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The Cheng Meister
Western Australia
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Our first game:

Harris bursts through stronghold doors, frigid wind blowing against his neck. He pockets his lock pick and readies his knife.

Commandant Karr briskly walks to chat to sentry Hans and converse about how great it is to be alive in the Reich.

Meanwhile, Harris nears the door to first room (2), taking a chance, he tries to unhinge the door rather than unlock it. After noticing that his efforts are a failure, he heads to room 1.

Commandant Karr again takes a brisk walk past Hans and waves to Sentry Joseph as he heads up the corridor between Rooms 1 and 2.

Harris takes his time this time (learning from his first foolhardy attempt) and successfully breaches room 1 and enters. There, he sees the profile of a Nikolai Volkov ...

Commandant Karr returns to a normal walking pace and decides to check in on room 1 ...
... as the door opens Harris looks up ...
Commandant Karr opens the door, looks over at the other door and begins to scan the room.
Harris sneezes at this most in opportune of time and reveals his location to the Commandant.
"Halt!" yells Karr as he readies his Luger and fires off one round. In the background, both sentrie Hans and Joseph turn towards the sound of gun fire, loading their rifles as they become alert.
Karr's round hits Harris but it is just a graze as Harris manages to endure the round.

Harris is now in the open, Karr bearing down on him. Trading his knife for his trusty Colt pistol, he opens up with a volley of his own. Karr takes the shot to his left shoulder but manages to endure the pain. Harris was so shocked that he was unable to move from Karr's view. Both Hans and Joseph cock their rifles as they become even more on edge.

Karr, although enduring the volley from Harris hastily retreats back to the safety of his sentries. He knows that he may need some reinforcements ...

Harris watches the Commandant limp away and heads over to the door of room 1 and closes it. Then, recounting his lessons in MI6, he focuses himself back into raiding mode in order to get that intel on the Soviet agent.

Karr realises the his shoulder injury isn't as bad as it seems and goes to Joseph to check out why he's on alert.

Harris successfully obtains the profile on the Soviet agent and leaves through the door he came through, heading this time, around the edge of the Stronghold.

Karr walks closer to Joseph and calms him down as Joseph explains that he was concerned and alerted.

Harris continues along the wall of the stronghold, near room 1 heading to room 4.

Karr walks briskly to Hans to calm him down.

Harris now has to get through the watch zone of the sentry. His attempt is partially successful, he's not exposed but he's had to end his turn in site of the Sentry Joseph.

Karr collects more alerts as he talks with Hans.

Harris continues on his way and successfully breaches the door to Room 4 but can't walk in.

Karr continues to take down notes on why Hans was so alert.

Harris enters the room and finds intelligence about London. He successfully obtains this intel.

Karr walks past the now calmed Hans and opens the door to Room 4. As he enters he notices the other door across from him is open but despite his searching, cannot see anyone else in the room.

Luck is on Harris's side, after successfully evading the Commandant walks out the door he came through, closing the door behind him.

Karr notices the door close and moves closer to investigate and gets behind the door but doesn't open it, instead looking at it to see if it's faulty.

Harris continues down the corridor.

Karr opens the door and sprints down the corridor tripping over a well hidden British secret agent! Both go tumbling over. As Karr gets up he Raises the Alarm and all hell breaks loose!

5 guards burst through, 2 from room 10, 3 from room 5 all heading for the Commandant.

Harris is exposed and again enters Assaulting mode, this time however, he uses his trusty knife instead of his unreliable Colt. Sparing no time he charges after the Commandant and slashes at him. However, the Commandant is quicker and Harris manages to only cut the Commandant's sleeve.

Karr runs backward and unleashes 2 rounds into the British agent who amazingly manages to endure the 2 rounds.

Guards are now running in behind the Kommandant with 3 more in room 4. Harris is all but surrounded.

Harris begins his turn but is so shell-shocked from the Commandant's volley that he is unable to move. He widely slashes his knife but alas, no enemies are in range.

Karr unleashes another volley of rounds but misses with every shot! Knowing his limitations, he calls for the guards to attack Harris.
One guard overtakes the Commandant, unleashes 5 rounds but amazingly Harris is able to endure a shot to the arm!

Meanwhile, behind him, another two guards enter the corridor, guns blazing, this time, Harris takes two shots to the back, unable to endure any more pain, he collapses with severe wounds. As his corpse lays on the ground, the guards begin to demobilse back towards the entrance of the Stronghold. One guard whacks Harris witht he butt of his rifle as he walks past.

Harris, realising that he's beaten and that the Kommandant will soon take him away for questioning pulls out his trusty Colt and fires his final shot.

As the guards turn around, they see the Commandant looking over the now bloodied corpse of a British agent. The Commandant kneels, "must have thought that was the only way out. Good for him, otherwise we would teach him what terror really means."


Win for the Germans as the British player decides to honorably commit suicide.
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