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Subject: Count Dooku vs Yoda rss

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Last week we played a little one on one. Count Dooku vs Yoda!
We recently added these two to our collection and wanted to play test them...
Game: Death Match - Map: Cell block on Cloud City
RioT was Yoda -> from Clone Strike (26/60)
Djali was Count Dooku -> from Clone Strike (33/60)

Turn 1
Yoda: Move
Dooku: Move + attack (miss)
Turn 2
Dooku: Double attack (one hit, one miss). 20 damage to Yoda
Yoda: Double attack (two misses)
Turn 3
Yoda: Double attack
First attack is a critical hit with a dice roll of 20. Dooku uses 1 Force point to safe with Lightsaber Block, but the dice rolled a meagre 1. 40 damage to Dooku.
One extra attack for Yoda due to his Flurry Attack (love the name they gave it) and another 20 is rolled! Another 40 damage to Dooku.
So another extra attack for Yoda with his Flurry Attack and this one missed.
Then the second attack of his initial double attack was again a hit. 20 damage to Dooku.
Dooku took 100 damage in one turn! How the dice can determine a game.
Because of this, Dooku (Djali in this case) wanted a sure hit, so
Dooku: 2 Force points for a Sith Lightning. 30 damage to Yoda

After this turn it seemed like the next turn would end it for Dooku. It was 100 damaged for Dooku versus only 50 damage to Yoda. And Yoda’s hit points are 140 to Dooku’s 130.

Turn 4
Yoda: Double attack (two hits). Dooku uses 1 Force point for Lightsaber block and the first attack is saved. Only 20 damage to Dooku.
Dooku: Double attack (one hit, one miss). 20 damage to Yoda.
Turn 5
Yoda: Double attack (two misses). Still 1 force point is used for a re-roll, but still it’s a miss.
Dooku: Double attack (one hit and one miss). 20 damage to Yoda.

So now it’s 120 damage to Dooku and 90 damage to Yoda. It’s getting closer...

Turn 6
Dooku: Double attack (two hits) and 40 damage to Yoda. Which makes a total of 130 damage to Yoda. He’s dying, slowly, painfully...
Yoda: Double attack. First attack is a hit, but Dooku uses another Force point for his Lightning Block and saves himself again.
Second attack is a miss. And all of a sudden Yoda (RioT) realizes he has another power: Master of the Force, spend force points up to three times. So, a re-roll. Another miss. Another re-roll followed by another miss. And to make it complete, another re-roll missed.
Turn 7
Dooku: Double attack, but this was not needed, cause the first one was a hit. 20 damage to Yoda. (And since dinner in the oven was ready, no more re-rolls.)

To quote the master himself: "Game Yoda has lost. How embarrassing, how embarrassing..."

This was a rather funny game. We had never played one on one before, and since this turned out to be a simple dice rolling game, we’re not likely to do it again soon. Still, very amusing!
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Diz Hooper
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One-on-one games sounds like an interesting way to do a quick game. This might also be a good idea for those who are new to the game to get a feel for how combat works before they move into handling a load of figures.
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