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Nicola Ciabatti
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Here is what Enrico Acerbi, the game designer, answered to a question about command on an Italian forum:

The issue of command recalls me an uninterrupted correspondence between Davy Jones and me. He, as a good Amercican, wanted the classical chain of commandla classical strict chain of command. Here you can find the exchange of letters (extract what is needed and the final table).
In particular, the reference to Range for Commanders has been skipped during the printing stage (I still have to understand why).

Errata to be added
5.12A Command Range of Commanders is their range in movement points. This means the necessity to calculate distances in terms of MPs rather than in hexes.

Rule for Officiers
5.16 Officers does not have a Command range. They simply put in command their units only if these units are stacked or adjacent to the Leader’s counter.

Other Questions

Do two of the three Mezaros Uhlans units belong to Schubirz?
The three Mészaros Ulans Squadrons historically were one for each brigade, in order to perform reconnoissance.... but it was an Alvinczy matter to decide their use

The 7 Carlstadt counter says "HO" and "AG" .. should it not say "AG" and "St"? In other words, doesn't it belong to Schubirz?
HO = Hohenzollern is the same of AG = avant-garde . It was in the vanguard division. Is a divisional under Hohenzollern direct command

4 Banat counter says "PR" and "Bra" but enters with Gavassini. Should it say "PR and "Gav"?
Correct, but actually it was a Brabeck unit detached to Gavassini

Carab enters with Launay but says "R"… is that correct?
Correct. Ita was an elite unit of the Reserve and was employed there as vanguard unit.

4e D-Bde enters with Lannes but counter says "R"… is that correct? If so, Lannes doesn't have any units!
Lannes was a chef-de-bataillon not of brigade. So he did actually have no counters. He was employed in place of general Bon, who was ill and sent in the rear.

75 D-Bde and 25 D-Bde enter with Robert but counters say "R"… is that correct? If so, Robert doesn't have any units!
Correct. All the reserve units were gathered near Verona waiting to be employed either in Tirol either at Verona. Bonaparte organized the new brigades in a great hurry after the retreat from the east venetian lands.

Are Piacsek's only units the two Erdody counters?
Piacsek was a cavalry commander and may command any of the Hohenzollern cavalry (2nd Hussar and Wurmser)

Who can place in command French "R" units? Do they have an officer?
The officers listed in the set-up can command them as specified.
The confusion about the R units depends from the counter origin. In the larger games Arcole and Rivoli they formed the Reserve bulk and were divided between Officers only before the battle(s).
I simply maintained the same counters shape ... but it would have been better to change these indentities, I suppose.

I can’t quite figure the shock values on the reverse sides of counters.
For the French, 2’s become 1’s and 1’s become blank
For the Austrians, two (Erdody 4-7 and Wurmser) do not change, and one even gets stronger! (the 2-7 Erdody goes from 4 to 6!)
Is there something wrong here with the Austrians?
Of course , the shock values can never be greater on a reduced side. Generally I left the austrian hussars both sides with te same value (historically). Otherwise the Shock value is an accident coming from the first game version (where the cavalry made melées with this value instead of the Combat value and Initiative).
In the following version this rule disappeared but I think the graphics could be confusing (see also the counter samples in the rulebook). In effect I cut that rule because of the too many references to the "shock CRT" and the Sh results.
So you can even delete the Cavalry Shock value from counters.

Stabs Dragoons.. how can they belong to both AG and Army HQ?
As for Austria the Stabsdragoner (a field regiment not a simple honor guard) had two Sqns. one with Hohenzollern and one as Alvinczy's escort. The squadrons however actually did have a very reduced manpower. So I decided to make a lone counter which had to be with the Army HQ (Alvinczy). Forget the AG reference.

Lannes’ Brigade consists of… 24 Chas only? Early you said that the 4 DB belongs to Reserve not Lannes. Does the 51 DB belong to Lannes?
the game provides mainly the divisional Chain of Command (as historically), while brigades were formed whenever needed also from Reserve troops. Moreover, for problems of scale, also the most important Massena avant-garde bde. (Wendeling) was omitted.
If you prefer the historical OoB, Lannes a chef-de-batailon, not a Bde commander, had provisionally: 5th Drag. Rgt. Sqn.; 24th Rgt. Chasseurs.
4th Line DB (activated from Reserve) ; and the divisional 8 pdrs battery.
In the game you'll note the 24 th Chasseurs enters game after the Lannes activation. So a player can feel himself free to attach every unit where he wants (under the Commands limits)
The 51e demi-brigade was under general Bon, ill, and was entrusted to Lannes in the Reserve, before the Lannes commitment with the 4th DB. So Lannes has two brigades reference and he could make the "hero" with both units. Hope it's now clear, I try to explain as better I can ... sorry if confused.

Verdier has the light blue “5” on his counter suggesting he can flag the 5 Light DB.. shouldn’t this be on Augereau instead as per the rules?

Menard’s counter should have a “18” on it to show he can flag 18 DB

Can I add a "4" to Lannes counter to show he can flag 4 DB in addition to 51 DB?

Regarding the whole situation below regarding Lannes, I understand the how the history is difficult to reflect in the game. But I believe you need to think like a rules lawyer about this issue. If Lannes has a counter then he must be a Officer. If he is an officer then he must have a formation defined for him. It isn't clear at all what his "formation" is. Same situation for Robert.
I agree ... it was a problem born by its "mother" game Arcole where the OoB is chosen by the players before to engage

Another possibility is that you intend that Lannes and Robert have no formation and that they only serve as flaggers?
No they were "fighters and commanders"

First ... an half-historical way to a better organization .... compromise ?

French Chain of Command
Commander in Chief: Bonaparte.
Reserve (not a formation , only a group of units fit to combat)
Officers of the Reserve: Guyeux, Lannes, Robert, Gardanne (Staff officer)
Masséna Division chain of command: Launay, Ménard brigades
Augereau Division chain of command: Verdier, Bon (not present, ill) brigades

Lannes brigade to be attached to Augereau
24th Rgt. Chasseurs. 4th Line DB ; and the divisional 8 pdrs battery.

5th Drag. Rgt. Sqn.(was only a historical reference - under Lannes during the defensive phase) in the game is under Massena (Guyeux).

Robert brigade (only infantry) to be attached to Augereau
75th Line DB; 25th Line DB.
(Robert, recalled from Legnago, received his command only during the morning of the battle - historically he had really "no command" till his commitment with the 75th DB)

This could also allow counters without the R and with the brigadier's id ... but is not what I had in mind .... moreover what I prefer ... anyway was ... what really happened

Rule 7.43.
French Reinforcements Officers and French troops (which have an R on the counter and only if the R is present) are to be considered part of the Reserve Pool of Verona. They must be attached to a divisional command and may be under any Officer's Leadership who is in that division or who is attached to that division by the owning player.

Rule 7.44
Players who agree to follow the historical evolution of the battle may decide to consider the following OoB for Reinforcements:
Lannes brigade to be attached to Augereau
24th Rgt. Chasseurs. 4th Line DB ; and the divisional 8 pdrs battery.
Robert brigade (only infantry) to be attached to Augereau
75th Line DB; 25th Line DB.
Gardanne brigade (must be attached to Augereau division);
51st Line DB (only)
General Staff Troops (may b commanded by Bonaparte or attached to a division , while some attachments are mandatory if detailed)
1st Cavalry Rgt. (must be attached to Masséna division),
10th Chasseurs Rgt.
7bis Hussars Rgt.
45th Line DB (must be attached to Masséna division)
39th Line DB.
12th Light Inf. DB.

Rule 7.45
Reinforcements Leaders who act also as Flaggers.
A Flagger Leader, also if part of the Reserve (Reinforcements) Pool, may also take command of the unit(s), the Flags of which they can raise in combat (the number on the counter). So, during the game, some inferior commands can be reassigned at player's choice (players may agree to record these reassignements on paper, if they think this useful)

I agree with you the Revolutionary way of combat was a bit confusing and I wanted to re-create this situation. Here there were no imperial organized brigades but groups of troopers which needed tough and smart Commanders to keep them in good order.

And here is the link to the table:

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