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Subject: Danes in flames 8 rss

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Henning Afzelius
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1942 J/F cont.

Axis impuls weather 9
With bad weather in the world the Ge and It forces dosent have anything to do. laugh
Bismarck sails into the bay of Biscay but dosent find the main CW conc line, It sub sail but again dosent find.
Ja attacks Batavia (70% chance but fails roll 3)

Allied impuls weather 9
US sails reinforcements to Manila and hunt the Ja conv net but dosent find. soblue
CW sails around but dosent dear to sail into Italy coast as the axis navalair present is strong there. blush
USSR is still holding back as massive Ge reinforcements are on the way.

Axis impuls
Most axis forces are spend, so nothing happen and the axis end the turn.
Ja lands in the Philippines at Legaspi

1942 M/A allied init weather 4

Allied impuls
With the blessing of storm on the east front the USSR moves into position and await the Ge attacks.
US and CW sails around the world and bring reinforcements closer to the fronts.
A CW corps is landed in Italy to reinforce the tropps.

Axis impuls
Ja reinforce the landing in the philippines and attacks Manila failing to take it (had 50 %)
Ge moves reinforcement to the fronts but no attacks, an 9 arm is moving to Italy, the rest of the Ge forces is send to USSR (2 para, HQ-A and 1 arm). It HQ-A is railed from France to USSR and a It HQ-I is railed from Italy to France.
Massive axis navalair is send into the Italy coast and West med. but no one finds. laugh

Allied impuls weather 6
With clear weather in the med.CW and US begins there most daring operation to date devil . Genoa has been left with no units and now a CW invasion fleet sails into west med. hoping to avoid the axis airunits.
The fleet is no found whistle and then a US mot with a CW mar div and a US para lands in Genoa in a 2-1 +2 giving 80 % of getting ashore and they make it (1 dam, the CW mar div) but flips. soblue
This attack no only makes the Italy operation a LOT more safe but it also cut the southern It factorys from the res. they get from Ge.
US subs find a Ja trs with a para corps but only mannage to dammage it.
USSR awaits the Ge attacks

Axis impuls
Panic starts to show in the axis camp and the Ge and It forces can just make a 1-1 +2 giving them a 30% of throwing the US forces in Genoa back into the sea surprise . The attack fails giving the axis a corps dam and flips the front. whistle
It subs find the US reinforcements on trs in the east coast but a lucky dammage roll saves the trs. whistle 1 It sub is send to the buttom of the sea. devil
In the rest of the world the Axis move into position.

Allied impuls weather 4
US reinforce Manila and the CW US navals reorganise. CW dosent sail into the med.fearing the Axis airunits. blush
US subs finds the Ja conv line, sinking 4 conv.devil
USSR awaits the Ge attacks.

Axis impuls
Ja attacks Batavia but again fails to take it.
Ge and It moves forces to Italy and in west med. axis airforces find and dammage an amph gulp . The best CW ftr in med. is shoot down in the aircombat. cry

1942 M/J axis init weather 7
Axis impuls
With great weather the Ge takes a combined super land/air flying 11 airunits gulp into Italy coast and west med. and bombing with 5 bombers in USSR, even the CW units in Italy is bombed.
The axis find in Italy coast and sinks the BB putting the landing in Italy OOS surprise and later bombing flips 1 corps. soblue
In USSR most axis bombings is aborted by massive USSR ftr cover. 1 rum bomber is shoot down.
It BB sails into the Italy coast to make a rare present.
Ja sails around the world.
Ge makes 3 attacks, 2 in USSR and 1 against the OOS CW units in Italy.
In a copy of last year, the first attack in USSR rolls off with a 2 stopping the Ge dead cool and even as the other attack is a succes making 1B*, it is the attack in Italy that is the most important. The attack is 3-1 +2 after the Ge has shoot down the CW airsupport soblue . As planned the Ge roll a 1 saving the CW landings and making the Italy position very strong.

Do notice that the axis got 2 impulses in a row and still got stopped dead cool. devil

Allied impuls.
US and CW sail around the world but only a CA is sailed into Italy coast (forgot to roll search)
General the allied powers are awaiting the axis attacks but the lack of results in USSR and the failed attack in Italy puts the axis in a pretty bad situation.

Game will be continued after some 3-4 weeks, happy holyday to all
Last some pictures of the situation by M/J 1942


The japanese problem


Central USSR

Southern USSR

Italy with the CW/US landings
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Tony Abrahamsen
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One thing I've noticed, since I was invited to learn and watch your game; is that the dice have favoured the allies from the moment I entered your basement, could I be a muse, an omen or a rabbits foot? cool
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