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Ilkka Sillanpaa
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Thanks Neendy for your nice review.
Since the game rules are in German, I thought to put another review with more complete rules (First I thought of just commenting yours but this might serve us all better)

Relikt is a compactly boxed card game with nice illustrations and good card material. Indiana Jones type treasure hunt is the theme. The player who collects the most valuable set of treasures wins the game (treasure cards have point values based on the number of jewels in the illustration).

There are 5 camp cards (green,blue,white,red, and yellow) one for each player.
Adventure cards come with values 1 to 12 for each of the colors (only those colors shuffled to a adventure card pile that are of the same colors as the camps in play). Each player is dealt 4 adventure cards.
There are 12 cursed (red) treasure cards and 8 good (blue) treasure cards. They all are shuffled together and they form the treasure card pile. Three from the top are removed from the game face down. Four cards from the pile are then placed in a line in the middle of the table face up.
There are 5 sets of 7 different action cards (each set numbered with a roman numeral on the back side). Each player shuffles their sets and sets it as their own action card pile in their play area face down and draw 3 cards from that pile.

The turn sequence goes as follows:
The player wearing the most expensive jewelry begins and the turns go clockwise.
The game ends and collected treasures are revealed and scored when only one treasure card remains face up in the middle of table.
Each turn the player whose turn it is, can first play one action card from his hand, if he or she so wants (or has any left in the hand) and places it in a discard pile for the action cards face up in the middle of the table. If the player does he or she then draws a new action card if the action card pile isn't already depleted. Then the player plays an adventure card face up in front of one of the open treasures in the middle of the table and draws a card from the adventure card pile (this last part is played differently if affected by an action card played this turn).

If, after a turn, any of the treasure cards have a number of adventure cards lined up in front of it that is equal to the number of jewels on that treasure card the adventure card values for that treasure are summed for each of the colors. If one color has the highest total value the player who has that color camp card collects that treasure card and places it face down in his or her play area. The adventure card in front of that treasure card are discarded and and a new treasure card is drawn and place on the table face up (if the treasure card pile isn't depleted).
If there is a tie between two or more colors for the highest total value, all the adventure adventure cards that were in front of this treasure card are discarded, and the game continues with the next player able to place a new adventure card in front of that same treasure card.
It does not matter who plays the adventure cards, only the colors and values of the played adventure cards determine who ends up collecting the treasure cards.

If the adventure card pile is depleted, shuffle the discarded adventure cards for a new pile.

Scoring of the treasure cards:
Blue or good treasure cards count as positive points equal to the number of jewels on the card.
Red or cursed treasure cards count as negative points equal to the number of jewel on the card.
Two cursed treasure cards with an equal number of jewels count as positive points equal to the number of jewels on one of these cursed treasure cards.

Action cards
(note: each player should have four adventure cards in hand after each turn even if action cards change how adventure cards are played or drawn)

Bottle of Rum
Exchange your camp card with one of the opponents.
After playing your adventure card, instead of drawing from the adventure card pile, take one adventure card in front of one of the treasure cards to your hand.
When playing your adventure card you replace an already played adventure card (the new card comes in front of the same treasure card). You can only play an adventure card this way is it either has the same color or value as the card replaced. The card replaced is discarded. Then draw a card as usual.
Play the adventure card face down.
Play two adventure cards and then draw two adventure cards.
Choose an opponent and he or she must reveal his or her hand to everyone. Then play one of the cards in that hand in front of one of the treasure cards and the opponent you chose draws a card.
Copy the top action card on the discard pile for action cards in the middle of the table. Cannot use Camera if the last used action card was Camera.

My evaluation of the game with hints of strategy:
Overall, Relikt is a very nice and simple game that engages people.

Each player typically has many more adventure cards in opponents' colors than in his or her own color. Therefore there being more cursed treasures than good ones makes playing easier.
The three treasures that are removed in the beginning seems to affect the game only little. Game is a bit too random for long term strategies, though keeping track of everyone's cursed treasures will be important in future games I will play.

My current strategy for the action cards:
Action cards are to be used (no use having any left at the end of game). Save the powerful ones for optimal impact.
Lasso is often most effective in retrieving a valuable card of your own color from the table (from in front of a cursed treasure you really don't need).
Compass. Use it to finish one or even two treasures in your favor. Often copied with Camera (i.e. it is powerful). This action card is the only way to get both of the last two treasures to be collected.
Bottle of Rum should be played only when you can change the adventure cards on the table to your favor in a big way. (Bottle of Rum is often countered with an other Bottle or copied with Camera)
Pistol can seldom give optimal results (like in real life ). Consider using if it fits to draw a better action card.
Blindfold. More useful than I thought at first. Use it to play an adventure card of your color on a cursed treasure with an equal number of jewels as in a cursed treasure card you already have.
Binoculars. I used it once when someone lassoed an adventure card with a value of 11 or 12 in my color to land that beauty on a good treasure. That was probably an ideal use of this card.
Camera. Use this one to copy the more powerful action cards (Compass or Bottle). Rarely used on Blindfold.

The game should work well with 6 or 7 players, too, by just adding new colors and new sets of action cards and a couple of treasure cards and by playing with 5 treasure cards on the table. I think the box size ruled the number of players here, unfortunately.
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