Johannes Albani
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Wow, we waited so long for this Expansion, so we played for 13 hours in our first Session.

We used Altar of Destpair, because you can´t buy the other Expansions in Germany at present.

So we startet our first Round with
me as the OL with Sorcerer King and Obsidian Shackles and a Sniper Upgrade, and 4 Heroes (played by two Players, the Others didn´t have time to join...)

The Party consisted of
Andira Runehand with Spiritwalker (this skill is made for Andira!)
Kirga with Skilled
Red Skorpion with Blessing (this Char is a little to weak...)
Tahlia with Tiger Tattoo (and much Armor...:-( )

The Heroes went to Starfallto Forest, and after losing 4 Health from an encounter card they started their First Dungeon

We did the Levels 18, 21 an 10.

The Heroes did well on the first floor, but without copper treasures and the cheapest weapons like daggers and no potions, because Andire needed a ring of Protection... they were a little messed up.
On the second floor, they did a good job (i dont like this map...) and finally bought some Copper treasures (two shields, one of it Unholy for the Tank Tahlia)
The last floor was good balanced and really fun.

Sorry, not to describe the exact dungeons, because after 13 hours of playing, i was a little too tired to do some notes to remember...
Score after that:OL 36, Heroes 20

After a little Training, (Kirga +1 Range Dice; Tahlia +Mighty; OL +Silver Eltrich +Sir Merric) the Heroes decided to save Dawnsmoor from Sir Alric.
The Journey was interrupted by a Caos Beast witch took out two Heroes and regained so much Health that the others fled.
After that, they entered Blackwing Swamp (so that Alric could "join" with his Powercard ;-) )
We played the Levels 38 and 37.

The first Round was fun for the OL, throwing Stones around was funny (one kill in first round, if i remember correctly) but because of too many Questions regarding throwing stones, i used that Special only once!
The second Level on the other hand was a total hit in the face for the OL. The Spiders were Trapped all in the eastern Hall, with the Tank blocking the way and no chance of doing damage!!! The elite Troll (Power card made it elite) missed two attacks that could have hurt three Heroes and died without doing harm...

Only some Wizards, spawned after killing the tourches of the Heros to shorten their line of sight, were able to do some OL exp.

Endscore of the Day:
OL: 65
Heroes: 35

For the next session, we also drew the last Dungeon Card, and it was No. 15!! (three Bosses, two of the on Silver! i´m looking forward to that ;-P )

Half through copper in our first session, i am looking forward to our next meeting!

Question to all Veterans in Descent: What happens when a rubble Block is thrown and hits a wall? Does it stop were it is, is it reflected like in Billiard, does it even come back and kill the Level Boss himself?
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Bryce K. Nielsen
United States
Elk Ridge
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We played that it stops where it hits. We were thinking maybe it would "shatter" where it hits, but ended up just leaving the marker. Crushing Block traps are good on that level.

Also, if your Heroes are having a hard time, they need to FLEE! There is no reason they have to go through all 3 levels of a dungeon, in fact, early on in the game, it's advisable to NOT go through all 3 levels. The deeper you go through a dungeon, the tougher it is on the Heroes. They have fewer potions, fewer health/fatigue, the OL has more cards, may have Power Cards in play, has more Threat, etc. There are a LOT of dungeons on the map, so if it gets tough, just flee and try another map.

But 13 hours, wow! Looks like your players were really anxious for this game

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