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Subject: Peace in Flames 15: Japan Attacks Commonwealth rss

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Si non potes reperire Berolini in tabula, ludens essetis non WIF.
Hey, get your stinking cursor off my face! I got nukes, you know.
This is a trans-Pacific game being played via Vassal. Following is the latest turn, January/February 1942. Old turns below the ====. "Peace in Flames" seems an appropriate name since wars are busting out all over...

The players: Stewart - Axis
myself - Allies

Rules: Same as in the Scandinavia in Flames game, we're using most of the normal options (partisans, etc), SIF, PIF, new MIF, divs/guns, terrs, Cruisers in Flames, 2d10 combat, "Stalin's War" Soviet production (+.25 in '42 OR when Germans declare war; '42 city mods become '43, '43 city mods deleted), EZ oil rules. We are also trying Devin's victory point system, and Italian and Japanese surrender. We are using Line of Command Vichy rules. We are also using the errata from the 2008 WIF Annual as well some of the new options including Offensive Points rules, randomized naval losses, revised Chinese attack weakness, lending limits, and face-down aircraft rebasing.


Rumors and intelligence about Japanese military planning concerned Churchill and others in the Commonwealth. The expected war broke out in late January 1942. Without warning or the courtesy of a declaration of war, Japanese forces launched. In short order, the Japanese destroyed the Australian forces defending Singapore; landed in Talakan on Borneo; came ashore at Tricomalee in Ceylon; and captured Rabaul. Yamashita's army crossed from southeast China into Burma. After capturing Tricomalee, Japanese marines in small craft crossed into India and took Madras.

India was not entirely undefended; Calcutta had two Indian corps, and HQ sent over another unit from Bombay to Chittagong along the Burmese border. Kenyan reinforcements intended for Egypt were diverted to Bombay. The Free French headquarters of Billotte was in southern India, although France and Japan are not at war.

In February the Italian fleet went out again and sank a Free Dutch transport that had just delivered a British infantry corps to Egypt. Italians and Germans captured Zagreb and then advanced towards Belgrade.

Stalin ordered his generals to launch a general offensive along the Russian front, taking advantage of snowy weather. However, the plans were executed abysmally. Several Soviet offensives did very little damage to the Germans. The Soviets advanced on Smolensk and pushed forward a salient between Smolensk and Gomel, but they failed to capture Gomel in a bloody assault.

The only bright notes for the Allies in this wintry turn were in strategic warfare. Italian subs sortied but failed to find anywhere (whew). British and Russian strategic bombers were highly effective, disrupting German production in Lille, Paris, Brussels, and Bucharest.

With the Commonwealth at war, Churchill frantically urged FDR to do something. A recalcitrant Congress began to make some moves; by the end of February it had voted in an oil embargo against Japan for its attack on the British Empire. Roosevelt gave the Navy permission to escort merchant shipping in the North Atlantic, both moves generating greater tension with the Axis...

BP lost: CW 11 (+3 Yugo), USSR 11, Japan 0+ 5 opoints, Germany 4

Comment: Two very good attacks for the Soviets featuring lots of winterized units went south when I rolled (unmodified) 4 and 6. I shattered a BUNCH of Germans but only killed one militia.

1939: Germany crushes Poland, Netherlands. No Japan-USSR war.

JAN/FEB '40: Japan takes ChangSha. Graf Spee sunk off coast of Canada. German subs hit shipping in North Atlantic. US occupies Iceland and Greenland.

MAR/APR '40: Germans declare war on Belgium, take Brussels with difficulty; French hold Antwerp. Soviets build up along Manchurian border. US seizes French carrier Bearn.

MAY/JUNE 1940: Germans smash through Belgium into France; French government teeters. Italy declared war on France, attacked in Alps, took Tunis. USSR invaded Manchuria, Japanese stripped China to defend.

JULY/AUG 1940: France collapses, Free French government set up in Senegal. Soviets advance in Manchuria. Germany redeploys east, with Italy and Romania, declares war on USSR. US embargoes strategic materials to Japan, gives destroyers to CW.

SEP/OCT 1940: German and allied troops enter USSR proper; Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary join war. Finns snatch Murmansk (oops). Stalin gives up Soviet Far East to get peace with Japan. Commonwealth declares war on Italy, sends BEF to Karelia, lands division in Sardinia. US authorizes resources to W. Allies.

NOV/DEC 1940: Germans take Minsk, Kiev. Royal Navy sinks last Italian transport (and kill Balbo HQ), several cruisers, damage Littorio for no loss.

JAN/FEB 1941: Japan occupies French Indochina, seizes Kunming. US freezes Japanese assets, builds five Essex-class carriers. Germans take Pskov. Germany and Italy eject British from Sardinia.

MAR/APR 1941: Germany takes Dnepropetrovsk. US first gear up, FDR authorized navy to base at Pearl Harbor. Axis air attacks against Malta but no invasion. Australians liberate Ethiopia. Japan attack against Nanning fails.

MAY/JUNE 1941: Storms in Russia, Germany stalled before Smolensk. Japanese take Nanning, move marines to Truk. British, Finns maneuver in north but no battle. Air battles rage over Malta, CW reinforces the island and deters an invasion. South Africans occupy Tobruk, Bardia. Kriegsmarine relocates to Brest.

JULY/AUGUST 1941: Germans take Smolensk with heavy losses. Germans capture Gomel, Kursk, Stalino, but retreat from Kursk before being cut off. Italy, Germany invade Greece; British, Australians, and Indians reinforce. Japanese fleet relocates to Truk. RAF damages Graf Zeppelin in Brest. Italian subs wreak havoc on CW shipping. US reinforces Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor.

SEP/OCT 1941: Heavy fighting in Russia but front moves little. Yugoslavia joins the Allies; Axis conquer Greece. Free French take Italian Somaliland. Japanese massing near Kunming.

NOV/DEC 1941: Soviets push Germans back from Bryansk. Japanese take Kweiyang. Naval wars in Atlantic.
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Marco semori
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Great report as usual, thanks for it!
In our games the Japan also attack CW (but we are in the early 1940 :P) so good for us to see hoe the expert players play this situation.
have fun!

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