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Finally got around to finishing this one up.

zombie Zombie (see: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/334550) Alex found out that a conqueror's work was never done, and had to go settle a minor matter with the Scythians. And to do so, had to force a river crossing against a Sctythain force of light horse. both missile and lance armed.

The Macedonian plan was to push across with HC and hypaspists first, with some skirmisher/LC support to follow to give room to push the Phalanxes across the river. This would be done under as much cover as the Oxybeles could provide.

The Scythian plan was to contest this, and failing that to scatter and use the third victory option (Scythians win if not routed by the Macedonians in 15 turns).

The crossing started off well, with both the HC and HI crossing the river, and the artillery inflicting hits on the Scythian cavalry taht came in to begin hitting them with arrows.

By the second turn it was already getting dicey however, the HC was pushing some of the LC back, but the infantry was being pincushion to death. The artillery coverage suddenly became ineffective despite the large # of shots they were firing at the Scythians. [See Question #1]

Still all was not bleak, the Macedonian skirmishers and LC were now across the river as well, and would soon be able to make those hit and run attacks a lot more perilous.

The Macedonian Companion Cavalry routed three engaged Scythian units, but the turn saw the routing of one of the hypaspists as well. The proximity of the horse archers was making rallying problematic. Cohesion hits were building up to dangerous levels on both sides by this point.

By turn four the Phalanxes had crossed as well, and I had hoped to maybe withdraw the remaining two hypaspists behind them but the cohesion hits just built up too fast, and they and some Companion Cavalry routed, along with some, but not enough Scythians, the crossing had failed due to Macedonian rout. The Scythians were close to routing as well though, and both sides had a lot of units within one or two points of routing.

In turn four, Alexander was forced to escape with whatever troops could flee back across the river.

This is a tough nut to crack for the Macedonians. But a few more cohesion hits in turn two from the Macedonian artillery and it may have swung the other way. I got a *ton* of shots that turn to no effect. Though did still land hits in the other turns. It was like they spent a turn firing nerf ammunition.

Question #1. Can the Oxy's fire at LC using Harrassment and Dispersal? And if so, which hex does it occur in? I figured the answer to the first part is yes, but was unsure of the second part but figured any in the path chosen. The H&D rule actually only mentions the target of H&D being able to return.

BONUS: The "Battle" of Samarkand.
Included here because there isn't enough to give it it's own report.

After seeing how useful LC missile ranges could be in making rallying difficult in the last scenario, that was the designated primary role for the Scythian LC.

The Scythian HC pushed the Macedonian's Greek Allied LC away from the hoplites, and the Bactrians charged in taking lots of hits vs the square formation of the infantry, but routing it in turn (the actual route didn't happen till the next turn).

However, Pharnaces (Macedonian overall commander) failed his roll and fled. And the ensuing TQ check meant the damaged LC fled as well. It was all downhill from there. The remaining LC was kept pushed away from the action by a two Persian HC, and the rest recovered their cohesion and broke another square. Took a few activations to reform and re-charge, but the hoplite squares weren't exactly scooting across the map.

Note: I mainly used and attacked the square as the for something new to try. The historical notes in the rulebook suggest that despite the scenario mentioning it being a good idea, it may not be appropriate for the Greek hoplites in any case. As the Macedonians, I probably should have tried to get a bit of ground covered early before reverting to square formation, but don't think that changed the outcome, just the location.

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