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Subject: How a Cyclops looses to an rss

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GM Davis
United States
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This is my first session report so please be gentle

I have owned Battletech for a month now but have not had the chance to play it until yesterday. All I can say is it was a blast.

I went to the FLAGS to play as I do every Saturday night and as I came in I stopped to talk to an old friend. He said that they were going to play Battletech but he had a head cold and wanted to bow out. My friend asked if I would step in for him and play his session. I of course jumped at the chance. There were four players in what was a free for all. Player one (Phil) chose an Awesome. Player two (Mike) chose an Assassin and JagerMech. I inherited a Commando and a Cyclops. Player four (Doug) had chosen a Zeus. Each of us started out at a corner of the map. This was going to be bloody.

In the first moves Michael took a couple of pop-shots at my Cyclops as I moved behind a hill. There were no hits. Phil moved his Awesome over towards Michael’s mechs as Doug moved between Phil and me. So far there was just jockeying for position. Then Phil made his move and opened up with his Awesome, targeting the Jagermech. There was some armor damage but nothing serious. Doug and I were jockeying for the best position and I decided to try to flank him. This was a big mistake. I sent my Commando over to try to get a back shot at the Zeus, but I misjudged the distance and the Zeus closed with my Commando and gunned him down in one salvo, aided by the critical hit on my ammo storage area. The exploding ammo destroyed the mech. Well, now I was one mech lighter.
Phil and Michael continued to spar with each other with the Jagermech getting a few hits in but then the Awesome lived up to its name by hitting the Jagermech with 3 hits from its PPC’s. Another critical hit and ammunition explosion and the Jagermech suffered the same fate as my Commando earlier. Michael was now down to just his Assassin. I was now not worried about Michael because I KNEW I could handle the Assassin with my Cyclops.

Doug and I moved closer and traded shots, I still hadn’t gotten close enough to use my AC20. Phil came zooming up on us (as fast as an Awesome can zoom) and seemed to be deciding who to attack. I was closest to Phil and his Awesome so I took a secondary shot and hit the Awesome with the AC20. In a stroke of luck I rolled 12. With that head shot the Awesome was out. What is interesting is that Phil later stated that he had intended to attack the Zeus. Oh well. Doug and I started a close in slugging match which was aided by his ability to win the initiative most of the time. By the time we finished we were standing face to face. I missed with my AC20 and decided to kick his Zeus. Doug kicked me and took my mechs leg off. I kicked him and took HIS leg off. Both mech fell to the ground and since the Assassin was the only undamaged mech and there was very little chance of us catching him and destroying his Assassin. Michael was declared the winner.

I received accolades for destroying two assault mechs, but I don’t feel I deserve them. It was just a lucky shot. In the real battle I tied and lost my Commando in the bargain.

All in all, it was a really fun game and I hope to do it again.
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Chris Montgomery
United States
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Dear Geek: Please insert the wittiest comment you can think of in this text pop-up. Then times it by seven.
The Coat of Arms of Clan Montgomery - Scotland. Yes, that's a woman with the head of a savage in her hand, and an anchor. No clue what it means, but it's cool.
Nice AAR.

I loved playing BT in high school. I own the introductory box set and have been wanting to play for quite some time. Of course, no one really to play with.

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