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The second two Birds of Prey: Air Combat in the Jet Age reinforcement packs are available for pre-order! Yes, there are four sets currently in the pre-order process! Please go to:


and put in your order! Each pack contains four sheets of box-miniatures and missile tents. Most sheets have twelve individual aircraft box-miniatures and six missile tents (set 3, Tomcats and Targets has eight box-minis of generally larger size and three missile tents.) Each sheet is die-cut and pre-creased, just like those in the main game box. Also, each sheet has a set of flat, square counters. (Reinforcement Pack 3 has counters for two new "sides", black and green. Reinforcement Pack 4 has individual numbers, which can be used to "write out" altitude or speed by an aircraft on the game map.)

We need sixty pre-orders of each Reinforcement Pack to complete the process and go to press. The final art for these sheets is complete, so there are no additional steps for Ad Astra Games and the Airbattle development team once we reach the sixty thresholds. (We are hoping to take all of the reinforcement packs to press at the same time, though. But obviously this all depends on your responsiveness! The first two are showing a good response, so I don't believe the process will take too long.)

ADA 31953 Reinforcements Pack 3— Tomcats and Targets

- EB-66B Destroyer (natural metal)
- Il-28 "Beagle-A" (natural metal)
- F-14A Tomcat (high-visibility gray)
in wings forward and wings aft configurations
- F-14B Tomcat (low-visibility gray) – in wings forward, wings mid and wings aft configurations
- F-5E Tiger II (new blue aggressor scheme)

- AIM-7F Sparrow
- AIM-9H Sidewinder
- AIM-54A Phoenix

ADA 31954 Reinforcements Pack 4— The Seventies

- F-15A Eagle (air superiority blue)
- F-15A Eagle (compass ghost)
- MiG-23MF "Flogger-B" (interceptor gray) – in wings forward, wings mid and wings aft configurations
- Lightning F.Mk 2A (green over natural metal)
- Lightning F.Mk 6 (dark gray over natural metal)
- Mirage F1CZ (green and tan camouflage)
- MiG-21MF "Fishbed-J" (natural metal)
- MiG-17F "Fresco-B" (Egyptian sand, gray and olive camouflage)
- J-6 "Farmer-C" (PLAAF white)
- J-7 II "Fishbed" (PLAAF white)

- AIM-9D Sidewinder
- AIM-9P-2 Sidewinder
- R-3R "AA-2C Atoll"
- R-23R "AA-7A Apex"
- Shafrir 2
- Firestreak

ADA 3195Y Reinforcement Value Bundle B

Reinforcements Packs 3 and 4, bundled together at a bargain price.

Birds of Prey box-miniatures and tilt-blocks can actually be used to enhance most jet-era air combat games (assuming the counters don't carry a host of game-related numbers.) J.D. Webster used them for a The Speed of Heat game slot at Origins a couple of years back! If you have not jumped onboard the Birds of Prey: Air Combat in the Jet Age bandwagon, I still encourage you to take a look at the Box-Miniatures to support your other jet combat games! You can purchase tilt-blocks and the original game-box box-miniatures directly from Ad Astra Games. (Although they are working with the online ordering systems to make parts available separately. This should be fixed shortly.)

Thank you for supporting these new products! And don't forget the first two Reinforcement Packs (and their Value Bundle) are still available for pre-order!
-- ADA 31951 Reinforcements Pack 1— Modern
-- ADA 31952 Reinforcements Pack 2— Classics
-- ADA 3195X Reinforcement Value Bundle A

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