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Subject: Lunchtime gaming: First Time with 5 Players rss

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Danny Rogers
United States
New Mexico
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This was my first game with any of the Intrigue cards, and it just so happened that we had 5 players (which is rare for our lunches), so it was lucky that we had both sets.

Players: Me, Eric, Jason, Chris, Dan (Everyone has played before, although Dan had only played once)

Shanty Town
Money Lender
Council Room
Trading Post

How it went(this is from memory 2 days later):
Everyone started with 4 or 3 copper in their hand. I went for the Moneylender and Shanty Town, but everyone else picked up a Coppersmith and a shantytown or silver. The coppersmith payed off early a few times and Eric and Chris each got a province with it and 4 coppers. Bad cards gave me 4 and 3 again so I got another moneylender and a silver. The next time through the my deck I added in a Trading post and another Silver. I used the Trading post and moneylenders to clean up my deck a bit, and eventually got rid of all my coppers (and the 2 moneylenders) and all but 1 estate, picking up silvers and 1 gold along the way. Meanwhile Eric and Chris (possibly somewhat enamored by their early province) didn't upgrade their money. Jason used the Mine quite a bit. And Dan was all over the place getting one of everything. I thought my deck was getting pretty strong with silvers, a gold, and 2 Shanty Towns. But I kept ending my turns with 7 coin. So I ended up buying Nobles (4 of them in fact), and I got one hand of 8, so I had one province. Fortunately the Province stack was still quite high. Eric I think had 2, and everyone else had 1. Everyone else had added too many action cards and kept getting hands of 3 or 4 actions. Fortunately the coppersmiths were useless at this point because mines had changed many off the coppers, and the shanty towns were hard to use as the last action. Nobles had also been hot with everyone else, so the pile had run out (I had 4 out of 12). With 9 provinces left, the game should have been over fast, but I was the only one getting them. I got 1 each turn for my next 5 turns. With the Shanty towns and all my nobles, I went through my whole deck every turn and had 10-15 coin to spend, unfortunately I hadn't picked up a woodcutter (which I had even debated out loud at one point whether to get one or not). Meanwhile everyone else was getting a few duchies each, with a province or two mixed in. The game ended when I picked up the last province.

Me-45(6 Provinces, 4 Nobles, 1 estate), Eric-30, Jason, Chris and Dan-27 or 28

Don't know if it's the best strategy, and I didn't mean to do it but was forced by getting 7 coin on 4 different occasions, but the Nobles+Nobles+Nobles+Nobles with 2 Shanty towns mixed in really made for a good deck at the end (5 consecutive provinces). As for 5 players, downtime wasn't bad considering I was eating lunch while playing. Playtime was between 45-50 minutes.
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Colin Clay
British Columbia
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I'm not surprised you crushed them. Buying a province for their first big buy put them way behind. It's really important not to buy provinces before your deck gets humming.

Your strategy seemed good, you lost tempo by buying an early Trading Post in exchange for better long term efficiency. This is a good move when you're ahead because it reduces the chance of getting unlucky. The extra buy is important, but I would have used Council Room instead of Woodcutter.

I would have gone with:

1x Money Lender
A few Silver
A few Shanty Towns
1-2x Council Room when I have 5 (Great with Shanty and for extra buy)
0-1x Trading Post (Only once the drawing engine is running).
1x Gold on an early 6, then more gold after Nobles are gone
As many Nobles as I can after the first gold

This type of deck can get massive draws and can often result in a 2 province turn.

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