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John Ladouceur
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For the first time since I had first been learning this great game, I played a one-on-one game against my wife. I used to find it too overwhelming playing four hunters, keeping track of that many event cards in particular. But after a few great games with some friends, I thought I was ready to keep track of the potential 13 event cards at once. Turns out it wouldn't be a problem. In a Fury of Dracula first (for me), neither Dracula or the hunters received a single event card. How? Let's review... ...

I put Godalming in Venice, Seward in Nuremburg, Mina in Geneva, and Dr. Van Helsing out in Plymouth. Generally, I find it a good strategy to start in the middle and work my way to the edges, rather than the other way around. The plan was for Godalming to trek through Eastern Europe. Van Helsing would spend a few confirming the Big D wasn't in England, Mina would be touring the Iberian Peninsula, since she could still get items while entering crucial small towns like Sargossa, Clermont-Ferrand, and Toulouse. And Seward would rack up a hefty item cache while hitting North Europe. I was concerned about Italy, but hey, can't send hunters everywhere.

I never draw event cards until my second turn, because I hate wasting newspaper reports. On my very first move, Godalming took the train to Vienna, and drew an item. Heavenly Host. Good luck for me. I decided to wait one more turn before hitting the eastern front, so I could put the Host token in Zagreb. My other three hunters took their turns, each getting one item. Dracula moved. This turn, I would start taking event cards

My movement came, and Godalming went to Zagreb. I was about to ask for my event card, but instead I was attacked by wolves. What? It was Dracula, in Zagreb! I had already found him, I was stunned. My wife wasn't stunned, but maybe a little disgusted. She knew my usual playstyle was to hit large cities until I have at least a bit of gear on my hunters. I almost never hit small towns on my first couple turns, except with Mina. She intended to slip by me into the central area I had just vacated. It would have worked, too, if I had drawn anything except Heavenly Host.

Of course, with only a Heavenly Host, I couldn't kill Dracula, so I successfully escaped first turn to preserve my health. This was the start of an amazing, three day spanning chase. Dracula fled back to the east, and I followed. Seward was able to join immediately from Prague, and Mina and Van Helsing traveled by sea. Since I was either encountering Dracula or winding up in small towns, I was able to keep a very close tail on Dracula, but never had time to equip myself with any gear. And I never took event cards, afraid I would give Dracula Unearthly Swiftness, or the dreaded Evasion. He took to sea, I followed, and then guessed which port he landed in off the Jonian sea. I guessed wrong, and his wolf form sent him into the heart of the east.

Lightning, wolves, and fog dogged my steps; Van Helsing especially was taking a beating. As night fell, Dracula was trapped in his castle, hunters at his door. But Mina had encountered bats in Galatz, and he sent her to Castle Dracula to see him. Mina was well equipped with two stakes and a crucifix, but I knew one bite would be all it took, and Dracula had his homeland combat bonus. But the fight was not to be, because Dracula's intent was to escape as a bat, which worked, and he moved to Constanta and fled to sea on his turn.

He landed off of the Mediterranean, the hunters at sea right behind him. I put hunters into Alicante and Barcelona, even though I thought he would land in Marseilles. But with a land-bound Dr. Seward in Genoa, my intent was to contain. Knowing there was a chance Dracula landed in Cagliari, where he could spend four turns total thanks to Dark Call, Hide, and Feed, I sent Godalming back to sea. But Dr. Seward, and his fast horse, fought with Dracula in Clermont-Ferrand on the very next turn, dealing my first real damage to him via Holy Water. He could still take two fatal wounds, though, thanks to healing in Castle Dracula earlier on. I was close now. I could taste it, and was watching the daylight intently. Dracula's turn would make it mid-day, two turns until wolf form safety, and Dr. Seward had nothing left to hurt Dracula with.

Mina used one of my two resolve. Sense of Emergency. She attacked him in Clermont-Ferrand, but he got away first turn. The next turn was anti-climactic indeed. I spread my net, and found him in Paris thanks to Lord Godalming using my other Sense of Emergency, but he was geared for Dracula, and I had to use my Sacred Bullets to kill a rifle-toting minion. My Crucifix got in a glancing wound on the king of vampires, but he fled immediately after. Mina attacked Paris as well, but Dracula once again slipped away first turn.

Last turn before night. Geneva and Clermont-Ferrand were revealed in Dracula's trail. Seward was in Strasbourg, Van Helsing in Nantes. This left Le Havre and Brussels. Would Dracula prefer to flee on ship or as a wolf? I could move Godalming and Mina as a group, but if I chose wrong, only a very injured Van Helsing could reach Dracula. I sent Godalming to Brussels alone. Yes! He was there! So were his rats, which could have killed Mina if the rolls were bad, but Godalming survived. Unsurprisingly, Dracula got away. It was down to Mina against Dracula for the third time. Thus far, she had yet to win a die roll against the hated Count. And with the sun setting, she drove two stakes into the monster's heart, ending the game with two dice rolls. Neither side ever used a single event, and only one was ever drawn; a Desecrated Soil encounter that discarded a hunter-beneficial event.

After my celebration, my wife showed me her hand of encounters, which included three new vampires. She had had two of them since turn one, and if she had planted them in Central Europe, she probably would have won. But my dedicated pursuit never left her time to plant them safely, and she didn't want to use a turn on Dark Call with me always so close either. It was one of the best games of Fury we've ever had, where strategy took the forefront in the absence of random events.
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