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Subject: A couple quick jaunts rss

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Andrew Tullsen
United States
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48 hour turnaround time for Prototypes!
The party of 4 adventurers headed in. They were in for the glory and the gore. They hoped there would be lots of both.
First they ran across 3 orcs. The fighter and rogue polished them off in 3 rounds, but both took a few hits.
Next came 12 kobolds. Weak, small and ugly. The fighter held them off, while the Wizard prepared his spell. Chain lightning jumped from creature to creature and killed them all.
The adventures felt this was going to be a piece of cake.

But a monstrous spider and 3 offspring were next on the list. Round after round, parrying, fighting. But the spider’s venom had something in it, and quickly the fighter and then the rogue were lying side by side on the floor, stunned. The cleric kept on healing himself and the wizard, as the wizard tried his spells. But he was too flustered, and kept on missing. Soon, the cleric was on the ground and the wizard tried to make a break for it. But the spider lifted a leg and knocked him down. Pushing hard, the spider heard a squishing sound as the wizard was no more. He gathered the other 3 and wrapped them in webbing, and took them to his larder, for a meal next week, as they had to ferment first.

The Avengers, Part 2
Of course, the 4 adventurers had children, who had to avenge their parents, and so after training for 16 years with the wise men, wizards and master swordsmen, they marched into the tunnel.
2 quick minutes later, 3 orcs were lying on the ground, dispatched by 2 quick combos executed by the fighter and rogue. In the next room 12 kobolds lay waiting, as they too must defend their parent's name. A weaving fireball sent from behind the doorway incinerated them all. The 4 walked in, pinching their noses. Burnt kobolds are not the best thing to smell after a breakfast of pancakes and syrup with bacon and eggs on the side.
The same spider that had killed their parents was preparing its own lunch. Surprising it, the Rogue and Fighter leaped on it and killed it and one of its young ones. The wizard prepared his spell and the Rogue and Fighter turned and the last 2 baby spiders rolled over onto their backs.

They stumbled across a secret room with a shining Dwarven throwing war hammer, undimmed by the years it had lain there. It had a riddle on it - "One room will I last, and no further, I am only good against one, and then I am gone". They puzzled over this as they walked on.

As they talked, a giant hammer thudded next to them. They jumped in fright, and the rogue dropped his knife, which happened to land on the giant's ankle. The sharp blade nicked the ankle, and the giant howled in pain as he hopped on one foot. "Wow, 5 damage from my Crippling Strike!" the rogue murmured.
"What?" The fighter grunted as he whirled his new war hammer. The hopping giant was no match for the Rogue and Fighter who knocked him down, and then bashed his head with his own club. Suddenly the fighter gasped, and the war hammer dropped through the floor and vanished. They all looked on in shock, and they recalled the verse.

They walked past some strange grave stones and 6 skeletons leaped out at them brandishing swords. The fighter and rogue again took the lead and scattered the bones of 2 of the skeletons. The fighter took his first injury and dropped as he grasped his broken wrist and forearm. The fighter wanted to pull back so the cleric could heal his wounds before they continued the fight, but the cleric said he could only heal during combat. "That's dumb!" the Fighter muttered as he got to his feet. But the cleric worked a miracle, and suddenly all injuries vanished. Some more combat, and then some chain lightening from the wizard blasted the last skeletons into oblivion.

"I can see him up ahead," the cleric whispered to his companions. "Who, your father?" the rogue asked. "No, the dragon, you idiot". "Oh, that." Some spinning knives whooshed through the air and a sword was drawn from its scabbard as the fight for the treasure began. "We'll split you 50-50," the cleric tried to compromise with the dragon. But after a flame flickered out towards him, he changed his mind and jumped out of the way and yelled, "Charge!" The fighter was busy hacking at what he could see of the dragon. Mostly that meant the tail. The rogue tried for a critical strike, and aimed his knives at the dragon's eyes. He missed. The flame was everywhere, and the room was broiling. Soon all of them were down to their last breaths, all clutching broken arms or bruised ribs. Except the wizard. He had found a golden chest and had jumped into it and hid in fright.
Summing their last reserves they chanted, "We want gold, we want gold!" and swung blindly. They missed. But the dragon was flying around as best as he could, and as he bent his head to breathe some more fire, he hit his head an out jutting part of the wall, and fell on top of the golden chest with a loud clatter. The wizard was scared stiff and the other 3 dug him out. They all took as much gold as they could carry (which wasn't much, considering their wounds) and took the dragon's back entrance out, which led to the gold smith’s cellar.
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