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Subject: WWII Version rss

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John Griffey
United States
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As Axis & Allies was Mr. Morrison's first love, I'm surprised that he's not working on a global WWII game using his new mechanics, which would vastly surpass Axis & Allies and other monsters in playability and strategic intrigue. Here are my preliminary ideas on how it might look.

The Map
Four sets of the 8-player Victory II tiles would be enough to create two theater-sized megahexagons, each megahexagon being ten hexagons on a side and nineteen hexagons across. I've checked this by overlaying V-2 hexagonal tiles over the Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition map, which absorbs about 405 tiles, not counting edge pieces. Four more geographically useful longitudinal columns of tiles at 13 1/2 tiles per column would bring the number of tiles to 459. At least 144 sea tiles are needed. The Arctic regions where needed could be represented by inverting the tiles to show their white sides. Straits: Mountain hexes may not be used as Straits.

It might work best as a 4 player cut-throat game, viz.:

Players, Powers, and Capitals and Build Points of the Powers
1. Germany (Capitals Ruhr and Berlin). 2 Building Points per Turn.
2. USSR (Capitals Moscow and 1 other City of USSR choice). 2 Building Points per Turn.
3. Japan-Italy (Capitals Tokyo and Rome). 1 Building Point each per Turn.
4. ABCDF: American-British-Chinese-Dutch-French, aka "Status Quo Powers." (Capitals Washington for Americans, Chinese, and London for British-Dutch and French. These Powers move separately but never attack one another. America: 3 Building Points per turn. Britain: 1, France and China: 1 Building Point each per turn.

Five Player and Three Player Versions
With five players, make USA-China and British-French-Dutch separate players. These players never attack each other. Chinese Units may not mix with others.

With three players, make Germany-Japan-Italy a single player. These Axis powers' Units may not mix.

There would also be various neutral Cities and Towns with Infantry and Artillery, waiting to be crushed or wooed. The ABCDF good guys can't take a Neutral Town or City until the bad guys (who include USSR) have taken it.

Building Point Income
America 4, Germany 3, USSR 3, Britain 2, France 1, Japan 1, Italy 1,China 1.

Building Costs
Building Point income may be saved. Basic building costs are 1 BP to build a town, 2 BP to upgrade it to a City, and 3 BP to upgrade a City to a Metroplex. Add +1 to building cost in hexes adjacent to an already existing Conurbation. Add +1 to building costs in Forest hexes, and add +2 in Plain and Mountain hexes. Add +1 to building costs in Asia and Latin America, and add +2 to building costs in Africa, the South Africa hex excepted. Examples: to build a town in Forest on the west coast of Africa would cost 1 BP + 1 BP + 2 BP = 4 BP. To upgrade Scotland (a Grassland hex) from a City to a Metroplex would cost 3 BP, + 1 BP for building adjacent to Metroplex London, for a total of 4 BP. (Note: Mountain and Plain hexes would be most of China, Siberia, Africa, Australia, and South America.)

A Conurbation may bring on from Reserves any two Units which it can support. A Metroplex may support 1 Aircraft or 1 Fleets, plus 1 Tank or 1 Artillery or 1 Submarine or 1 Transport or 1 Escort, plus 1 Infantry. A City can support 1 Tank or 1 Artillery or 1 Submarine or 1 Transport or 1 Escort, plus 1 Infantry. A Town can support 1 Infantry.

Victory would come at exhaustion of Calendar (twenty turns each 6 months?) or by sudden death.

Eight Fighting Units
I would jettison the Axis & Allies Flak Gun, Fighter, Cruiser, and Carrier, leaving just eight pieces.

Eight Pieces:
Infantry (add +1 die in Combat if you have Infantry in Woods or Mountain hex.)

Tank (add +1 die in Combat if you have Infantry in Plain or Grassland hex. On Wonder Tech upgrade, picks its target on a 1 or 2,)

Artillery (add +1 die in Combat if you have defending Artillery in Town, City, Metro hex. Bombards own or adjacent hex, defends own hex in Combat.)

Aircraft (Locatable only in Towns, Cities, Metros. Bombard up to two hexes away and defends own hex in Combat. Strategic Strike enemy Cities or Metros up to 3 hexes away. Range may be extended by Wonder Technology.) Moves Conurbation to Conurbation at 4.

Fleet (Bombards adjacent hexes, fights Naval Combats, may absorb 1 hit, reparable at a City or Metroplex for free. On a Wonder Technology upgrade, Fleets may carry 1 Aircraft each. Moves 5.

Escort. Moves 4.

Transport. Carries 4 Infantry, or 2 Infantry + 1 other unit, or 2 of any units. Moves 4.

Submarine (May ignore enemy Subs. May ignore enemy Fleets and Transports in Movement. Fights only in first round of Naval Combat. May be hit only in Naval Combat or by Aircraft Bombardment when a "1" is rolled. Fires three dice in Naval Combat at any Transport which has not a matching 1:1 Escort in same hex. May not win a Tactical Victory with a roll of "1" against a Fleet, Escort, or Escorted Transport. One free shot at any Naval Force moving through its hex. Subs may not hit Aircraft.)

Super-Submarine, Anti-Submarine, Rockets, etc., all the usual Axis & Allies type Wonder Tech would also be available for research by Building Points. BP could also be used to woo neutrals. Research projects a secret card until revealed.

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