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Subject: 1916 Scenario: The Army of Islam rss

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Philip Thomas
United Kingdom
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This was an ACTS/Cyberboard game using the 1916 Scenario between myself and Ahmet with me playing the Central Powers. This was my fifth game using the 1916 Scenario and my second as the Central Powers.

The Army of Islam

Summer 1916

None and TU MOs Revolution due in one turn, TU Max Rps at 11.
Ahmet began by moving troops up to Bitlis and Ruwandis. I redistributed Turkish troops along the Caucasian Front, successfully entrenching in Diyarbarkir and pulling out of Giresun and Gumushane. Indian reinforcements, including the 3rd Corps, landed at Basra. I played Unrestricted Submarine Warfare for RPs. Romania entered the war, winning a battle at Hermannstadt.

Turkish Arab Reinforcements arrived and I placed a Trench in Maan. Lloyd George took Command. I played Yildirim for RPs. D’Esperey appeared in the Balkans. I attacked Ruwandis and organized XVI Corps in Sivas. Dunsterforce and the Persia Rifles arrived in Ahwaz. I played Enver-Falkenhayn Summit for Rps.

Fall 1916

British Empire Mos for both sides Revolution due this turn. Tu Max RPs at 11.

Greece was followed by Berlin-Baghdad Railroad. The Russians attacked Erzincan, running into Ataturk. I moved XVI Corps to Erzincan. The Russians attacked Erzincan again, defeating Ataturk and taking the space as well as eliminating the Persian Uprising in Teheran. I counter-attacked at Erzincan using Army of Islam and taking No Prisoners, but the Allies used Jafar Pasha to retreat.

The allies attacked Erzincan but were defeated. I played Robertson for RPs. The Allies played Project Alexandria for RPs. I occupied Hermannstadt and Kronstadt. The Allies attacked Diyarbarkir and Sannaiyat, drawing. I played Jihad Supremacy for Rps, losing a VP for missing my MO. The Russian Revolution began.

Winter 1917

Meso/Persia and RU MOs. Revolution in Stage 1 TU Max RPs at 10.

Ahmet began the turn with Turkish War Weariness and I played Talaat Pasha. The Allies besieged Aqaba and built another French Corps on Lemnos. I organized XIV Corps in Kayseri and moved the troops in Erzican southwards, leaving only some Kurds there. The Allies moved troops to Constanta and the Struma. I redeployed troops to Maan and Doiran.

The Allies destroyed the Aqaba fort and landed the Serbs in Greece, while attacking and taking Erzincan. I played Yildirim Offensive for RPs. Allenby appeared in Cairo, with the ANA at Aqaba. I moved troops to Sivas and Adana. The Russians attacked Harput and Cizre, running into severe weather in Cizre. I played Confused Orders for Rps. This time the Allies missed their MO, gaining me a VP.

Spring 1917

Egypt MO TU Max RPs at 8

Ahmet began with Arab Desertion. I played Caucasian Army Reforms, placing both Corps in Alexandretta. Indian Reinforcements arrived in Fao and Salonika. I played British War Weariness for Rps. The Allies attacked and took the Bahariya Oasis, also organizing XX and XXI Corps in Egypt. I moved the 2 Caucasian Corps to Homs. The British Corps moved to El Arish.

I moved the Caucasian Corps to Haifa and attacked Ploesti. The British attacked Gaza but were held off by a Sandstorm. The Caucasian Corps reached Gaza. I attacked Ploesti and Ruwandis, the latter with the Army of Islam. Ruwandis fell with all its defenders. Ahmet played Let the French Bleed, placing British elites in Lemnos, Port Said and Abadan. I attacked Ploesti again and captured Tabriz and Mianeh, cutting off a Russian Cavalry division in Seneh.

Summer 1917

Meso-Persian MO TU Max RPs at 6.

The Russians and Romanians withdrew to less exposed positions. Turkish Reinforcements arrived, the Left Wing Group in Baghdad. The Indians in Basra moved to the front line. I played Indian Mutiny for Rps. Ahmet played Push to the Breaking point for RPs. I moved to Zenjan and Baku. The Allies redeployed to kossaima and Eviakh. I redeployed to Baku and Julfa. The Allies moved troops around the Balkans. I organized XXII Corps in Baku and moved the Army of Islam there. The Allies attacked the Hai.

I attacked Ploesti and Central Asia, playing the Jihad Offensive CC to negate the Water Crossing. The Army of Islam and XXII Corps entered Central Asia, triggering a Jihad Revolt. The Russian Revolution completed, with the Georgian Protectorate in Baku and the Transcaucasian Federation gathered at Derbent and Eviakh.

Autumn 1917

No MOs TU Max RPs at 4.

Ahmet began by attacking Baku, Shemakha and Monastir, without success. I captured Erzincan and Trabzon, besieged Bucharest and sent troops into Afghanistan, triggering the Jihad revolt there. Ahmet redeployed troops to Eastern Persia and the RU-SB division to Constanta. We both played for RPs (Unrestricted Submarine Warfare and Project Alexandria). I attacked Erzerum and Eastern Persia, taking the former. The Allies attacked and took the Hai. I withdrew from Sannaiyat to Kut, leaving a token division behind, and pushed troops into Russia.

The Allies moved more troops to the Hai and an Armenian division to Tiflis. I captured Erevan. The allies expelled the Persian Uprising from Teheran and destroyed my token division at Sannaiyat. I attacked Eastern Persia, Braila and Kars, besieging Kars and taking Braila, and entrenched at Kut. Kars fell during the Siege phase.

Winter 1917

British Empire MO TU Max RPs at 2.

The Allies attacked and captured Baku. I played Yildirim Offensive for Rps. The Allies attacked Kut, inflicting heavy losses on the irreplaceable Turkish-Arab troops. I sent the Left Wing Group to Kut and moved V Corps up to Kirkuk.

The allies attacked Kut, Samawa and Gaza, using Haversack Ruse at Gaza. They destroyed Left Wing Group at Kut, which still held, took Samawa and were prevented from advancing at Gaza by Water Shortage. I moved V Corps and the survivors at Kut to Baghdad. The Allies captured Kut, and I played Robertson for Rps. The Allies played Massed Cavalry Charge for Rps. I attacked Eastern Persia with the Afghans and entrenched Baghdad.

Spring 1918

Meso-Persia MO. TU Max RPs at 0.

The Allies took Azizya. I attacked Eastern Persia. The Allied destroyed one of two Marsh Arabs at Qurna. I captured Tiflis. The Allies reduced the second tribe of Marsh Arabs and attacked Kermanshah. I redeployed troops to Kermanshah and Ctesphon. The Allies finally destroyed the Marsh Arabs and captured Kermanshah. I moved the Tiflis troops towards Central Asia.

The Allies attacked Ctesphon, running into PASHA I. I attacked Baku and Constanta, retaking both. Ahmet played Push to the Breaking Point for RPs. I attacked Eastern Persia, advancing into the Region with the Army of Islam for a Bonus RP. That meant I had 1 negative TU RP, which I sacrificed a Turkish Arab elite division in the reserve to.

Summer 1918

Meso-Persia MO.

The Allies redeployed troops to Mersa Matruh and Karbala. I played British War Weariness for Rps. The Allies landed at a Beach-head off Adana. I moved troops to Adana and attacked Eastern Persia, gaining a Bonus RP. The Allies moved reinforcements to Eastern Persia and occupied Ctesphon. I attacked Eastern Persia again. The Allies built IN 2nd Corps and attacked and captured Museyib.

I attacked Eastern Persia for a third time, flipping Dunsterforce, while bringing XVI Corps into the region. Ahmet played Jerusalem by Christmas on Baghdad. I attacked Easern Persia, destroying Dunsterforce. The Allies attacked Baghdad. I attacked the Adana Beach-head and Central Persia, advancing the Army of Islam into Central Persia for a 5th Bonus TU RP.

Autumn 1918
Egypt MO.

The allies redeployed troops to Southern Persia and Isfahan. I redeployed troops to Central and Eastern Persia. The Allies attacked Baghdad but were prevented from advancing by Confused Orders. I moved more troops to Baghdad and captured Teheran. The allies attacked Baghdad and Adana. Ataturk held off the attack on Adana. I played Indian Mutiny, seizing Ahwaz with the Bawi and attacking and taking Isfahan. The Allies attacked Baghdad, which still held out, and Gaza which also held out. I moved a division to India, triggering the Indian Mutiny, which was fairly tame in its effects- the Bakhtiari appeared in Isfahan and a few Indian divisions were eliminated.

The Allies attacked Baghdad and Gaza, destroying the last Turkish troops in Baghdad but being unable to advance as al the Allied troops were at reduced strength. I reinforced Baghdad and attacked Southern Persia, advancing the Army of Islam into the region. A final attack on Baghdad failed to take the city, and in the final impulse of the game I cleared the enemy from Southern Persia, making VPs 22.


Ahmet was unlucky to lose the game by autovictory- if he had taken Baghdad, which was very likely, he would have reduced Vps to 19 and lost at the armistice instead. The Allies didn’t get very far anywhere, even in Mesopotamia. In particular given the lack of action in the Balkans I wonder if it was worth playing D’Esperey. Meanwhile my decision to march through Azerbaijan for Central Asia leaving the Russians on one side certainly paid off. The Army of Islam minted a large number of Bonus RPs through the game, including 5 in a single turn on turn 16!
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Very nice report. Thanks.

I have been pondering picking up this game. Maybe at GMT's end-of-year sale? Mind you, I have said that for about six games now.

I should probably play Paths of Glory first though (it has been sitting on my shelf for almost a year now).
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