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Subject: Building analysis: Buildings 21-30 rss

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Mike K
United States
Fairless Hills
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Here is Part 3 of my building analysis, covering the remaining standard buildings. Again, I value all opinions:

21. Business Office: Convert any 4 resources into 1 steel, and a 5th resource into charcoal, leather, or brick. (12 F, costs 4 wood + 1 clay; EF: 1 F; Econ. bldg; hammer & fish symbol)

Steel is important ... but 2 steel is more important, for building steel ships. As such, I don't like this building as much as others, though I did earn some money from it my last game; 12 Francs late in the game for a building that doesn't require brick is nice.

22. Ironworks: Get 3 iron, and a 4th for 6 energy. (12 F, costs 3 wood + 2 brick; EF: 3 food OR 1 F; Ind. bldg; hammer symbol)

A personal 'must have'. Before this, only the offer space itself or the Black Market can net you more than 2 iron at once. This building is crucial for construction of iron and steel ships, and is therefore very valuable to its owner. I love hitting this and the HS or MP to get 4 iron and other assorted goods, then grabbing an iron ship or converting that iron to steel and going for steel ships. A great building to gain ...

23. Steel Mill: Convert iron to steel, for 5 energy each. (22 F, costs 4 brick + 2 iron; EF: 2 F; Ind. bldg)

... but not as great as this one! Only the Church gives you more Francs for a building, and that will be rendered moot once two people enter it at that 2 Franc cost. It's easy to hit the Colliery for 4 coal (if you have the hammer symbol) and use 3 and a wood to convert two iron to steel, then hit the Wharf with your remaining coal to get a steel ship. Or, if the Cokery is out, convert even more iron to steel with those 10-energy bars. Yes, it's pricey ... but not if you've hit the HS a couple times, or the Clay Mound & Brickworks once each. I won my last game despite not owning a Wharf and Shipping very litte, and the Steel Mill went a long way towards that victory.

24. Storehouse: Earn 1 F for every 2 resources owned at game's end. (4 F --- costs 10 F to build, or 2 wood + 2 brick; cannot enter; Econ. bldg; hammer symbol)

Not a personal favorite; you're better off earning Francs for your goods via the Shipping Line. Still, I've seen offer spaces pile up, and 10 fish is 5 Francs with no muss, no fuss. (I could even see buying this over building it; the 6 F difference is made up once you've exchanged 12 goods; again, though, I think you'll fall to those who're shipping cattle and leather for 3-4 F each.)

25. Cokery: Convert coal to coke, and earn 1 F for each coal. (18 F, costs 2 brick + 2 iron; EF: 1 F; Ind. bldg)

Great for energy-heavy needs like iron-to-steel conversion and shipping. A Colliery-Cokery combo can net you 40 energy (and 4 Francs) quickly, and if nothing else, coke sells for 5 F each, more than anything but steel. Combined with the decent absolute value and Entry Fee, this makes for another worthwhile building.

26. Dock: Earn 4 F for each ship. (10 F --- costs 24 F to build, or 1 wood, 2 brick + 2 iron; cannot enter; Ind. bldg)

Chances are, you'll own at least 3 ships by game's end; that equates to 22 Francs for the Dock, certainly enough to justify the cost. I still prefer 'useful' buildings like the Steel Mill, but if I got resources to spare, I'll certainly make an investment.

27. Bridge over the Seine: Convert 1 'upgraded' good to 1 F, or 3 'raw' goods to 1 F, as often as desired. (16 F, costs 3 iron; EF: 2 F; 'nothing' building)

With the Shipping Line, the 'go-to' building for the last move of the game. Good for those piles of grain or other resources that you never got to ship. Didn't get as much action from this in my last game as I anticipated (everyone went to the SL), but still worth 16 F for the cost of one trip to the Ironworks.

28. Town Hall: Earn 4 F for each Mun. bldg, and 2 F for each Craft. bldg, at game's end. (6 F --- costs 30 F to build, or 4 wood + 3 brick; cannot enter; Mun. bldg)

The base value is only 10 F (including the fact that the Town Hall itself is an 'M' bldg), but probably gets to about 22 with the right owner. Good to get late if you don't have other things to do (like obtain that last shipment).

29. Bank: Earn 3 F for each Ind. bldg, and 2 F for each Econ. bldg, at game's end. (16 F --- costs 40 to build, or 4 brick + 1 steel; cannot enter; Econ. bldg)

Fairly high-priced, the only building that requires steel. A base value of 18 F (when including the 'E' status of the Bank itself), and can hit 30 easily with the right buildings (like the CF and Wharf). The Business Office offers a single steel when used, and the Bank gives a real reason for getting only the one. Like most of the endgame-scoring buildings, this requires much planning early on for maximum results.

30. Church: Enter with 5 bread & 2 fish, leave with 10 bread & 5 fish. (26 F, costs 5 wood, 3 brick + 1 iron; EF: free; Mun. bldg)

The only building that cannot be bought, though there'd be little reason to ever do so. Heavy on Franc value, if you can dig to the bottom of whatever stack it's in. As for actual usage, by game's end no one will likely have much use for its quirky ability.

If I ever feel like doing so, I may eventually write up my thoughts on the Special buildings ... but as only 5 enter any specific game, it's better to figure them out in-game.
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Grzegorz Kobiela
Lower Saxony
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Editor at Lookout Games
In short:

Ironworks is too expensive to build it yourself. The entry fee (1 franc) is ridiculous. I always let other people build this. Also, the hammer symbol is completely useless that late in the game.

You're completely right on the Storehouse.

I rarely build the Cokery myself. 1 franc is ridiculous to enter and nobody will use it more than once. It's 18 points, I know, but also does it cost iron I'd much rather like to convert to steel. Saves two actions not building this one: 1 building action saved, 1 action saved collecting the iron I lose on it.

The Dock isn't available with 2p (I don't remember if it does with 3). With more than 3p you won't get more than 3 ships, usually, unless there is some special situation (like a great special building that generates money so that people will buy ships). So, it's nice, but I wouldn't exactly bother to definitely get it.

The Bridge over the Seine costs way too much iron for what it's worth. There won't be many people using it, so don't count on additional 2 francs per player.
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