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Subject: Instructions? I need' them in English rss

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Jason's Good Twin
United States
New Cumberland
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I can only find them in German here:
I'd use a translator, but this is what I got:

Contents: 6 Game boards
54 Game tiles
1 Spieianleitung
A lottery game for 1-6 Children
of 3V2-6 years
Lottino - the Lotto game for the little ones!
This lottery is characterized by the loving and clear images of Dick Bruna, already many successful Büderbücher has created. His humorous and life - tent representations show the children that what they already know and like. Bright colors and simple shapes make ensure that local recognition, Benen - NEN and assigning well. The reverse of Game boards provide additional games. Here again the motives of the front pages, however, Only the outlines of the images to se - Hen. The mapping of the colorful Game tiles to the outline on the trains Game boards in a playful manner, the perception form and coverage of children. Thus new, exciting Spieimöglichkeiten with a higher degree of difficulty.
Each child chooses a game board and submit them in front of her. Any surplus Game boards are compared with the corresponding Picture cards in the box go. The picture cards are well mixed and com - covers in the middle of the table charger.
1. Lotto game without pictures.The youngest player starts. He takes a card from the middle, cover it to be writes the image and checks whether the Card to his game board belongs. They fit into one of the pictures on his game board, lay down the card on the field. This ¡St Spieizug be terminated. His post-linker bar is connected to the series. Does the card is not on his game board, The player sets up the card face down in the center of the table back. His train is also terminated. Thus, the search matching picture cards in turn continues. The game ends when one player accumulates all Images on his game board. He is the winner.
This game can be a child alone company. He or she stores all tilesin front of you and arranges successively the picture cards to the appropriate Game boards. ________________________________________ Page 2
2. Lotto game with pictures
-Before the game begins, a game provides.
The game takes a card from the Middle, shows them but not the children. He be - write what the picture is. Which of the children discovered that the image map to its Legetafe! heard reports
and receives the card. Subsequently, the Child's card to the appropriate field of his game board.
Who was the first all the fields on his game board with matching picture cards, has won.
An image can also be a lottery sweepstake ge - dub. They managed the game cash to certain items
at its option (eg, candy, buttons ...).
Before the game begins, each child four opponent - states from the coffers. The objects are as payment. Matches will be played after the above-described Rule. If you are in a wrong card reports must contain a subject addressed to the Treasury pay.
A failure by a child, for a map to mel - the need is also a subject pay.
Who was the first documented his game board has receives a reward of two objects the cashier. After a pre-agreed Number of rounds every child counts its objects. Who the most counter - residues, has won.
3. Bilderquiz
The game draws a card and displays it the children, without anything to say. All Children look at the map carefully and verify that the card of their own game board belongs.
Anyone who is convinced that the map his game board fit, reports and working writes what is shown on the map is to be seen. An - Finally, the child's card on his game board from. Who in this way as the first all fields demonstrated its game board has won.
4. Memory Lotto
Each child receives a Legetafe!. Now, all approximately 1 minute, the images of their game board just to look at and easy to remember. Then present each child his game board under the chair or from behind. The image maps are again well mixed and com - covers in the middle. The game covers one card, shows them the children or describes what on the map to see ¡st. Which of the chil - but believes that this card to his Put - tafel heard reports, receives the card and submit them openly in front of her. Sign Two Children at the same time, this card again back. If a card when none Report of children, this is from the game taken.
Only when all the cards have been , is nachgeschaut. The children get their Game boards and after examining whether the right image maps have gathered. Who all his cards on the store game board and no cards left, has obtained NEN. Here it is, of course multiple winners give.
Page 3
5. Lotto images with outlines
Each child chooses a game board and submit them with the colored side down in front of ab. Now only the outlines of the ge - Motive sought to be seen. The picture cards are well mixed and hidden in the middle. The game is one of the cards and shows them to the children. This look at the Outlines of the figure closely. Anyone same motif at its game board finds mel - ent, will receive the card and places it on the matching field. If a child is exchanged, it shall submit the map in the middle back. The others look on their game board until one matching Space is found. Who was the first game board with its fit - the maps show could have won.
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Martin Donat
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A little late but actually it is available in English and many more languages:
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