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AAR for Round 1/ Game#7 T-Mo vs Torsten

Action begins once Egyptians cross the Suez Canal. Initial strength was 4 Mirages on CAP an 2 Mirages on Ground Alert. Egyptians launch 3x2-ship flights of MiG-21PFs to attempt to engage the IAF.

Torsten (EAF) decided to cross the Canal in strength at High Altitude. Unfortunately, while the Mirage is at a maneuver disadvantage, the weapons load of Matra 530s, IRMs and Gun give it a combat advantage. Also, I was lucky to get an extra QRA flight that gave my IAF team the umph I needed.

My initial 4-ship led by Spector was able to get off a good BVR shot opportunity at range 2 and was able to Cripple a MiG. (1 shot hit, 2 shots missed and 1 failed to launch (i.e. weapons depleted). This was the extent of combat for the turn as I was just able to get into range.

The next turn has a fortunate random event of Fuel Starvation which causes the Cripple to crash. Pilot KIA. Chalk up 1 MiG-21PF kill for Spector - claimed as a Matra 530 kill. The movement phase sees two IAF flights getting to go first. Spector attempts to convert onto the tail of another EAF flight but fails as does the Egyptians. Lapidot (2-ship from Refidim) then rolls in to engage the same flight and succeeds. Egyptians fail their engagement roll and are surprised. Torsten declares disengaging. Lapidot gets of 3 shots with Gun as primary weapon. 2 misses and 1 kill. Splash another MiG-21PF. Pilot evades capture and will return to Egypt. Torsten now gets a chance for revenge as his one and only undetected MiG flight attempts to roll in on Spector flight. Torsten fails the engagement roll and Spector also fails to spot the MiG flight crossing his six o'clock.

Tally IAF 2 MiG-21PF kills (1xMatra 530 / 1x30mm Cannon)

Next turn sees some undetected flights from the combat being spotted. So basically every flight on the map is detected. 3 MiG flights (two down to a single plane) and 3 Mirage flights (1x4 and 2x2). IAF goes first and my late arriving QRA flight (from an earlier random event) dashes into range of the first MiG flight that had been hit by Spector's RHM attack. This is Snir flight and they close to range 1 and let loose a BVR shot from rear aspect to the retreating MiG flight. 2 Matra 530s are fired and 1 hit scored Damaging the lone MiG. Matra 530s are depleted. The flight then closes in to engagement range. Snir flight successfully engages and the MiG fails so Snir saddles up for 3 shots with gun. 1st shot is succssful in killing the damaged MiG. Splash 3rd MiG. Pilot bails out and his captured. Torsten runs his intact MiG flight back across the Suez Canal to safety. Spector now tries to engage the remaining MiG flight and does successfully. We have some rules confusion over disengaging and Torsten decides to roll for shots with his single MiG. Spector gets off 1 shot damaging the MiG with guns and the MiG fails to get any shot off. The MiG flight then removes the Manv marker and heads for safety. Lapidot is the last Mirage flight to move so sets up to attempt to search for the undetected MiG flight on the next turn.

Tally 3 Kills (1xMatra 530 and 2xGun)

Detection phase fails to see the MiG detected by ground radar so now Lapidot will attempt a lock-on with Cyrano IV radar. 1st DR is a 1 which would mean the radar failed. No contact and the MiG is able to escape across the Suez Canal to safety.

Future turns see the Damaged MiG become a Cripple due to mechanical failure but aircraft is able to recover back at a friendly base.

Final Tally: IAF 3 Kills (MiG-21PF) 1 KIA/1 POW/1 Recoverd

1 Cripple (Landed Successfully)

EAF No Damage scored


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