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Subject: Quicker Play Tips and "Easy-Level" rule mod rss

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Andrew Schultz
United States
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Here are some tips to help speed play and enjoyment for Silent War.

Problem: Pulling counters without seeing the revealed side. When you pull a chit and accidentily see the revealed side, you have to draw again. This adds up to lots of time in this game.


A> Buy some wooden cubes from the craft store. Paint enough cubes yellow to match the number of war-mix "meatball" flag chits. Paint enough cubes red to match the number of war-mix "rising sun" flag chits.
B> Buy 12 large cups
C> Buy small colored dot stickers at an office supply store.
D> Lable the cups with marker and stickers:
A , A-yellowDot, A-redDot
B , B-yellowDot, B-redDot
C , C-yellowDot, C-redDot
D , D-yellowDot, D-redDot
E> When you create the war mix for cup A, place a yellow cube in cup-A for each "meatball" chit. Place a red cube in cup-A for each "rising sun" chit. Place the "meatball" chit itself in cup-A-YellowDot. Place the "rising sun" chit itself in cup-A-RedDot.
F> Follow this pattern for all war mix cups B-D.
G> Now you have 4 cups with red and yellow wooden cubes, 4 cups with "meatball" chits, and 4 cups with "rising sun" chits, all corresponding to a war-mix letter.

H> In the combat display, draw from the cube-cups to fill unknown target ships being sure to keep the letters matched. When revealing target ships, put the cube back into the correct cup and a draw the corresponding chit from the correct cup.
ie - to reveal a column A yellow cube : put the yellow cube back into cup-A, draw a chit from cup-A-YellowDot

Advantages : When you draw a cube, you dont accidentily see the revealed side.
When you draw a chit, it doesnt matter if you see what it is as that information is no longer a secret.

Problem : Roll, Roll , Roll, Roll.
Solution: Roll mulitple dice at a time.

I have a red, white, blue, and black d10. I roll them in groups, and use them in that order every time.

Roll for patrol action: red = area activity,
white = contact table,
blue = endurance ,
black = for enemy sub roll.
I set blue onto the enrance track to resolve later. black is rarely used, but handy.

Roll for torpedo shot : red = to hit,
white = damage caused,
(blue is still setting on the endurance chart),
black = counter attack.
Useful to have black - if it is very low, no need to do all the adding, because you can see that the enemy hasn't a prayer with that roll!

For Transit Events : I roll for "red" results first, in groups of 4, from the top of the stack down. Then I roll the batch again with red-white being the first chart pair and blue-black being hte second chart pair (if needed).

For Repairs/ Readies : I roll the batch of 4 and apply them in the same orer , top down on each stack.

The 4 dice batch (or however many colors you can remeber the order of) speed things up more than you would think.

Problem: Getting bogged down reading chart rules and situations that make a hard game even harder, and invoking rules I dont understand so much. Also on the Combat Event, it often makes my time setting up to be wasted with effective results being combat over".

Solution :
"Easy Play" Rules :
I dont use the War Event Table.
I dont use submarine tenders.
I dont use combat event chits.
I dont modify the "attack results" table by torpedo level, and count damage on a damaged ship as a sink.

I find the "Attack results" change keeps me from being crushed by finally getting a hit, only to have the topredo bounce off sthe hull so often.

I liked the cubes so much, I replaced the TDC chits with cubes of white, green, and orange, with penned-in value. I find it quicker and easier to draw cubes than chits.

Hope some of these ideas help out. I am finding my game going by faster, and I am enjoying it more.


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Kenneth Lury
United States
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I like the idea of multiple different colored D10's to quickly resolve contact,combat and subs in broom box.

I could not follow the combat cube idea. I find it is very easy to tell which side of each chit is which by touch. The side with the flag or meatball has sharp edged. The side with the actual ship has rounded edges. that being said, my counters already look pretty beat up and I have had the game for ~7 months.

I do not like your idea of simplified rules. They are completely out of the spirit and intent of the game. The game's decisions are based on risk vs potential reward. We are supposed to feel the frustration of the miserable torpedoes just as the real submariners did. In my current full campaign, I have gotten to -1 torpedoes and am closing in on 0. Without the challenges there would be no thrill of achievement. Same with meeting the tonnage quotas. Otherwise you are just moving subs around and sinking ships. The combat events can be great or miserable. When you get the "lumbering target" or the "double tonnage" and actually sink a big one, it is great ! The War events while at times time consuming are supposed to model at least statistically what really happened and therefore should not be ignored.
Just my two cents.
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