dracula again. Anyway, I was going to be the prince of darkness. Not that I have a problem with it, I in fact enjoy playing 1 versus the rest games as “the one”. Well, as long as it’s an evil role like in Fury of Dracula or Descent.


She started by placing her hunters to Bucharest, Leipzig, Madrid and Liverpool. It was a nice mix of locations and a good coverage. However, I always like starting out in unconventional places as Dracula. I chose to start out in Bari. My plan was to slowly make my way into middle-Europe, escape to the sea and move to Great-Britain and maybe hatch some vampires while doing so. Then win the game.

Starting positions

All my plans were thwarted on her first turn. She drew the event card that let any bitten hunter to reveal the current location of Dracula AND her force him to announce his next move. On the first turn! Oh boy, she certainly sent me trembling early on. I revealed my location in Bari and announced that I’d be moving to Naples next turn. My only option was to escape to the sea.

Not a good first two turns!

I escaped to the Tyrrhenian Seas and continued to the Black Sea through the Ionian Sea, paying some blood in compensation. I landed in Constanta and travelled through Varna and Sofia to Sarajevo. Things were looking up for me!

I WAS Count Dracula after all...

At this point I had pretty much hidden myself. One of the hunters (Van Helsing) was pretty close by, but I trusted him not to stumble upon my trail. I had planted some new vampires and other nasty encounters all across Eastern Europe. It was my domain after all.


Where is he?!? The hunters are lost.

I next made my way through Zagreb to Munich, leaving behind some more nice encounters. At this point of the game two days had passed and I had matured two vampires (one at Constanta and other at Varna). With 4 points and the hunters having no idea where I am, I was quite certain of my triumph. I moved from Munich to Zurich, trusting the small town to be of no interest to the hunters.

Then my luck ended. As fate would have it, out of all 8 possible options, Doctor Seward moved from Strasbourg to Zurich and I was revealed. We battled and he took away a lot of my blood points. I did manage to escape a few rounds later though. Van Helsing and Mina moved, but they were not close enough to attack me this turn.

My turn came up and I had three options. I could move to Milan, Geneva or Marseilles. Mina was in Strasbourg and Lord Godalmine was in Munich (who I didn’t notice at the time). I opted for Milan because I thought she’d never think I’d choose it. Then it was her turn.

Much to my horror, she moved Lord Godalmine from Munich to Milan. It was a possibility that had somehow escaped me totally. However, I had kind of prepared for it by placing the Bats encounter at my current location. Godalmine’s turn immediately ended and I was safe. At least I thought so.

Then Doctor Seward moved in from Zurich and we battled. Some lucky dice rolls and attack choices (mostly the blasted stake) later I lay dying on her feet.

Dracula was vanquished in Milan.


This was her first time winning me in Fury of Dracula. Not that we’ve played it that many times, but I still think it was a great victory. I think it was mostly my arrogance that cost me the game. I thought I could easily sneak through the middle-Europe and escape for good (two or three turns later I would have won the game by maturing another vampire and by starting a new day).

However, she certainly best me this time. zombie

I win! Her eyes just a few moments after my defeat.
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