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Subject: A Girlfriend's Perspective On: Railroad Tycoon rss

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Because he is my very best friend :)
Fighting evil by moon light, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon.
When I was growing up, I had always enjoyed playing "boardgames". The reason why I say "boardgames" is I mainly played Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Clue. I was a little sad, because I never really had other people to play with me, as they mainly chose to go outside, or play videogames.

One Christmas, my cousin got this brand new boardgame called Railroad Tycoon, and brought it to the Christmas family gathering. I, not playing any games of the such, or any board games in a while, decided I wanted to play along with them.


d10-1 1 Gameboard
d10-2 Track tiles
d10-3 Control Locomotives (25 of each colour)
d10-4 New City Tiles (12 Hexagonal Tiles)
d10-5 Western Link tiles (2 Hexagonal Tiles)
d10-6 Good Cubes (25 of each colour)
d10-7 Money
d10-8 Share Certificates
d10-9 Engine Cards
d10-1d10-0 First Player Marker
d10-1d10-1 Empty City Markers
d10-1d10-2 Railroad Tycoon Cards
d10-1d10-3 Railroad Operation Cards
d10-1d10-4 Goods Bag

Recommended Players

This game is recommended for 2 - 6 players. I have found that it is a decent game with 2 players, but gets better the more you add.


The board is going to go on the center of the table. On each city of the board, it is going to have a number. You will place all the goods cubes in the bag, and draw out the number of cubes for each city. When you are playing a 2 or 3 player game, you will draw out one less.

1 coloured train from each player will be placed at the beginning of the income track, however players do not start with any money.

Each player will draw one Railroad Tycoon card. Each card has accomplishments you will want to complete by the end of the game. If you do, you gain extra points.

How to Play

Each turn consists of 3 phases.

1. Auction to determine first player
2. Player Actions
3. Income and Dividends

In order to complete these actions, players need money. At the end of each turn, players will gain the income shown on the income track. In order to raise the marker, you need to take out shares.

Auction to determine first player

To determine who is going to be first player of each round, an auction is held. The first player of the previous auction will be the first to bid. The minimum amount of money you are able to bid is $1. The bidding will go in a clockwise order, until all players, except for the highest bidder drops out. If all players decide to pass, the person sitting to the left of the previous first player will become first player.

Player Actions

There are 6 different actions each player is able to choose to do.

1. Build Track
2. Urbanize
3. Improve Engine
4. Deliver One Goods
5. Take Railroad Operation Card
6. Build Western Link

Income and Dividends

The players will take the income shown on the income track. Then, each player will pay out the dividends. For each share that has been issued, they need to pay back out $1000. If I owned 4 shares, I would owe $4000.

The game ends when there are a certain amount of cities that are empty.

2 Players - 10 empty city markers
3 Players - 12 empty city markers
4 Players - 14 empty city markers
5 Players - 16 empty city markers
6 Players - 18 empty city markers

How to Win

The player at the end of the game who has the most points wins.

The Good vs The Bad

yuk If a player were to gain control of the northeast area, they will dominate the game
Having an auction for first player eliminates strategy of the next round, as you may not be able to bid that high
Can always build through other tracks, so little chance of getting cut off

Survey Says

If you would have asked me the day I first tried it, I would have said it was The only reason I would have rated it this was, is due to the fact I didn't understand it. I was too used to playing other games which had structured turn orders, and rolling of the dice. This was definitely not a beginners game. I didn't grasp the whole concept, so I found myself going deeper and deeper into debt, and bidding other people up, to mess with their game (which really wasn't the best strategy, because I wasn't invited to play again.)

When my boyfriend and I first started dating, he introduced me t omore beginner board games, and got me used to them. When we went board game shopping one day, he picked up Railroad Tycoon and asked me "Hey, I heard alot of great things about this game, and want to try it. Would you play it with me". I was absolutely dead set against it. After I had tried it a few more times, I learned some things.

It is not always necessary to be first player. In this game, some players go off to their own side of the board, and do what they want. It is only when you are close to one another, and battling over the same cubes, when it would be beneficial to go first.

The Railroad Tycoon cards really enhance the games, and brings new strategies into the game. One card allows you to gain income when anyone delivers a cube into a particular city. When a player has this card, it may not be beneficial for you to deliver to that city, as you will be helping them out as well.

Nowadays, I would give this game a rating of There is a small part of me who hears the game and wants to shudder until I remember that I actually do have fun with this game. I am always finding that I am coaching myself from what I learned in previous games, to make myself better.

Do I recommend this to brand new gamers, probably not. If you do want to try it with them, I would definitely make sure to explain the rules in great details, and help them out the first game, or they may end up doing what I did. Messing their game, or being turned off of boardgames for a while. But it is definitely a game you want to add to your collection. It is one of the better train games out there.
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Today, we're all Spaniards!
Good succinct review!

I think that many guys are interested in the portion of your review where you give your thoughts and feelings about the game in question. If I'm unfamiliar with the game, the "how to play" section is valuable as well. Knowing what exactly draws a woman to a game, or what pushes her away, is important to those guys who'd like their GF/significant other to join them in their hobby.

Thanks for sharing your perspective!
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