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NOTICE- Accidentaly erased an old thread except for replies from other users.
This is reposted as both a repost and an Update to that old thread.

I created a conversion from Mahjongg to Western Dominoes.

Now When I say Mahjongg I don't mean the solitaire game that people play on their home computers or playstation.
I mean the game that has 4 players and is a bit more like rummy or bridge but uses the same playing pieces.
As for 'western' dominoes I wanted to make sure that it was understood that it was not the 'eastern/chinese' domino sets which are distinctly differnt from what a lot of americans and europeans consider 'dominoes'.

Basicly the conversion rules that I created Utilize four sets of standard 'double six' domino sets. Many of the nitpicking and tradition of standard Mahjong are dispensed with for basic gameplay. I have no doubts that it could be distilled to an even simplier set of rules but for now I'm sticking which what I have created.

(edited 9-30-09)
The old link has an oudated version of the rules. I fixed the rules for legibility, expanded examples, and reorganized the order of some sections. The following link is to my home page version of the same game.
(end edit)

NOTE: Updated March-2010
I made a new video. Much more ligible than the old one and removed the old one from youtube. Here is the new link. It's a 3 part video.

There is a rather strange thing about this whole conversion though.
It appears to have not been done before.
I mean its Dominoes for crying out loud.
When I came up with the idea I thought someone must have beat me to the goal. So I spent a week reading 50+ domino game rules online to see if I was unoriginal in my concept.
I never found any domino game that uses the core mechanic of this one.
Matching -Identicle- tiles to make pairs, tripples, and quads to go out.
I mean Mahjongg was the 'big game' back in the 1920's in america.
Thats where I live.
Yet nobody thought to make the conversion???
Somebody somewhere has to have thought of this before.

Because there exist a possibility that I am not original in doing this I intentionaly kept all the set names, even the title of the game, generic.

I call it "Four pack". As in the game needs four packs of dominoes in order to play.

Update: (10-4-09)
In what method you play it, or when you play it, most important of all. Have fun!!

To me it is simply something that i created and would like to share with others. It's not even something that I've put a large effort into either. It was just a conversion of rules. However at some small level deep down I feel sorta disapointed. Like having the end of a good book spoiled before you finished reading it.

Any feedback. Positive or negative is greatly welcome.
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