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IndoBoardGames M44 League Season 2
Match #14 - Tunisia

1st half
Steve(Axis) 6 vs Eric(Allies) 4

Axis played slowly, trying to find better cards to launch an early assault from the middle, but after several turns, they kept drawing left and right cards. Axis did quite a heavy damage to Allies infantries which left them with couple of 1-fig at the back retreated, but the Axis artillery can't seem to knock them out from afar.

Axis took the initiative to grab the hill and attack several units there with a DHQ card, though their hand hasn't equipped with strong cards such as Armor Assault or Assault-center, and unfortunately the dices seems strange, German kept rolling INF against the Allies armor.

After several turns with both sides struggling for center cards, finally Axis got a couple of them and began to farm several weakened units, helped with an Air Strike, however the Allies also surprisingly got the cards and began to retaliated and not long the score is tied to 4-4 with both sides are not having Armor Assault and Assault-center.

This might be the slowest game of Tunisia ever with both sides were flooded with flank cards and the shootout happened from a distance, and the last Infantry Assault card took out the Allies infantry at the right woods to secure the German 6-4 victory.

2nd half
Steve(Allies) 5 vs Eric(Axis) 6
Looks like the misery of cards didn't stop at the 1st half as again in the 2nd half, both sides were again unleashed with lots of flank cards, especially Allies with left and Axis with right, and maybe that's the reason why 60% of the game was took place in that side.

Axis looks like controlling the game when Allies left flank were totally routed with several units standing with 1-fig, but a bit of luck were on their side as the German were struggling with bad dices, unable to kill a 1-fig tank at the town. Meanwhile, Allies finally got 3 right flank cards and began to assault on that side. Axis were lured to fight back and it bought the Allies time to keep striking and got 3 medals out of that side.

Allies was trailing 4-5 from behind when the last Armor Assault gave them a triple INF shoot against the German 2-inf at the back and won the match, however Axis took out the 1-fig armor to win the game.


Steve won the close match by 11 - 10

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