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Subject: Rundown of my solo plays, Mediterranean Theater, Part 1 rss

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Beau Bailey
United States
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Gallabat-Metemma: This made for quite a different setup than the last ones in the Western Front. Only a small number of units on each side and a fairly open map. Looking at the initial setup, I assumed the Allies would come out on top. The Allies focused on moving their flanks up early, hoping to be able to sweep both sides quickly. Unfortunately, the plan kind of stalled. The German attack proved as successful and it was several turns before either side was close to losing a unit. Once first blood was shed though, the Germans quickly finished off a few more units and sprinting towards a quick finish. Most of the kills were on the outskirts of Metemma after the Allies faltered.

Axis 4 - Allies 1

Gallabat-Metemma: The Allies started with a similar strategy as the last attempt. Except they tried it with one major difference, this time the German's would completely kick their asses. The Axis defense was amazingly successful this battle, with three separate attacks hitting at full strength at a key moment in the battle. Well, there goes the Allies ability to do anything. The Axis then brought in their air support, and Sergente Maggiore Luigi Baron had a fun time strafing the Allied units into oblivion. The Italians very quickly won this battle completely destroying the Allied attackers.

Axis 4 - Allies 1

Beda Fomm: The battle opened with an Axis barrage that eliminated the Allied artillery. Not a good start for the Brits. Over the next couple of turns, the British were completely manhandled as the Italians destroyed the units defending the roadblock. They even managed to exit one of the units. At this point, the elite British tanks stormed in and began tearing through the weaker Panzer units quickly taking medals and tying the score. Gaining a one medal lead, the Allies called in an air strike against a single figure infantry unit, but they failed to hit. The Axis responded with their own air attack and managed to knock out a tank unit, sealing the victory.

Axis 6 - Allies 5

Beda Fomm: The Italian attempt to break through the blockade was not as successful this time. They managed to poke a hole, but could not destroy all the Allied defenders. Even before the elite tanks came in, the Brits were managing to hold. The Germans did succeed in exiting two units before the end of the battle, just in time too because they received no more right flank orders after the beginning of the scenario. The bulk of the fighting was in the center as the Allied tanks rammed into the Italian artillery. Shockingly, the Axis tanks proved completely ineffective in the center and quickly collapsed before being annihilated. The infantry came into play very late in the battle and the Brits gained the upper hand again here as the Italian troops failed to land very many attacks and were decimated.

Allies 6 - Axis 4

Knightsbridge: The Germans were completely dominated in this scenario. The Brits lost a total of four figures. The Germans opened with an artillery strike hoping to cause some early damage and possibly knock out the Allied artillery. The Allies responded by calling in an air strike on the 21st Panzer which managed to land 4 hits over the next two turns. Once the 2nd armor faced the Panzers, they quickly cut them to pieces and crushed the German left. The Germans now had to rely on the 15th Panzer to hopefully succeed. They landed an initially damaging attack on the 4th armor managing to eliminate one unit. Unfortunately, the Allies quickly healed a weakened unit and then completely destroyed the 15th Panzer.

Allies 5 - Axis 1

Knightsbridge: In a complete flip of the last playthrough, the Allies managed to eliminate two figures from the German forces. The Germans pushed the 15th Armor forward managing to land one hit each on the artillery and a tank unit. The Allies responded with a hopefully powerful attack, but only managed to land two hits and have one unit destroyed in an Ambush. The following turn, the Germans used an Armored Assault to destroy the rest of the 4th armor and eliminate the artillery. So now beginning their second turn, the Allies were already down four medals to zero. They slowly moved the 2nd Armor forward, but were immediately destroyed in the German counterattack instantly ending the battle two and a half turns into the game.

Axis 5 - Allies 0
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