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Subject: Not Quite Capture the Flag rss

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Daniel Bucheger
United States
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This game introduces three of my friends to my friends to my little gaming group: Captain C. Jones, Monsoon Matthew, and Typhoon TJ. The only person really new to piracy is Matt, but he got the hang of it rather quickly. CJ and TJ were intermediate beginning players, but still really good. The fleets:

Commodore Salem Vendari the Sly (myself):
HMS Grand Temple
-Admiral James Norrington
HMS Hyena
HMS Raven
HMS Victor

Typhoon TJ:
-Chief PO Charles Richard
-Firepot Specialist
Julius Caesar
USS Kentucky

Monsoon Matthew:
Le Gaule
-Mademoiselle Josephine Godiva
East Wind
Sea Phoenix
La Belle Etoile

Captain C. Jones (CJ):
Grand Vainqueur
-Madame LaFontaine
Lady Newport
Banshee's Cry

Four fleets shot from fortified harbors, prepared for war. Each fort carried four guns: two S-range and two L-range, all of which were rank-3. Typhoon TJ, commanding an American-pure fleet, immediately sent his fleet after the largest threat on the seas: Commodore Salem Vendari. The Julius Caesar was he first to open fire. She pulled up alongside the HMS Victor and fired a broadsides attack. As one her cannons roared....and left four holes in the ocean. The splashes heard around the sea. The Victor swooped in alongside and shot down two of the Caesar's masts.

The commodore's HMS Grand Temple slid into a nearby fogbank, preparing to jump the oncoming Constitution."Old Ironsides", sailing under an amateur captain, was unable to unleash her firepower into the HMS Hyena as her cannons came in range. The Hyena took this weakness to her advantage. She rammed into the starboard-bow of the Constitution, knocking down her aft-most mast with a lucky roll of 6. Due to her ability, the crew of the Hyena swarmed over to the Constitution and killed Charles Richard, then came in with another wave and killed the helmsman in a boarding party. Then the English ship unloaded two of her cannons into the ship, knocking down the only mast she was able to.

Salem rolled a 2 for the Temple's exiting roll in the fogbank, which brought her face to face with Old Ironsides. She slammed her bow into the American's port-stern and knocked down a third mast. Her crew boarded and killed off the firepot specialist. The Temple then unloaded four cannonballs into the Constitution's side, knocking down the last two masts and leaving her derelict.

It was at this point Salem decided to show mercy. In return for command of the Constitution, he agreed to a truce between himself and TJ.

In the midst of all this, Monsoon Matthew sneaked Le Gaule in to strike at the nearly unprotected American fort. Her captain, like the captain of the Constitution, was unexperienced. Le Gaule lost three of her five masts when the fort shot at her. Le Gaule shot back, taking out of of the guns, but then lost on more in the return-fire. She high-tailed it back home for repairs. She didn't get far before the USS Kentucky shot down her final mast and took her under tow.

An unsuspecting Beautiful Star (La Belle Etoile) found herself in the waters of Captain CJ, and was quickly overwhelmed and taken under tow by the Grand Vainqueur, Pioneer, and Lady Newport. After getting Etoile to home, she was quickly repaired and sent into battle with the oncoming English fleet.

The Victor, having lost her captain previously and taken the Raven's, pulled alongside the Lady Newport and shot down her central mast. The Newport returned fire and shot down two of the Victor's, then the Vainqueur's bombardier cannon took down the final and the Pioneer finished her off. The Raven was also sunk in the mayhem. Salem had finished repairing the Constitution and was sending her to join the battle, but time had run out. In the end, no one was able to capture any flags, so we defaulted to most masts afloat. Salem won with a whopping 18 masts. TJ came in a close second with 16 masts, Matthew in third with 12, and CJ came up last with 10 masts.

Matthew was new to the game, but he did really well for a new player. CJ and TJ were both advanced beginners, but fought like experts. All in all, the players fought hard. Salem is still Ruler of the Seas, but he might not have gotten the title after that turning point in the match.

-Commodore Salem Vendari the Sly
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