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The party campaign had been long, but in the end, two candidates remained for a duel that would play itself out heading into November. Rachel, with her growing FAME (14+23) due to harboring not one IOTA (4+20) of ill-will for her opponent locked down Ohio and Pennsylvania in her first two weeks on the trail. Andrew Johnson's endorsement allowed her a little extra trickery in her bag (exchanging a tile with no penalty). Randy, meanwhile, was caught making a suggestive joke about GIRLS (6+14) while working a URINAL (12+4) and garnered electoral votes only in Indiana, Nevada, and the District of Columbia. However, his Herbert Hoover endorsement made that Nevada pickup (home of the famous dam) worth a bit more. After two weeks, the lady held a 61-36 lead.

In week three, shamed President Nixon endorsed Randy, allowing him to sidestep a misspelling gaffe in swift order (SWVFT: 13+27). In fact, by believably uttering "I am not a crook," Randy picked up an extra vote plus Massachusettes and New Jersey's big votes. But mild-mannered Rachel responded by SEEING (7+3) that North Dakota wasn't all that bad a pickup. When President Carter stepped in on her behalf, Randy was tied up fighting off the press for a week and Rachel's meeting with the "DON (4+21) of Illinois" locked up the Prairie State. Four weeks in and she led 96-77.

In mid-August, Randy asserted some of his political HEFT (10+38) snaring both Connecticut and New York in one quick tour. But Rachel was in the ZONE (26+3) in Alaska, where President McKinley's endorsement doubled that state's popular vote. Randy followed to the great northwest where he made the now-famous statement, "YA (16+11) ain't gonna catch me" while picking up Washington's electoral votes. At this point, Monroe attempted to declare netrality for Rachel's next word but Randy's backer, Ol' Hickory Jackson, countermanded Monroe's doctrine. Alas, Jackson was a bit too quick to act, though he did hand Randy five popular votes, as Rachel had not yet staked her territory on the trail. This gave her a chance to DOUBLE (9+17) her efforts to take Michigan and as summer ended, she trailed 157-151.

Randy HAULED (10+10) his staff back across the country to take Maryland's votes and Rachel had AMPLE (9+14) energy remaining to pull a long-distance doubletake in both Missouri and Deleware. Then Randy ICED (7+13) Virginia while Rachel slogged through the political MUCK (12+11) in Tennessee, where polls indicated a dead heat (197-197). Millard Fillmore backed Randy in Louisiana to give him a little more political clout (exchange a letter), but he was still SORE (22+9). Rachel had no AX (24+8) to grind in Kentucky as she nosed ahead by a point. At this point, President Ford met up with Randy in Texas, where he lobbied the Lone Star State's citizens to allow all G's and J's to work interchangeably in our language. After all, he did it with his Gerald/Jerry switcheroo. Odd as it seemed, the cowboys went wild and held a fish fry in Randy's honor serving G JEDS (15+34) to everyone. Rachel's advisors sequestered themselves and began to CHANT (12+5) in a remote corner of West Virginia after hearing of the opponent's major electoral and popular vote gains. Randy had taken a 277-246 lead.

This TIDING (14+6) played well in Kansas for Randy as Rachel showed some ROPY (20+8) strategic moves in the Palmetto State. Was she losing it? Alas, all was not LORN (4+10) as Randy inexplicably marched to Arizona and Rachel refound her QI (25+9) as the energy started to flow again in Colorado. She had closed the gap to 311-308.

In a national political campaign, some key buzzwords just inspire voters. One such term--USA (3+5+7)--played well for Randy in Iowa but that would not BE (11+15) enough to hold back Rachel's march on Georgia. She never looked back even as Randy secured an audience with the Wisconsin GUV (7+10). By emphasising the message that this country would not move to a metric system--"No GRAM (17+3) for us," she said in Vermont to an adoring audience--she surged to a 354-343 lead heading into the last week of campaigning.

At this time, Randy had little left in his strategy book (EITTW), so he hoped his opponent was equally backed into a corner. It was not 'TIL (3+10) that night in Minnesota that Randy would learn that the NOS (7+3) had spoken concerning his campaign. Out in Wyoming, Rachel had locked down victory by a final tally of 364-356. After final ballot disputes, this was adjusted to an official count of 370-350.

End of the campaign trail

Randy's endorsements

Rachel's endorsements, upside down one flopped

Elapsed game time: 61 minutes.
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