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Per Sylvan
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Faction characteristics:

Iraq has the largest Land Army in the game. However, its lack of air units, and the generally low quality of its infantry, hurts the country.
All of Iraqs War Aims are aggressive – so Iraq WILL be going to war. However, there are quite a multitude of potential target, which we will explore.

Many of Iraqs neighbours, have aggressive War Aims, which more or less mandates war with Iraq. All US War Aims, 2 of 3 Iranian War Aims, 1 of 3 Israelian & Mod Arab War Aims, all include conquering or containing/blocking the Iraqis.

Oh, yeah, the faction is called Iraq & YEMEN… I don’t know what (if anything) Yemen accomplished militarily in the real war (anyone knows), but for the game, Yemen Is good for one thing: making a stab at Oman – and Oilfield there. It’s a bit of a 50/50 shot. If you win, Mod Arab or US might need to divert some small resource to kill off the Yemenites.

Iraqi Victory Conditions:
A) Capture and Hold Kuwait, for at least 3 full turns, by end of game
B) Islamic Jihad – 10 Israeli & US/Allies Land units must be destroyed by end of game
C) Oil Domination – get 3 more oilfields, than Iraq started with, by end of game

Strategy advice – VC “A”:
Your target is Kuwait, which in itself is an easy victim. However, the counterattack by the US and the Mod Arabs will be anything but easy…

Not only that, but you need to keep Kuwait for full three turns – turn 10 to 12. You will face massive Air disadvantage, shore bombardments, troops of vastly greater quality, and if you’re really unlucky, Turkey, Iran and even Israel will be ganging up on you also…

ISRAEL might give you unexpected help. …Because you need allies in the upcoming fight with the US. And you’re prolly best off, if as many Mod Arabs as possible, defect to Volatile Arabs. This is best achieved if Israel goes on an early offensive (thus pushing Jihad high. w/o affecting War Fever) VS its Arab neighbours. You don’t have much to offer Israel, in exchange for such an offensive though.
It would be easier to get the Vol Arabs into an offensive VS Israel. But the problems with that , is that would draw US into the war. It must be Israel who attacks the Arabs…

As for IRAN, you might want to have a minimum garrision on the border. Iran cannot do much in the Early game, but they can make a stab in the end of the game. Try to find out their intentions. If you know that they’re hostile, a trick can be to wait until war with the US is joined. Then run all your aircraft in a air-to-ground attack on the Iranian landforces. Your air doesn’t make much good VS the US anyway. Let them do some dmg against a hostile Iran instead..

US is your natural enemy. Keep em out for as long as possible.

However, IF you strike early (Turn 1), then make sure you rush troops along the Kuwaiti/Saudi coastline, and line them up in every single coastline space there is...That'll keep the US staging ground as small as possible, and that in turn mean their counterattack will be less effective.

Of course, if you attack early, US counterattacks will also start immediately... Hunker down - 'cause the bombs will be dropping for 12 long turns!

MOD ARABS must not let US into Saudi. If you can convince them that they should block every land space neighbouring the Persian Gulf, and yield Kuwait to you, you have very likely won already. The Mod Arabs can still win the game, even though you conquer Kuwait. Not too many Mod Arabs will see the reason in your ideas though

In the best of worlds, Israel attack Vol Arabs, without the Vol Arabs going counteroffensive, but instead only fight defensively in their homecountries. Warfever is never raised (due to Conciliatory speeches) and Mod Arabs let you take Kuwait, and settle with that.

That’s a tall order for anyone...And if you get into war with US, you might find yourself in big trouble quickly. Turkey will prolly come down on you from the North, while US is attacking both North, and from Saudi/Kuwaiti border. Couple that with a late-game Iranian stab, and you’ll find your winning chances disappearing quickly!

VC Difficulty Rating 1 (easiest) to 10 (hardest): 10

Strategy advice – VC “B”:
This war motive is interesting. You might find yourself losing ground and battles, but still be winning the game, under this War Aim.

You want to see early conflict in the Israel region - we want as many and as bloody battles as possible. Hopefully you can either get the Mod Arabs to join the fight VS Israel, or you want to see Mod Arab countries falling to revolutions.

However, you don’t want to get into war with the US too quickly - that could very well spell doom for you. Remember that you can’t win the game if you’re conquered!

Your diplomatic effort should be aimed at getting Israel into war! However, the US should be kept out of business for as long as possible. Work with Conciliatory Speeches.
Optimal time for war with the US is around turn 7-8. That will hopefully be too short a time, for the US to kill you outright !

When war is joined, try to use your airforce to pick off any Israel or US units that are out of position and alone, and vulnerable for a land attack. Also check your enemies navalgroups. They count as land units afterall.

Iran should be sent into attacking Turkey/US, but of course , it will only work if they have the same War Aim as yourself.

Optimal Board situation:
Midgame conflict US VS Iraq.
Early conflict Israel VS (preferable) BOTH Volatile and Moderate Arabs!

VC Difficulty Rating 1 (easiest) to 10 (hardest): 7

Strategy advice – VC “C”:

Oil Domination is perhaps the most intriguing Iraqi Victory Condition. You need to end the game with 3 more oilfields than you began the game with. The War Aim is very similar to “A” (conquer Kuwait), only that it is more versatile. You may get your oilfields from three different sources: Kuwait (3 Oilfields), Saudi Arabia (5 OFs), Iran (4 OFs) or even Oman and UAE (3 OFs).

Basically you are faced with the same obstacles, as in War Aim “A”, if you go for Kuwait or Saudi. Iran seems to be the best option of attack here. As usual, postpone US entry into the War for as long as possible. In this scenario, you want to keep Israel cool too. Basically you want an entirely calm board, until late game, when you make a stab for your chosen target.

In this War Aim, don’t forget Yemen. They might claim an OF from their Mod Arab neighbours if your lucky..

Of course, US will still have a war aim , that mandates war with you. Even if you don’t go on the offensive, they sure will! Stay within your borders, and only fight defensively. This way the US will struggle with keeping War Fever up!

Optimal Board situation:
Israel should stay in peace with its neighbours for all game (to avoid Warfever going up due to Arab counterattacks..)
The US should be kept out of the war for as long as possible.

VC Difficulty Rating 1 (easiest) to 10 (hardest): 8
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