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Yesterday I played a nice game with my friend Mats. I was the Shadow player. We forgot a rule about companions entering strongholds which affected the game quite a lot, however the Shadow player came back and it was as always a really tight finish.

Early on the shadow prepared heavily for war and all Shadow factions went to war quickly. Saruman also presented himself as a Shadow minion. At the same time the fellowship ran quickly towards the mines of Moria. Gandalf the grey died at gates of Moria.

The news of Gandalfs death amused Saruman and he declared that a power was rising in middle earth and sent an army towards Rohan. The Rohan army had some scouts at the Fords of Isen and retreated rapidly to Helms deep were Eomer already was waiting for them. Saruman was slightly disappointed over the cowardness of the Rohans and he was also starting to get a little worried, because he had starting to get rumours about a white wizard appearing in the Fangorn forest.
At the same time an army from Minas Morgul attacked Osgiliath. The severely outnumbered army defending Osgiliath did a fantastic job killing some orcs defending it for a while before retreating to Minas Tirith without any major casualties. The reason for shadow casualties was partially dependent on Gothmogs poor ability to organize his troops which lead to some confusion in his ranks. This was of course unacceptable and the Witch King presented himself and took over the command of the Minas Morgul army before it besieged Minas Tirith. Simultaneously the Pirates opened up a new front on Gondor by attacking Dol Amroth from the sea.

The fellowship slipped through Moria easily, but found a large army from Dol Goldur standing at edge of Lorien and didn´t visit Galadriel and Celeborn. Instead Strider and Boromir broke free from the fellowship and headed for the besieged Minas Tirith. How they entered the white city is yet unknown. Rumours says that they manage to enter the city because they didn´t know that is impossible to enter a besieged city. Aragorns ignorance made him king of Gondor.

In Rohan the Orthanc army attacked the besieged Helms Deep but it was a huge let-down for Saruman. As the army attacked a Huorn dark spread over the troops and they didn’t inflict any casualties to Eomers troops and at the same time the Saruman army lost a maximum number of their own troops. The besieging army never really recovered from the tree massacre. At hthe same time Theoden took of his troops in Edoras and started mustering the Rohirrim.

When Gandalf new that Helms deep was relatively safe, he travelled to Minas Tirith and entered the besieged city in the same strange way that Strider and Boromir had done a day or two earlier. It was just in time for the main assault on Minas Tirith. The witch king made a half-as try to capture the city but realised that he wasn’t of any use because of Gandalf, so he brought most his Nazgul friends down to Dol Amroth while the other Nazguls searched for the ringbearer. The Nazguls captured a hobbit in the Brown lands, but it wasn´t Frodo, it was Peregrin Took. Under the Witch Kings command the Southron quickly razed Dol Amroth and then continued north east to capture Pelargir. Pelargir was surprisingly undefended. The entire Pelargir garrison had made surprise attack and captured Far Harad. Sauron didn´t care about that though.

More armies from Mordor had reached Osgiliath and Gothmog made another attack on Minas Tirith and knowing that he had lots of reinforcements in Osgiliath and a large Pirate army in Pelargir, he started an onslaught on the white city. The attack continued relentlessly and both sides suffered great losses, but since the shadow army had lots of armies nearby, it seemed like Aragorns and Gandalfs days were counted. But from nowhere Theoden showed up with unlooked help and freed the Minas Tirith just before the Pirates arrived. The free people army in Minas Tirith was now pretty big and Aragorn was considering an attack on Mordor, but Theoden was kind of tired after the 48 hour ride to Minas Tirith so they all had tea and scones in Minas Tirith instead. The Witch King besieged the city and then joined the Dol Goldur army outside of Lorien.

The fellowship continued towards Mordor and Legolas was killed in a skirmish not far from the Black gate. The loss of the elf had a great impact on Frodo and he said to Merry:
- I´m sorry Merry. I will go alone.
- But Frodo, I want to stay with you.
- No Merry. It´s not a matter of discussion.
- OK, then Frodo. I guess me, Gimli and Sam will try to find Strider and Boromir.
- No Merry. Eeeeeh, you see, I kind of need Gimli and Sam. I just don´t want your company.
So Merry wandered alone into the Dead Marshes where he got lost and remained for the rest of the game. Frodo was eased.

Unfortunately Gimli died when the fellowship passed the Black Gates and Gollum joined Sam and Frodo shortly after. The fellowship was almost uncorrupted in Mordor and they had only lost Pelagir and Dol Amroth. It was looking like a complete cake-walk for the hobbits, but things were about to change. Inside Mordor Gollum attacked Frodo screaming "The ring is mine!" Frodo escaped but were more and more infected by Isildurs bane and the tough terrain in Mordor. In one turn Frodo received no less then 7 corruption and he only got one small step closer to Mount Doom. At the same time Lorien fell and a lot of Roused Monsters was seen not far from Rivendell. The army that burned Lorien went north for Dale with the company of the Mouth of Sauron and some more armies from Dol Goldur.

Frodo and Sam marched on in Mordor and was almost captured, but they managed to escape by climbing down steep precipice with their elven ropes and later hiding in a pond. But there a foul thing from the deep attacked him (it was an unusually deep pond). Frodo and Sam escaped but the thing had gotten their their Elven cloaks. They were now alone and almost nude in Mordor. Frodo soon discovered a Mithril coat behind a rock. How fortunate!

Together the Witch King and the Mouth of Sauron captured Dale and also the Woodland Realms. Rivendell was besieged by a bunch of trolls and orcs, but unfortunately the army was completely out of leaders so they couldn’t make a reasonable attack on the elven Stronghold. It was all up to Frodo who was now two steps from mount doom. He survived the first step because of his mithril coat. With one step left it was a 50/50-chance of winning or losing on corruption. Frodo made the last effort and dunked the ring into Mount Doom.
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