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Subject: Gunnarson's Wyrd rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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The following is from our "Dawn of The Hyborian Age"
Campaign which is based on the Hybori Tribes overthrow
of Archeron based on R.E.Howards background for his
Conan setting.

This is a HoTT system but for this battle we
decided to use Battle Lore.The battle was easily
converted over to BL Units as in many ways they are just different names for HoTT elements.

We use 10mm figs Archeron uses WM Dark Elves & the Hybori
are mainly WM Chaos Maurders/Warriors.

We are using Adventure #2 "First Chevauchee"as is(well with a few minor changes to fit our forces)Archeron sets up on the English Side & Hyboria on the French Side.


"...and lo in the Spring of the 5th Year of the Wolf,Hardar Gunnarson ended his brooding in the Eiglophian Mts. & raised the war banner among the clans of Western Hyboria,fire & death followed in his wake through the Marchers of W.Archeron.Then on a crisp Spring morning on the edges of the dark wood his ravers found Archerons Northern Army waiting.......the young wolf bared his teeth at the old serpent! ....The Sigtona Sagas "

Hardar Gunnarson from the advantage of the high ground
among the warriors of his Fyrd gazed out on the rapidly dissolving Fall mist,which revealed the the twin headed serpent banners of the Archeron troops.

Grimly he noted that his opponent lay directly across his path with their flanks anchored on both ends by rivers.
His ravers must smash through to open up
the way to the great cities of the South.Well so be it,
he had turned from Bori's Mission several years ago when the great Council would not support his bid for War Chief
& now he had raised the war banner without their blessing.If he turned back or failed now he was a dead
man.He would loose his wolves & toss the die,Glory
or a warriors death.Laughing he signaled the war horns
to sound!

Exion,acting Commander of the Northern Marches
made last minute preparations with his captains.
The Hybori Army he faced was not just another
plunder mob like the many he had faced over the last few years.Its size & rapid advance made it obvious this was a serious invasion of the Empire, the second since
the Hybori had set the northern frontier ablaze about 4
years ago.Why in Great Set's Name were they doing this
constant warfare?Who could figure the way of barbarians but if the fighting continued the Empire
would be hard pressed to maintain its forces.

Exion dismissed his war council,he hoped he could crush
this invasion as throughly as had Ixion & the Eastern Army the first . He allowed a brief thought that his Commander Kroton had been waiting for the opportunity to lead the Western Army to a great victory
but now the opportunity was here he was back in Kartunia playing the dangerous game of Imperial politics
for the favor of the new Empress......

shrill horns..seem to dispel the last tatters of morning mist the Hybori are attacking.....Exion orders his couriers mounted & the chant to Father Set started.

Archeron troops from Left to Right:

2nd Row

1.1st Imperial Horse-Blue
2.2nd Imperial Phalanx-Blue
3.3rd Imperial Horse-Blue
4.1st Imperial Phalanx-"Glory of Set"-Red
5.3rd Imperial Phalanx-Blue
3rd Row:

1.4th Imperial Phalanx-Blue
2.5th Imperial Phalanx-Blue
3.Daughters of Set(DoS1) 1st Temple-Blue*
4.Daughters of Set(Dos2)2nd Temple-Blue*
5.1st Imperial Cohort-CB-Green
6.2nd Imperial Cohort-CB-Green

Hybori Troops Left to Right:

2 Row:

1.3rd Axe-Blue
2.Berks Horsecarls-Blue
3.Gunnarson's Fyrd-Red
4.Kon's Horsecarls-Blue

3rd Row:

1.1st Axe-Blue
2.Grey Wolf Brothers-Green
3.Black Wolf Brothers-Green
4.2nd Axe-Blue
5.Hymer's Band-Blue*
6.Great Wolves-Red
7.Bragi Band Blue*

*=These are HoTT Warbands Elements that don't quite fit into
BattleLore Units.They pack a punch but can be brittle.So we
House Ruled them as Bold but gave them only 3 Figs per Unit.

Sunrise & Swords

Hardar ordered out Kon's Horsecarls to draw out
the enemy line but the enemy won't rise to the bait.

Seeing that Horsecarls are not having any effect,he
then sends his left flank into action.The 3rd Axe
moves forward & enters the woods & the 1st Axe moves up to occupy the high ground while the
Grey Wolf Brothers keeps pace to cover its flank.

Exion observes the maneuvers against his Right but
has his own plans signaling his Left Flank to advance.
The 4th phalanx moves into the wood & the 5th Phalanx,
with the 1st Horse move to keep abreast.

The Hybori Horsecarls now pounce,Kon's troopers
charge into the Daughters of Set ,sending the
fanatic women warriors of the 1st Temple reeling back
with minor loses.Regrouping Kon now turns on the
1st Horse also forcing them back with minor losses.
The Hybori troopers finish up by advancing on the 5th
Phalanx.The Archeron Left has been roughly handled.
On the Hybori Left Berks Horsecarls swing out around the Black wolf Brothers & move to the Center.

The Archeron response is a volley from the 2nd Cohort
on the Right catching the advancing Berk & his mounted men squarely.Unable to fall back due to the Wolf Brother
Force behind him his troopers take losses.a warning
that The Serpent has fangs!

The Hybori Right takes no heed & continues the pressure.Kon's men renew the attack on the 1st Horse,
which give way before him.Now the Horsecarls
turn & override the Daughter of Set 1st Temple troops
still regrouping from the previous attack.The women
go down,first blood!During the fight Bragi Band move
up along the river.

Exion cannot ignore his endangered Left any longer,
the 5th Phalanx turns on Kon's Horsecarls inflicting
loses.The 4th Phalanx hits Bragi Band which retreats before them.

thus ends the 1st hour

(Nice game so far,it was interrupted so we are finishing up today.Note I use a narrative report style rather than
card by card but each paragraph is a players turn.
The term minor losses=1hit,losses=2 hits & major Losses=3 hits.I combine movement & combat phases
in the report as it flows better.

We are a little slow as keeping track of which Unit does what to who for the report takes time but also as
we are use to the HoTT System we have to remind ourselves of the C&C differences.Mistakes so far
minor for a bit we thought a shield was just a reroll
rather than an actual hit & we forgot our House rule
making Warband type like the Daughters of Set BOLD,
apologies to the 1st Temple as it might have kept them in the game-you can never have too many leather thong chicks in a game-.It has been rather difficult
keeping troops together for support maybe its the initial set up?

The Bloody 2nd

The Hybori move to keep pressure on the Archeron
Flanks.The 1st Axe advances on the Left to tie up
the Crossbowmen of the 1st Cohort & the Grey Wolf Brothers slam forward to attack the 2Cohort but
the Crossbow troops shrug them off.The Hybori
Right has better luck with the Heavy Inf of the Great Wolves attack on the 4th Phalanx doing serious losses.
Then Bragi Band completes the destruction of the
Archeron Unit.The Serpents Left Flank is now in major

Exion ignores the calls to reinforce the Left,instead he
pushes regiments forward across the entire front.
On his Right the 1st Cohort disengages from the
Grey Wolf Brothers & fires on the 1st Axe but fails to do any damage.Then the Heavy Inf.of The Glory Of Set are committed to battle the 1st Axe ,that Unit taking
minor losses retreats.In the Center the the 2nd Phalanx & 1st Horse attack Kon's Horsecarls.The 1st horse hits first forcing the Horsecarls back & then in a
fierce pursuit kills the Unit!Archeron draws blood!
The 5th Phalanx holds on the Left.

Hardar responds by again forcing his Right Flank sending
both Bragi & Hymer's forward.In the Center Berks Horsecarls charges into the Daughters of Set 2nd Temple troops,the women take minor loses & battle
back fiercely forcing the horsemen to retreat .The Grey Wolf Brothers attack the crossbows of the 1st Cohort
minor losses but the Cohort forces retreat on the
Wolf Brothers in a brutal battle back.The Left Flank
of the Hybori explodes in battle as the 1st Axe pushes on the Glory Of Set causing losses but the battle back from the heavies force the Hyborians to retreat with
minor losses.

The forces of Archeron take 2nd breath the 1st Cohort
fires on Berks mounted men & causes more minor losses
to the already depleted Unit.

Berks Horsecarls respond with a full tilt charge into
the 1st Cohort ripping losses from the crossbow men
but failing to move them & in the battle back the troopers are forced to retreat.

Exion now moves in the Center,The Glory of Set
moves to attack the 1st Axe & the Heavies destroy
the hapless Unit.The 1st Cohort ends its duel with
Berk's Troopers with a volley that takes them out.
The 1st Horse now charges Hymers Band causing losses.

Hardar curses as his front Center line crumbles,he responds to shore up that front.Hyner's Band
attacks the 1st Horse the violent attack pushes the
horsemen back.The Grey Wolf Brothers under Harads
fury throw themselves on the Glory of Set but can't
hurt or budge the Heavy Regiment.Finally Harad orders
his Fyrd forward to try to stabilize the line.

Archeron focus on the reeling Hyborian Center,the 3rd Phalanx & the 1st Horse go after Hymers Band.The Horsemen arrive first wipe out the Unit & then
follow up with a charge on the Great Wolves the other
Hyborian Heavy Unit doing serious damage!

Thus ends the 2nd Hour

(another break but it lets me write this up.the 2nd
hour is more fun--well I'm winning but its mainly
being in the position to battle back.Although I have
4 Units down to my opponents two it could go either way-the sign of a good game-I have 4 damaged units
& one is a banner only my opponent has only one
but its a banner only.So we'll see who can get to
which weakened Unit first.Oh-the time thing hours,
we sort fell into assign time spans to turns from HoTT
which says each game turn represents 15 minutes,
so figure an hour is each side having 4 turns.

Death at Mid-Morn

Hardar saw his forces wavering his loses mounting
well Bori's Will then he would press forward into the Center.The wolf cult fanatics had served him well so far,he again ordered them forward this time into the 1st Cohort. The wolf runners responded by overwhelming the crossbow men.Harad now moved his own Fyrd forward.

Exion had felt the rhythm of battle change in his favor
his Army had taken a lot of damage,perhaps too much
but victory was in his grasp.He accepted the challenge
in his Center the wild men & wolves he had seen before,
in a way they were as crazy as the Daughters of Set
religious fanatics!He knew however the battle was on the edge,if he could take out a wolf cult unit it could
well crack the moral of the barbarians,who venerated
Bori & his wolves.To that end he ordered a fresh Unit the 3rd Imperial Horse to charge the Grey Wolf Brothers Unit & in an irony only an Archeron could appreciate
sent in the Daughters of Set 2nd Temple on the Unit as well.The 3rd Horse attack caused minor damage but the fanatics wouldn't budge.Then the Daughters of Set were upon them,bloody hell followed as the women
savaged both man & wolf,taking out the Unit.

Epilogue -The Hyborian forces seeing the slaughter of a sacred Wolf Runner Unit took the sign that great Bori was displeased & that Hardar Gunnarson was not the
instrument of his will to crush the purple cities of
Set.Silently they left the field to their cold Northlands,
the Mission was not to be fulfilled today.

Hardar Gunnarson accepted his fate,he was not worthy to be Bori's avenger.His Fyrd,all hand picked men shifted uneasily,they would not desert him but he could see they no longer trusted him.He dismissed them to save themselves keeping only his bloods man Chtar,
who with an understand nod took his Axe & gave
a warriors death to his commander.

Thus passes Hardar Gunnarson,greatest son of the Western Tribes,may Bori allow him to run on the endless journey with his pack.

(well that was quick,I thought when I lost the crossbow Unit that things were going to tighten Up but the
dice were with me & the cards & out of 6 die rolls
(3 for 3rd Horse & 3 for DOS2 I got 4 Greens more than enough to dispose of the Light Unit.Really a nice game,
it gave the impression of a hard fought battle & at 5 vs 3 was close.

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