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Subject: Race for the Galaxy: Custom Cards rss

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Willow Palecek
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I've been pondering some ideas for using the custom cards from Gathering Storm. Here's what I've got so far, I'm looking for some feedback before I mark up my cards for good.

I wrote this before seeing the Rebel vs. Imperium, so there's some design space overlap, particularly with the Technocratic Hub and the Conquered World.

Novelty Goods:

Trade Nexus: Cost 3, PV: 1
III: -1 Cost/+1 Mil vs Novelty Worlds
V: Produce Blue

(A Novelty version of Alpha Centauri.)

????: Defense 2, PV 1
IV: Consume up to 2 goods, 1 pt each.
V: Windfall Blue

(A consumption world for the military types)


Mining Fleet, Defense 3, PV 2
I: +1 Look
V: Windfall Brown

(A somewhat bigger military mineral world)

UPLIFT Mining Race, Cost 4, PV 2 (Genes Symbol)
III: -1 Cost/+1 Mil vs. Genes Worlds
V: Produce Brown

(It's UPLIFT on Brown! It's crazy!)

Genes Worlds

Feline UPLIFT Race, Cost 4, PV 2
IV: Consume Blue -> 2 pts
V: Produce Green

(Catgirls love novelty goods.)

Experimental Research World, Cost 3, PV 2
I: +2 Card Look
V: Windfall Green


Deserted ALIEN Homeworld, Cost 7, PV 7
V: Produce Yellow + 2 Cards

(It's a really really big Yellow world.)

Ravaged ALIEN World, Cost 2, PV 0
V: Windfall Yellow. May never produce goods.

(A cheap source of Alien goods, but a one shot. Things like the Produce privilege don't help.)


Technocratic Hub, Cost 3, PV 2
II: Draw a card after playing a development.
IV: Consume Any -> 1 Pt.

(There aren't any worlds with development powers. I felt this should be rectified, and makes a nice alternate strategy.)

Conquered World, Defense Special, PV Special
Take an opponent's world, place in your Tableau, and place the Conquered World in opponent's Tableau. Defense = Cost or Defense of Replaced World. Point Value = Point Value of Replaced World +1

(More interaction between players, and a combo-breaker effect.)


Memetic Engineers, Cost Special, PV 2
Cost is the number of players, or 4 in an advanced 2 player game. Whenever another player plays the same action card as you, draw a card.

(Yes, it's cumulative if multiples of the same card are played.)

IMPERIUM Bureaucrats, Cost 6, PV Special
I: Card Look +1
III: -1 Cost/+1 Military
Worth 6 points if it is your only 6 cost development, 3 points if you have another 6 cost development, and 0 points if you have 3 or more.

(An anti-big building big building.)

Robot Unity League, Cost 6, PV Special
II: -1 Cost Robots
III: -1 Cost/+1 Military vs Robots
V: Draw one card per Robot
Worth 2 points per Robot/Robots/Robotic card.

(Because there's a lot of robots out there.)
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Matt W
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These seem interesting, but I'm thinking Deserted ALIEN Homeworld is off. 7 VP just seems too much, given the great production on it. Maybe at 4 or 5 VP, though. Memetic Engineers seems really cool and interesting.
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