Mark Chaplin
United Kingdom
Ice-choked tower, Mondavia, Nanglangka.
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Premium Line Reference Numbers and Titles:

PL1 Sauron.
PL3 Cave Troll.
PL4 Treebeard.
PL5 Aragorn.
PL6 Legolas.
PL7 Gimli.
PL8 Merry.
PL9 Pippin.
PL10 Balrog.
PL11 Gandalf the Grey.
PL12 Eowyn
PL13 Nazgul on Fell Beast.
PL14 Witch-king on Fell Beast.
PL15 King Elessar.
PL16 Mordor Troll.
PL17 Mordor Troll Berzerker.

Promo Reference Numbers and Titles:

PR1 Moria Goblin Archer.
PR2 Orc Spearman.
PR3 Uruk-hai Warrior.
PR4 Lurtz.
PR5 Lurtz.
PR6 Nazgul.
PR7 Nazgul.
PR8 Ringwraith.
PR9 Saruman.
PR10 Witch-king.
PR11 Gondorian Warrior.
PR12 Guard of the Fountain Court.
PR13 Rohirrim Royal Guard.
PR14 Lothlorien Elf Archer.
PR15 Aragorn.
PR16 Aragorn.
PR17 Arwen.
PR18 Frodo.
PR19 Frodo.
PR20 Frodo & Smeagol.
PR21 Frodo wearing The One Ring.
PR22 Gandalf the Grey.
PR23 Gandalf the Grey.
PR24 Gimli.
PR25 Gimli.
PR26 Legolas.
PR27 Legolas.
PR28 Ugluk.
PR29 Eowyn.
PR30 Saruman.
PR31 Saruman.
PR32 Twilight Ringwraith.
PR33 Twilight Witch-king.
PR34 Twilight Witch-king.
PR35 Moria Goblin Fighter.
PR36 Uruk-hai.
PR37 Uruk-hai Soldier.
PR38 Galadriel.
PR39 Galadriel.
PR40 Haldir.
PR41 Isildur.
PR42 Elendil.
PR43 High Elf Swordsman.
PR44 Lothlorien Elf Warrior.
PR45 Numenorian Warrior.
PR49 Aragorn.
PR50 Sharku.
PR52 Faramir.
PR54 Gandalf the White.
PR55 Witch-king.
PR56 Rider of Rohan.
PR57 Warg Rider.
PR58 Gondorian Ranger.
PR59 Haradrim Archer.
PR60 Rohirrim Warrior.
PR61 Uruk-hai Soldier.
PR62 Theoden.
PR63 Ringwraith.
PR64 Haldir's Guard.
PR65 Easterling Soldier.
PR66 Snaga.

Base Set Reference Numbers and Titles:

BS1 Easterling Spearman.
BS2 Easterling Spearman.
BS3 Easterling Spearman.
BS4 Moria Goblin Archer.
BS5 Moria Goblin Archer.
BS6 Moria Goblin Archer.
BS7 Haradrim Warrior.
BS8 Haradrim Warrior.
BS9 Haradrim Warrior.
BS10 Moria Goblin Warrior.
BS11 Moria Goblin Warrior.
BS12 Moria Goblin Warrior.
BS13 Orc Archer.
BS14 Orc Archer.
BS15 Orc Archer.
BS16 Orc Spearman.
BS17 Orc Spearman.
BS18 Orc Spearman.
BS19 Orc Warrior.
BS20 Orc Warrior.
BS21 Orc Warrior.
BS22 Cirith Ungol Uruk-hai.
BS23 Cirith Ungol Uruk-hai.
BS24 Cirith Ungol Uruk-hai.
BS25 Uruk-hai Warrior.
BS26 Uruk-hai Warrior.
BS27 Uruk-hai Warrior.
BS28 Uruk-hai Archer.
BS29 Uruk-hai Archer.
BS30 Uruk-hai Archer.
BS31 Uruk-hai Berzerker.
BS32 Uruk-hai Berzerker.
BS33 Uruk-hai Berzerker.
BS34 Uruk-hai Scout.
BS35 Uruk-hai Scout.
BS36 Uruk-hai Scout.
BS37 Grima Wormtongue.
BS38 Grima Wormtongue.
BS39 Grishnakh.
BS40 Grishnakh.
BS41 Lurtz.
BS42 Lurtz.
BS43 Moria Goblin Champion.
BS44 Moria Goblin Champion.
BS45 Nazgul.
BS46 Nazgul.
BS47 Nazgul.
BS48 Orc Overseer.
BS49 Orc Overseer.
BS50 Ringwraith.
BS51 Ringwraith.
BS52 Ringwraith.
BS53 Saruman.
BS54 Saruman.
BS55 Ugluk.
BS56 Ugluk.
BS57 Uruk-hai Champion.
BS58 Uruk-hai Champion.
BS59 Witch-king.
BS60 Witch-king.
BS61 Gondorian Archer.
BS62 Gondorian Archer.
BS63 Gondorian Archer.
BS64 Guard of the Fountain Court.
BS65 Guard of the Fountain Court.
BS66 Guard of the Fountain Court.
BS67 Gondorian Ranger.
BS68 Gondorian Ranger.
BS69 Gondorian Ranger.
BS70 Gondorian Warrior.
BS71 Gondorian Warrior.
BS72 Gondorian Warrior.
BS73 Rohirrim Archer.
BS74 Rohirrim Archer.
BS75 Rohirrim Archer.
BS76 High Elf Archer.
BS77 High Elf Archer.
BS78 High Elf Archer.
BS79 High Elf Spearman.
BS80 High Elf Spearman.
BS81 High Elf Spearman.
BS82 High Elf Warrior.
BS83 High Elf Warrior.
BS84 High Elf Warrior.
BS85 Rohirrim Royal Guard.
BS86 Rohirrim Royal Guard.
BS87 Rohirrim Royal Guard.
BS88 Warrior of Rohan.
BS89 Warrior of Rohan.
BS90 Warrior of Rohan.
BS91 Lothlorien Elf Archer.
BS92 Lothlorien Elf Archer.
BS93 Lothlorien Elf Archer.
BS94 Lothlorien Elf Ranger.
BS95 Lothlorien Elf Ranger.
BS96 Lothlorien Elf Ranger.
BS97 Aragorn.
BS98 Aragorn.
BS99 Arwen.
BS100 Arwen.
BS101 Boromir.
BS102 Boromir.
BS103 Elrond.
BS104 Elrond.
BS105 Eowyn.
BS106 Eowyn.
BS107 Frodo.
BS108 Frodo.
BS109 Gandalf the Grey.
BS110 Gandalf the Grey.
BS111 Gimli.
BS112 Gimli.
BS113 Legolas.
BS114 Legolas.
BS115 Merry.
BS116 Merry.
BS117 Pippin.
BS118 Pippin.
BS119 Sam.
BS120 Sam.

Fellowship Reference Numbers and Titles:

FE1 Orc Soldier.
FE2 Orc Soldier.
FE3 Orc Soldier.
FE4 Moria Goblin Archer.
FE5 Moria Goblin Archer.
FE6 Moria Goblin Archer.
FE7 Moria Goblin Fighter.
FE8 Moria Goblin Fighter.
FE9 Moria Goblin Fighter.
FE10 Orc Bowman.
FE11 Orc Bowman.
FE12 Orc Bowman.
FE13 Orc Fighter.
FE14 Orc Fighter.
FE15 Orc Fighter.
FE16 Uruk-hai.
FE17 Uruk-hai.
]FE18 Uruk-hai.
FE19 Uruk-hai Archer.
FE20 Uruk-hai Archer.
FE21 Uruk-hai Archer.
FE22 Uruk-hai Soldier.
FE23 Uruk-hai Soldier.
FE24 Uruk-hai Soldier.
FE25 Lurtz.
FE26 Lurtz.
FE27 Moria Goblin Leader.
FE28 Moria Goblin Leader.
FE29 Orc Leader.
FE30 Orc Leader.
FE31 Orc Champion.
FE32 Orc Champion.
FE33 Orc Lackey.
FE34 Orc Lackey.
FE35 Saruman.
FE36 Saruman.
FE37 Twilight Ringwraith.
FE38 Twilight Ringwraith.
FE39 Twilight Witch-king.
FE40 Twilight Witch-king.
FE41 High Elf Swordsman.
FE42 High Elf Swordsman.
FE43 High Elf Swordsman.
FE44 High Elf Spearman.
FE45 High Elf Spearman.
FE46 High Elf Spearman.
FE47 Lothlorien Elf Bowman.
FE48 Lothlorien Elf Bowman.
FE49 Lothlorien Elf Bowman.
FE50 Lothlorien Elf Warrior.
FE51 Lothlorien Elf Warrior.
FE52 Lothlorien Elf Warrior.
FE53 Lothlorien Elf Swordsman.
FE54 Lothlorien Elf Swordsman.
FE55 Lothlorien Elf Swordsman.
FE56 Numenorian Archer.
FE57 Numenorian Archer.
FE58 Numenorian Archer.
FE59 Numenorian Spearman.
FE60 Numenorian Spearman.
FE61 Numenorian Spearman.
FE62 Numenorian Warrior.
FE63 Numenorian Warrior.
FE64 Numenorian Warrior.
FE65 Aragorn.
FE66 Aragorn.
FE67 Boromir.
FE68 Boromir.
FE69 Elendil.
FE70 Elendil.
FE71 Galadriel.
FE72 Galadriel.
FE73 Gimli.
FE74 Gimli.
FE75 Haldir.
FE76 Haldir.
FE77 Isildur.
FE78 Isildur.
FE79 Legolas.
FE80 Legolas.

Paths of the Dead Reference Numbers and Titles:

PD1 Aragorn.
PD2 Elrond.
PD3 Eowyn.
PD4 Gimli.
PD5 King of the Dead.
PD6 Legolas.
PD7 Merry.
PD8 Oathbreaker.
PD9 Oathbreaker.
PD10 Oathbreaker.
PD11 Oathbreaker.
PD12 Oathbreaker.
PD13 Oathbreaker.
PD14 Oathbreaker.
PD15 Oathbreaker.

Two Towers Reference Numbers and Titles:

TT1 Mauhur.
TT2 Mauhur.
TT3 Ringwraith.
TT4 Ringwraith.
TT5 Sharku.
TT6 Sharku.
TT7 Witch-king.
TT8 Witch-king.
TT9 Snaga.
TT10 Snaga.
TT11 Uruk-hai Torchbearer.
TT12 Uruk-hai Torchbearer.
TT13 Warg Rider Champion.
TT14 Warg Rider Champion.
TT15 Easterling Warrior.
TT16 Easterling Warrior.
TT17 Easterling Warrior.
TT18 Haradrim Archer.
TT19 Haradrim Archer.
TT20 Haradrim Archer.
TT21 Haradrim Champion.
TT22 Haradrim Champion.
TT23 Haradrim Champion.
TT24 Haradrim Warrior.
TT25 Haradrim Warrior.
TT26 Haradrim Warrior.
TT27 Uruk-hai Berzerker.
TT28 Uruk-hai Berzerker.
TT29 Uruk-hai Berzerker.
TT30 Uruk-hai Crossbowman.
TT31 Uruk-hai Crossbowman.
TT32 Uruk-hai Crossbowman.
TT33 Uruk-hai Soldier.
TT34 Uruk-hai Soldier.
TT35 Uruk-hai Soldier.
TT36 Warg Rider.
TT37 Warg Rider.
TT38 Warg Rider.
TT39 Warg Rider.
TT40 Warg Rider.
TT41 Warg Rider.
TT42 Wildman of Dunlending.
TT43 Wildman of Dunlending.
TT44 Wildman of Dunlending.
TT45 Faramir.
TT46 Faramir.
TT47 Haldir.
TT48 Haldir.
TT49 Aragorn.
TT50 Aragorn.
TT51 Eomer.
TT52 Eomer.
TT53 Gamling.
TT54 Gamling.
TT55 Gandalf the White.
TT56 Gandalf the White.
TT57 Legolas.
TT58 Legolas.
TT59 Theoden.
TT60 Theoden.
TT61 Gondorian Ranger.
TT62 Gondorian Ranger.
TT63 Gondorian Ranger.
TT64 Galadhrim Bowman
TT65 Galadhrim Bowman.
TT66 Galadhrim Bowman.
TT67 Galadhrim Warrior.
TT68 Galadhrim Warrior.
TT69 Galadhrim Warrior.
TT70 Galadhrim Swordsman.
TT71 Galadhrim Swordsman.
TT72 Galadhrim Swordsman.
TT73 Rider of Rohan.
TT74 Rider of Rohan.
TT75 Rider of Rohan.
TT76 Rider of Rohan.
TT77 Rider of Rohan.
TT78 Rider of Rohan.
TT79 Rohirrim Spearman.
TT80 Rohirrim Spearman.
TT81 Rohirrim Spearman.
TT82 Rohirrim Warrior.
TT83 Rohirrim Warrior.
TT84 Rohirrim Warrior.

Return of the King Reference Numbers and Titles:

RK1 Corsair Captain.
RK2 Corsair Captain.
RK3 Gorbag.
RK4 Gorbag.
RK5 Gothmog.
RK6 Gothmog.
RK7 Haradrim Leader.
RK8 Haradrim Leader.
RK9 Haradrim Leader.
RK10 Mordor Orc Captain.
RK11 Mordor Orc Captain.
RK12 Ringwraith.
RK13 Ringwraith.
RK14 Ringwraith.
RK15 Ringwraith.
RK16 Ringwraith.
RK17 Shagrat.
RK18 Shagrat.
RK19 Witch-king.
RK20 Witch-king.
RK21 Corsair of Umbar.
RK22 Corsair of Umbar.
RK23 Corsair of Umbar.
RK24 Corsair of Umbar.
RK25 Corsair of Umbar.
RK26 Corsair of Umbar.
RK27 Haradrim Rider.
RK28 Haradrim Rider.
RK29 Haradrim Rider.
RK30 Haradrim Rider.
RK31 Haradrim Rider.
RK32 Haradrim Rider.
RK33 Mordor Orc.
RK34 Mordor Orc.
RK35 Mordor Orc.
RK36 Mordor Orc.
RK37 Mordor Orc.
RK38 Mordor Orc.
RK39 Mordor Uruk-hai.
RK40 Mordor Uruk-hai.
RK41 Mordor Uruk-hai.
RK42 Warg.
RK43 Warg.
RK44 Warg.
RK45 Aragorn.
RK46 Aragorn.
RK47 Eowyn & Merry.
RK48 Eowyn & Merry.
RK49 Frodo.
RK50 Frodo.
RK51 Gandalf the White.
RK52 Gandalf the White.
RK53 Sam.
RK54 Sam.
RK55 Theoden.
RK56 Theoden.
RK57 Gollum.
RK58 Gondorian Citadel Guard.
RK59 Gondorian Citadel Guard.
RK60 Gondorian Citadel Guard.
RK61 Gondorian Citadel Archer.
RK62 Gondorian Citadel Archer.
RK63 Gondorian Citadel Archer.
RK64 Gondorian Ranger.
RK65 Gondorian Ranger.
RK66 Gondorian Ranger.
RK67 Guard of the Fountain Court.
RK68 Guard of the Fountain Court.
RK69 Guard of the Fountain Court
RK70 Knight of Minas Tirith.
RK71 Knight of Minas Tirith.
RK72 Knight of Minas Tirith.
RK73 Rohan Royal Guard.
RK74 Rohan Royal Guard.
RK75 Rohan Royal Guard.
RK76 Rohirrim Bowman.
RK77 Rohirrim Bowman.
RK78 Rohirrim Bowman.
RK79 Rohirrim Royal Guard.
RK80 Rohirrim Royal Guard.
RK81 Rohirrim Royal Guard.
RK82 Smeagol.
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Seth Owen
United States
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This would be good to submit as a file.
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