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Christian Cheevers
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Hello once again, this review was asked by a parent who is thinking of getting it for his son.

Zooloretto is an advanced version of Coloretto, a quick card game.

In Zooloretto you're a zoo keeper who's getting different type of animals. At the start of the game you will take out 2 types of animals out of the game if your playing 3 players, in a 4 player game you only take out 1 type and in a 5 player game you take out none. Also you must take out 15 tiles randomly and put them in a pile for the end of the game.

Every turn you will have to choose one of the different actions:
- Take a tile and place it on a truck
- Take a truck and place animals in enclosures or in the barn if no spaces, place vending stalls on stall tiles or barn if no spaces and trade money tokens for money tokens.

You can also take a money action which lets you
- Buy a zoo expansion
- Buy 1 animal from an opponents barn
- Remodel: Move 1 animal or move vending stall.
Exchange one animal type from one area to another.

After you have taken a truck your turn is over. The person who takes there truck last will be first the next turn.You're only allowed one type of animal per enclosure and if there is no place in any other enclosure they will need to go into the barn which will be minus points at the end of the game, I will be talking about that later.

When you have one animal with the masculine sign and one animal with the feminine sign in the same enclosure they will make a baby and if there is no space the baby will have to go into the barn.

When you have finished an enclosure you are rewarded coins, just look for the coin sign and you get that many coins.

When you run out of tiles in the bag you will use the tiles from the pile you made at the start. Once you have, that turn where you started with the pile will be the last turn.

- If you have enclosures that are full you get the large value for points.
- If you have one free space in an enclosure you will get the small value for your points.
- If there are more than 1 space free you will get as many points as there are animals if there is a vending stall adjacent to the enclosure.
- You also get 2pts per vending stall type.

- 2pts for each animal type in barn.
- 2pts for each vending stall type in barn.

The thing about this game is you never know what's going to come out so you normally have at least 1 type of animal in your barn.

The thing I like about the game is you can always torment somebody (my Dad) for example putting an unwanted animal on a wanted truck so the person get's minus points. You could also use that tormenting technique to help yourself by buying it from him before you take a truck and he has taken his truck. You can also get somebody to team up with you to torment somebody only to be betrayed 3 seconds later.

When we play with my 6 year old sister we play a lot nicer and help her if she's stuck and we never block her. We might not block her but she always blocks us.

Zooloretto is a great starter game like Ticket to Ride and Diamant (Incan Gold).

When you are doing well you could try Aquaretto which has extra rules and is a slightly a better game.

So till my next review. Bye, Au Revoir and Auf Wiedersehen.
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The Games Are About Glory
United States
New York
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Thanks very much for doing this. My son can play Coloretto already (not very well, yet) so this shouldn't be too much for him to grasp. He also plays Incan Gold and Ticket to Ride, but we use the dice expansion for TtR because it's easier for him. I'm going to teach him how to play with the cards soon because the dice expansion isn't all that good, and I think he's ready.

Looking forward to more reviews!
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