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Subject: An Inauspicious Beginning rss

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Brian Mc Cabe
United States
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There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why . . . I dream of things that never were and ask why not
Jenny, Bob, Jack, Carolyn

Three Milk of Shub Niggurath

As Bob stood browsing in the General Store, his attention was arrested by the plate glass window to the shop shattering. He was horrified to see the biggest, most brutal hell hound of this or any other world bearing down on him. His next rememberance was awakening in Arkham Asylum..

Jenny's physical health was depleted by merely exploring The Unnameable.
Before she was even able to take a breath, she was whisked into The Plateau of Leng. Fortunately, when she became aware of her surroundings, she found that she had retained possession of the tome her sister had sent to her while she was still in Paris entitled The King in Yellow.

Having been taught the value of tipping generously by his late father, Monterrey Jack was given valuable information by the waiter at Hibb's Roadhouse and was prepared to do some exploring of his own.

A real battle royal began developing between the townspeople of Arkham and those minions of the evil one attempting to recall him to this world.

In short order seven monsters were in the city, including two that had been released into French Hill and The Merchant District.
Rivertown residents countered by driving the Hound out of Rivertown.

Jack was followed into Southside Streets as he left The Historical Society. Jack, no shrinking violet confronted the pervert, but was immediately cursed.

Despite being the luckiest girl on the face of the Earth (a four-die luck check), it didn't prevent her from losing a bit of sanity in the Woods. It didn't take her long to recover, however, and she was soon on her way.

Surprisingly, Jenny, after all she went through in just a short span of time, began regaining stamina as she explored the Outer World into which she had been drawn. Before she had gone too much further, however, the bridge over which she was traversing collapsed. The fall seemed interminable. When she landed, she found herself at the same gate she had entered previously and once again entered Plateau of Leng.

Arkham citizens continued to patrol the town, the members of Silver Twilight Lodge completely clearing French Hill and environs. This cleared the way for Bob to enter City of the Great Race without having to stop and dispose of the maniac and child of the goat that had been prowling that neighborhood.

As the fifth of the mysterious gates opened in Arkham (five Mythos), a manhunt drove all monsters out of the street, allowing the investigators free reign of movement and allowed Carolyn to easily, but, nonetheless, cautiously to enter Abyss at the Graveyard and Jack to slip unseen into Dreamlands on Unvisited Isle.

The Hound that had attacked Bob earlier reappeared and very nearly ruined Carolyn completely, but she had just enough left, both physically and mentally, to ensure it would nevr harass any of the investigators again, thanks to her Blue Watcher of the Pyramid.

Bob successfully closed and sealed the gate to the worlds
which he had explored, as The Sheldon Gang released a Dark Young
and a Star Spawn into The Uptown Streets.

Jack also attempted to cross a rickety bridge; but, unlike Jenny, he was able to scramble across just in time, turning and watching the dilapidated structure fall into the endless chasm.

Carolyn froze in her tracks and skulked silently away, as she turned a corner and saw dozens of hideous creatures. None of them noticed her, however, and she was able to escape without incident.

After surviving his narrow excape, Jack returned to the Unvisited Isle and sealed the gate there and a nightgaunt was drawn through the gate and back to it's Other World as the gate closed.

Bob's charms as a salesman did him no good, as Anna Koslov refused to join him. His dishevelled, unshaven, half-shocked/half-mad expression
didn't help matters, and he was fortunate she didn't start screaming for the police.

The Feds, responding to numerous calls for help, finally raided Uptown Arkham and drove off the Dark Young and Star Spawn.

Carolyn failed to seal, when she finally emerged. Her failure was much more severe than she could have supposed at the time. A taunted, tongue-tied teacher caused her to forget just enough of the knowdledge she had obtained to prevent her trying again. With so many gates open, however, she was forced to close to prevent the awakening of the Ancient evil.

In a co-ordinated attack, all monsters in Arkham suddenly, and without warning, flooded the streets.

Jenny, after many attempts, finally read her tome correctly, and sealed the third gate. Jack continued the investigators ever-flagging attempts by purchasing and Elder Sign, entering R'yleh .

Carolyn slipped into the Science Building, gave proof of her explorations to the Other World and was rewarded with further clues to the Mythos. She then re-entered the Woods, traversed the Other World for the second time and successfully sealed the fifth gate.

Victory seemed imminent when the mere Rumour of a Thousand Young to awaken Nyarlathotep.

The Final Battle was bitterly fought, as had been the entire adventure up to the awakening. Jenny disappeared immediately. The others fought valiantly, but first Monterrey Jack and then Bob succumbed to the Ancient One's power.

Carolyn faltered badly at the end and was soon gone, as well.

(The last three rounds, Carolyn only had one hit on 18 dice).


(A couple bookkeeping mistakes corrected).

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