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Subject: Scenario 2: Lee vs Pope (solo) Day 1 rss

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Charles Lewis
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Victory By Any Means
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The Confederate objective is to get to Culpeper then roll up the Orange & Alexandria RR as far as Manassas Junction. Bonus points (effectively) can be had for destroying the railroad station at each objective. Between getting to Culpeper from the Confederate start position, and including the diversion up to Warrenton, the Confederates are faced with the covering 50 miles in five days – not that hard were it not for the matter of Pope and the Army of Virginia.

The Union objective is “simple:” stop Lee.

August 18, 1862

The scenario gives the Confederates the first activation. What to do with it? My first inclination is to do something with Stuart’s cavalry, but closer inspection reveals that the Yankee cavalry is just as strong (less artillery), meaning Confederate cavalry isn’t going to be all that useful for clearing fords. Therefore I decide that activating Longstreet will give me my biggest bang for my buck.

Longstreet activates his Corps. Jones, with Lee and Longstreet riding alongside, reaches Raccoon Ford on the Rapidan. Buford’s cavalry demonstrates and causes Jones to lose 2 MP. He still gets his trooops across the river and reaches Summerduck Run, where Stevens’ division awaits. Rather than risk a hasty attack, Lee opts to hold while the rest of Longstreet’s corps gets across the Rapidan. All get across but for Hood. Kemper puts his troops in a position to block Ferrero’s division.

McDowell activates III Corps, intending to move in support of Reno’s IX Corps. King gets his division across Cedar Run in direct support of Ferrero, while Ricketts is two miles up the road.

Jackson activates his Corps to give the Union something to stew on. Bayard’s cavalry holds Taliaferro up a bit (2 MPs) at Rapidan Station. Still not enough to prevent Jackson’s Corps from streaming past the Station and on up the Flatland Road. McDowell, moving to support Reno, now has Jackson breathing down his neck!

Very worried about the developing situation, Ricketts activates (4) to catch up to King, and get Cedar Run between his division and Jackson.

Mindful that the Union job is to stop the Confederates from reaching their objectives, III and IX Corps hold tight while Sigel activates I Corps to reinforce. However, Sigel’s orders are muddled, and I Corps doesn’t make much progress.

Regaining the initiative, the Rebels opt to activate Jackson again, moving his Corps into a position to block Sigel from getting across Crooked Run and with the added benefit of threatening McDowell’s rear. Marching to get around Union troops this early will reduce Fatigue-inducing battles and put growing pressure on the Union to march hard to catch up. Ewell gets to Wayland’s Mill, directly opposing Schenck across the Run. Bayard attempts to slow up Hill. Hill goes online just long enough to cause 1 manpower loss to Bayard and then crosses the creek anyway (cavalry retreat roll of 1).

Longstreet activates all of his corps within reach except for Jones. Evans and Wilcox maneuver to flank Stevens, while D.H. Hill crosses the Rapidan and pushes north. Kemper shifts northward but still continues to block Ferrero.

Continuing with the init, the 2 VA cavalry is activated. They ride to backstop Jackson so they can attempt to hold up Sigel as Jackson marches away (assuming some luck with initiative rolls).

The gamble pays off and the Confederates retain the initiative. Jackson activates his corps (5). The extended march is accomplished with no ill effects. Jackson and Hill reach the outskirts of Culpeper (much to the surprise of Banks and Pope) with Taliaferro right behind. Ewell, hung up a little bit for disengaging from Sigel, trails but is in the Gaines’ Mill vicinity.

Still in possession of the initiative, the Rebels activate Stuart with Robertson and F. Lee’s cavalry. They go gallivanting off into The Wilderness to hook up with the Germanna Plank Road. They can use that to get ahead of the infantry (both sides) and get in position to slow down the anticipated Union pursuit.

Stuart is activated again along with Robertson and F. Lee. Passing along the Germann Plank Road brings them within the activation distance of the 6 NY cavalry. Robertson gets east of Flat Run while Stuart and F. Lee shift further eastward to Mt. Holy Church anticipating trouble from the New Yorkers.

With yet another win of the initiative, Anderson is activated. He has a lot of marching to do if he’s going to catch up with the rest of Longstreet’s corps!

Finally, the Union wins an initiative roll. Stevens is activated to try and get out of the impending nastiness Longstreet has been preparing. He is able to get across Potato Run, but all that really does is pull him out of Longstreet’s way.

Union retains the initiative, and activates McDowell and III Corps. Ricketts pulls off the extended march without losing any stragglers. He comes up behind Hill, with King trailing along. Ricketts is strong enough that Jackson can’t ignore him. There may be a fight a-brewin’!

Rebels seize the initiative and activate Longstreet’s corps (8). The boys in butternut maintain good order as extended marches are conducted with no loss of stragglers. Longstreet’s men begin swinging around to the east of Pony Mountain, looking to link up with Jackson’s Corps and pummel Culpeper.

The Rebels then activate Anderson, who plods a little further up the road.

Anderson activates again for an extended march (no stragglers), hoping to catch up to the rest of the corps. He gets across the Rapdidan in good order.

The Confederates continue to win the initiative roll, but are hesitant to act further at this point; everybody is at least Fatigue 2, and most are Fatigue 3. The Rebels pass to the Union. Sigel activates (4) all of I Corps that is within command range and orders a Forced March. Schenck and Milroy both lose 2 Manpower to stragglers from the Forced March.

Content to watch the Union march itself dry, the Rebels again pass the initiative. Beardsley’s cavalry is activated.

Rebs pass. Union activates Schurz.

Keeping the init, Stevens is activated.

Rebels pass back to the Union. Reno activates IX Corps, though only Ferrero is in reach.

Rebs pass back to the Union. 6 NY cavalry is activated. They march around Stuart and reach the Rogue’s Road just south of Rappahanock Station.

Rebs pass. Williams is activated, who marches into Culpeper to bolster the defenses.

Union keeps the init this time. Stevens activates and doesn’t lose any stragglers to the extended march. His division is able to get across the creek north of Stevensburg.

Rebel init. 2 VA cav activates. They move north to cover Ewell’s flank against the tardy divisions of Sigel’s Corps.

Rebels then pass. Steinwehr actives and doesn’t lose anyone to stragglers.

Schurz then activates and maintains good order. Both units have moved further north to try and catch up to Sigel.

Beardsley then activates his cavalry. With Jackson to the northeast, it’s time to redeploy. He heads east and reaches the Summerduck Run across from Kemper. Their job will be to try and slow up some of Longstreet’s Corps.

Rebs pass back. King activates and in good order pushes north to join McDowell and Ricketts. This unites 3rd Corps and its 18,000 men (36 Manpower). McDowell is unlikely to try a late day assault with tired troops, but could be able to get off a spoiling attack in the morning.

Rebs see what is coming but are reluctant to take anyone to 4 Fatigue with lots of impending action tomorrow. They pass back. Reno activates Ferroro, reaching the Cedar Grove Church to protect McDowell’s rear from Longstreet.

Both sides pass, ending the day.

[edited to fix the date]
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