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Subject: When Arkham freezes over rss

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You don't need any more.

I played a two investigator game of Arkham Horror against Ithaqua today. For those of you who do not know, Ithaqua is generally considered a very easy great old one to face. I used all expansions but only the main Arkham board. The two investigators who stepped up to the challange were Leo Anderson and Wilson Richards.


The game started unsually, with me drawing a 2 doom token mythos card. So, there were no open gates to begin with. I did some money swapping and sent Wilson over to the Curiositie Shoppe where be bought a shiny Gladius of Carcosa. Leo concentrated on gathering clue tokens and by the end of the turn he had four.

During the first few turns things were under control. Not only did Leo have 10 or so clue tokens, he also sported a Parchment of Elder Sign which he had gotten from his starting ally, the chick who ups your focus. The first gate was closed quickly and Wilson easily managed to keep the monsters under control with his Shotgun and Gladius.

Then it all started to go wrong. I drew the CotDP mythos environment that had me taking fight checks when ending my movement on street spaces and getting delayed if I failed. The scenario was pretty much this: Wilson ended his movement on a street space to get rid of a Leng Spider. He than failed the fight check and was delayed. After that a Shan that had been hovering over Arkham landed next to him. This presented me with an interesting choice.

I had to either:

1) evade the shan (sneak 5) and then pass the fight check to not to be delayed next turn, then evade it again and leave the street space

2) kill the shan and then pass the fight check to not to be delayed next turn

The problem was, that if you fail a horror check against Shan, you are devoured. Wilson had a will of 3 and Shan's horror check modifier is -2. This meant, that if Wilson kept his will at max he didn't have enough fight to pass the environment check. All this while he would be losing stamina from Ithaqua's ability.

I decided to with option #1 since my chances would be infinitely better. I rolled the die for evasion... and rolled no successes! Poor Richards would be devoured! But wait... I had a single clue token. Praying hard, I rolled the final dice. A five! Yes! I rided the high tide of luck and also passed the fight check. Thus Wilsons was undelayed.

Meanwhile Leo had been sent to the hospital by a Shoggoth. He had 10 clue tokens but was being cornered by a Gug. I decided to take my chances and challenged the Gug to a mortal combat. Some dice rolling later I again had almost killed it, one success short. I really didn't want to go back to a hospital so I turned to my stack o' clues. It only took one clue token to roll the last success I needed. Again, mythos wasn't this kind. Leo Anderson was stranded to a street space with 1 stamina. With Ithaqua, this meant certain death during the mythos phase.

Good luck was on my side briefly again, since I managed to draw the mythos card that allowed me to move all investigators to any location in Arkham and sacrifice their movement for the next turn to do so. Both Wilson and Leo avoided their fates and moved to safety (and clue tokens).

A few mythos cards and another add-two-doom-tokens card later the situation was looking grim. I had one seal on the table, Leo in Celeano and Wilson in City of Great Race. Only Leo had any clue tokens though, Wilson was the victim of an untimely attack by a Nightgaunt.

Leo got out of the gate and sealed it. Four more seals to go and Ithaqua was at ten doom tokens out of eleven. I don't prepare for final combat, so I pressed on and collected a few more clue tokens. Then the third add-2-doomers card hit me. Seriously, just think about it. Out of the 11 doom tokens Ithaqua required to awaken, 6 (5 really) were provided by two-doomers. Gah!

Anyway, the final battle didn't look as grim as I feared. I managed to keep most of my weapons during the start of combat rolls and to my delight those weapons included the shotgun Wilson had. Both investigators only had one stamina which meant that couldn't afford to lose any fight checks. Luckily they both had a fight of 4, so they could potentially stay alive for long enough for me to finish up the yeti.

The first round started decently. I managed to remove two doom tokens from Ithaqua and both investigators passed their fight checks. I drew the second epic battle card... a sinister plot huh?

Ok, the investigators got to go first, that's good... and after they attack, any investigators with 2 or less stamina are devoured. This was really nice, since both Leo and Wilson were at 1 stamina. I rolled the die, but in the end, it didn't matter. Even if I had rolled all sixes with both of their attacks (and counting the shotgun) I would have still been a few successes short.


The whole game took under an hour. During this game I learned to fear not only the Shan, but also two-doomers. While I lost badly this game was still great fun. It served as a brilliant reminder, that even the weaker GOOs can still smack you up good if they feel like it. And boy did Ithaqua feel like it. He probably wanted vengeange for Yibb-Tstll, Y'Golonac, Shudde M'ell and Bogruk, all who had fallen quite easily in my earlier games.

This was my 20th game of Arkham Horror and I'm seeing many more of them to come in the future.
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Rauli Kettunen
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DeePee wrote:
For those of you who do not know, Ithaqua is generally considered a very easy great old one to face.

Ithaqua is still high on my nemesis list. Always seem to get weird Mythos combos that wake him up, which then means Ith usually destroys every weapon I have.
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