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Subject: Freetrader idea: Free trader 2-4 players rss

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Francisco Javier
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To do this you must:

- Play with the Deep Space expansion.
- Every player must have a event deck.
- Make a board with planets of X/X (suggestions of dimension?)
- Every player choose a corner.
- The first player is the oldest.
- Every player must take a hand of 5 event cards.
- Play as ussual.
- When a player take a event card he/she can play a event card of he/she hand to abort the current event. Also the rest of players can abort with a card the current card in game.

Example: player A in step 5 take a normal event card and decide to not moddify it with a card of his/her hand, but player B decide to play a card of his hand marked with a pirate´s combat. Now player A must combat with a pirate.

- The player can in the step 1 of the turn buy one event card for 2 vectoriums. The hand of the player have a maximum of 5.
- No time. The month system is abort. The objetive is reach a number of vectorium (80?), when a player get it win.
- The players can make alliances or broke pacts in any moment. "If you attack Bill I will give you 5 Vectoriums..."
- If two players enter in combat resolve the conflict as a normal combat with pirates. The losser lost his cargo (the winner can take the cargo of the losser) and the half of his/her vectorium.

It is only a idea.
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Rudolf Aligierski
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I have a different idea for multiplayer.

1 set of planets
as many identical full event decks as quantity of players
one additional event deck
player mats/ship tokens

Game plays as usual. All players start the game from the same home-planet. If players are going to jump to the same planet they must declare it before the move, discard one event card each (here are two possibilities: either adding to the two discarded without looking at the beginning, or revealing to estimate prices later - first option gives that prices are the same on the planet for both of the players, second one that players got different prices as they were selling on different markets with different luck - suggestions?) but the event after the jump is decided by drawing from the additional deck (after of course discarding two cards) all battles, mis-jumps, police fines are also decided by this additional deck.

Thanks to this additional deck, players' private decks will finish the same turn for every player - giving time passing.

Ship payments as usual. Whoever finishes the game with most of the Vectorium wins.

Where should be something about mis-jumps. As the players are still there it can't be alternate universe - so maybe tearing apart fabric of the universe? Each player "saves" 9 planets (current and 8 adjacent) but mis jumping player (players) proceeds as usual, all "not saved" planets are removed and reshuffled. In case both players take emergency jump (from the same square to the same square) they draw only one card to determine mis-jump. (alternatively you can draw a card for each player if their ships parameters and cargo weight differs)

Suggestions? Opinions?
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