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Subject: Rules translated from Portuguese to English rss

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Rogério de Leon Pereira
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So where do you go for a treasure?

Players: 2-6
Age: 8+
1 round marker
5 tokens (markers)
6 decision tokens (stay/go out)
15 danger cards
15 treasures cards
30 golden coins
60 silver coins

Conquer the highest number of treasures coins.

Detach carefully the tokens when you going to play the first time.

Shuffle together all the danger and the treasure cards. Put the cards face down on the table.

Give one decision token for each player.

Put one token at the round marker. It will tell you are at the beginning of the first round.

The silver coins count as 1 victory point and the gold coin counts as 5, in the other words, when you can get 5 silver coins, it’s possible to get only one gold coin.

During the game this exchange may be necessary to avoid missing pieces of silver coins during the rounds.

The Game
The players have 5 rounds to rescue the highest number of coins. Each round, the players dive at the deep sea and need to decide the right moment to go back to the surface.

One player need to be chosen to turn out the cards from the card pile, one at a time, and then put it turned up at the side of the round marker, like the figure. All the cards must be on the board side by side, faced up.

Treasure Cards
If one treasure card is face up, the number of coins showed at the card must be divided with the players who still in the water. If you cannot divide into equal parts, put the rest of the coins over the card.

Example: the player turned a treasure card with the number 9 and 3 players are in the water, each player will get 3 silver coins. If was 2 players in the water, each player get 4 coins and 1 coin will remain over the card. If only 1 player is in the water, he will get all the 9 silver coins for him.

Danger Cards
The game has 5 different danger cards: out of oxygen, assassin sharks, jellyfish, giant octopus and explosion.

When danger card is showed up, you need real courage to continue, because as soon as 2 cards of equal danger appears, all players that are in the water are eliminated and lose the coins received in this round.

Stay, Go Out
Before draw the next card, the players must choose, at the same time, if they will stay on the water or if they go back to the surface. Just turn the decision token to the side that expresses your will.

Who opt to Go Out get all the coins remaining at the opened treasured cards and all already received coins in that round. If more the one player decides to go back to the surface, they must divide all the remaining coins in equal parts. If you cannot divide into equal parts, put the rest of the coins over the opened treasure cards.

When you Go Out to the surface you cannot dive in the water again until the end of the current round.

The players who opt to Stay in the water continue their adventure looking for treasures at the deep sea. The round continues until all the players back to the surface or when 2 equal danger cards are showed up.

Obs.: one player can be alone in the water looking for treasures until he decides to Go Out to the surface or be eliminated.

When a round is finished, the received coins cannot be lost in future dives.

To the next round, put a new token at the round marker and play the same way. The game finishes after the 5th round.

Win the game who have more coins at the end of the game.

I have the manual in portuguese and translation to english isnt at my main skill set. cool
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James Cheevers
United Kingdom
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I don't know what anyones problem is. This is completely different from Diamant/Incan Gold.

It has Assassin Sharks and a Giant Octopus!!!

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