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Subject: Republic vs Separatist Droid Army rss

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Our Star Wars game last night: Republic vs Separatist Droid Army
Djali & RioT played the Republic
Toco played the Separatist Droid Army
303 points per squad
Game: Death match
Map: Muunilist

Toco had assembled a droid squad led by Count Dooku and General Grievous. He included Wat Tambor, so he could include 20 points for free (Special Ability: Droid Reinforcements) and also because he had a repairing ability for his droids. He also chose Jango Fett (for the high defense, high hit points, double attack). The rest of his squad mainly existed of different kind of battle droids.
His squad:
Count Dooku of Serenno
General Grievous
Jango Fett
Wat Tambor
2 x Destroyer Droid
5 x Super Battle Droid
8 x Battle Droid
3 x Jawa

We (RioT and Djali) assembled a mixed squad led by Mace Windu and General Obi-Wan Kenobi. We choose Mace Windu for his strength and triple attack and General Obi-Wan Kenobi for his Commander effect (Each follower gets +4 attack and +4 defense as long as it has an ally within 6 squares). This is a real strong benefit! You just need to make sure your men stick together in little groups...
We included a Medical Droid for its healing ability. We included R2-D2 Astromech Droid because he can be taxi to one of our Jedi! cool (Tow Cable ability)
We also included Padme Amidala Senator because she can move before and after attack and has a twin attack. She not too expensive but is ideal to keep around the corner and then move in - shoot twice - move out.
Our squad:
Mace Windu
General Obi-Wan Kenobi
R2-D2 Astromech Droid
Padmé Amidala Senator
Clone Trooper on Speeder
ARC Trooper Sniper
Republic Commando Fixer
2 x Clone Trooper
Elite Clone Trooper
Elite Clone Trooper Grenadier
Heavy Clone Trooper
Wookie Scoundrel
Wookie Scout
Naboo Soldier
Medical Droid

The Game
Turn 1:
Everybody moves towards each other...

Turn 2:
The republic begins and the killing starts...
Our Naboo Soldier hits first and kills a Battle Droid. I could go on in detail, but that would be a tiny bit boring, so:
3 of our Troopers got killed, a wookie got damaged and R2-D2 got damaged.
3 Super Batlle Droids, a Battle Droid, a Jawa got killed.
A trooper damages a Destroyer Droid and our Trooper on Speeder kills him.
Obi-Wan uses one force to move 4 extra squares and then damages Grievous.
At the end of the turn our R2-D2 plays taxi for Mace Windu and Mace finishes Grievous with his triple attack!
This made us very confident. Already in the second turn we managed to kill one of the leaders.

Attack on Grievous

Turn 3:
The Republic begins and we have a similar summary as turn 2 above: Lots of killings on both sides!
We start with Padme, moving in, damaging Dooku and moving out. Then we let our Trooper on Speeder take a little "tour". He has the Strafe Attack ability and can shoot at anyone whose space he enters while flying over them. So we pass and damage Dooku, and pass and kill two Battle Droids. Dooku damages our speeder in his counter attack and a battle droid which we passed by but not flew over also damages our speeder.
Jango kills a Heavy Trooper. Medical Droid heals Wookie. The remaining Destoyer Droids killes our Speeder.
A Jawa kills our R2-D2 with his Ion Gun and combined fire with two other battle Droids. Damn it, there goes our taxi! angry
Obi-Wan Kenobi, who is placed between two droids, kills them both with his double attack.
A trooper kills a Super Battle Droid and another trooper kills a Jawa. Mace Windu kills two more Battle Droids.
This turn was a great loss for the Separatist Army. We had high dice rolls each time and the droids continuously did very poorly in their attacks.
Many of our troopers and our two wookies were still standing, while the droids were getting outnumbered.

Turn 4:
The Republic starts yet again. The list of killings gets smaller.
Padme Amidala kills a Battle Droid, but Dooku quickly kills Padmé together with a Trooper (standing adjacent) with his ability Force Lightning.
A trooper kills Wat Tambor. Another trooper damages a Destroyer Droid. And yet another trooper kills the last Jawa.
Since Grievous and his followers are now completely wiped, our two Jedi’s head for Dooku and Jango on the other side.

The assult on Dooku on Jango Fett

Turn 5:
The Republic begins AGAIN! Our trooper starts by finishing the last Destoyer Droid.
Now everyone starts shooting on the two last survivers.
A wookie damages Jango. Our Naboo damages Dooku. Mace Windu damages Jango. Obi-Wan damages Dooku.

Turn 6:
And yet again the Republic may begin...
Obi-Wan uses 3 force for his ability Force Push and gives Dooku 30 damage and pushes him 2 squares back. This way, Dooku can not attack Obi-Wan on his turn.
Mace Windu damages Jango.
Dooku moves back, but to Mace Windu now and damages him.
Our Wookie damages jingo and our Grenade Trooper kills him of with a Grenade. He also damages Dooku and Mace Windu standing adjacent. We can take that little hit!

Turn 7:
The shortest round in history!
The Republic (DjaliRioT) wins the initiative roll and Mace Windu finishes Dooku with a triple attack! (All hits - 60 damage)

This was a nice thrilling game. Of course the last rounds were less interesting for the losing army, but fun for the ones doing the killing!
Strange thing though, all initiative rolls were won by Djali & RioT! They really had lucky dice this game!
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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
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Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed!
Great report.

Nice to see the Separatists using General Grievous Supreme Commander rather than Droid Army Commander and also using the old Jango Fett. Jango is oftem overlooked in favour of Boba nowadays.

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I should have added bodyguards and a Battle Droid Officer... And rigged dice
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