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Another amusing round of RvsI, another huge victory. This time it was takeovers that won the game for me. For the previous 40 or so games of Rebel vs Imperium, our group had witnessed a total of 3 takeovers. This time, I pulled 4 in a single game.

I was playing Rebel Cantina with Primitive Rebel World (1-cost blue windfall, the one that looks like Endor from Return of the Jedi) and Rebel Alliance in my starting hand. The number in brackets indicate Worlds' defence for those that do not remember all the cards from memory...

Turn 1: Settle Primitive Rebel World
Turn 2: Explore 1+1, leech 2 cards from Produce
Turn 3?: Develop Drop ships to play Rebel Underground for free.
Turn 4: Develop R&D Crash program, leech 4 cards from Produce
Turn 5: Develop Rebel Alliance using R&D. I had Rebel Miners(2) in my hand, but noticed Rebel Fuel Cache on Separatist Colony's tableau next to me. He had just developed Galactic Imperium and settled Rebel Warrior Race, but I was 7 (drop ships + 2 rebel military planets) vs. 6 for takeovers and took over Rebel Fuel Cache.

Next turn I took over Rebel Warrior race(3), while the opponent played Rebel Base(6). What he didn't realize was that each Rebel Planet I stole from him increased my takeover-power by two. Despite defence of 11 (6+4 for Galactic imperium + 1 from Separatist Colony), I took over Rebel Base on the next turn with equal power of 11 after bribing ewoks to war for +1 military).

After losing 3 Rebel planets, he finally realized that he couldn't play any more Rebels. Of course, I could have taken any military planets and not just Rebels, but Rebels were obviously my primary target. Meanwhile, I came across Terraforming Guild and Imperium Seat from huge Produce draws and Explore +5 and finally played the Rebel Miners that had been in my hand for several turns. On the last turn, I was one army short from taking over Rebel Homeworld(7) from New Sparta, despite having takeover power of up to 19. New Sparta had been collecting a huge army for New Galactic order. I ended up conquering Lost Alien Warship instead, which happened to be a windfall planet, earning additional points for Terraforming Guild. It is also possible that I miscalculated my takeover power or Spartas defence at the moment and could have taken over Rebel Homeworld, not sure.

With 21 pts on tableau, 43 points in 6-devs (17 for Rebel alliance, 16 Imperium Seat and 10 for Terraforming guild) and 8 points in Goals (First to discard down to hand limit and Most Rebel Planets) I won the game easily with 72 points.

Ruining the game of my friend felt a bit bad for a while, but we both got over it pretty soon.

Weird fact: At the time I conquered Def6 Rebel Base from my opponents tableau, I had only 4 military and couldn't have played it (for free) if it had been in my hand! Of course, I could have bought it for 4 cards.
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