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Subject: Already glad I bought it rss

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Bobby Bierley
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To everyone contemplating buying this game, I just want to say that if you are a fan of all things time-travel, you won't be disappointed with this game at all. I was looking at picking up Khronos before I discovered this little gem, simply because it was the closest thing to a time-travel game I had found on the market right now. But after playing through just a single solo session of Chrononauts, I have dashed Khronos utterly off my list.

This is the time-travel game you've been waiting for. I can't speak for the subtleties of competitive play, or how the various apparently Fluxx-like mechanics work. But I'm not coming at this as a gamer; I'm coming at it as a fan of the time-travel theme. Some of my favorite movies are Back to the Future and Butterfly Effect; my favorite TV show is LOST. (In fact, I plan to bust this game out during every one of our weekly watch parties next year. "Whatever happened, happened?" We'll see about that!) So if you are a a time-travel nut, too, then you won't regret this purchase. But if you consider yourself a gaming connoisseur who happens to find the time-travel aspect interesting--be warned. This game may be too random, too light, too unbalanced for your tastes. In that case, maybe you should buy Khronos.

I'm the kind of gamer who prefers theme over mechanics. That is, if a game is a little lacking on the mechanics side--what some critics might consider "playability"--but is dripping with a theme that I like, I'll most likely enjoy it. Zombies!!! is a good example. Great theme and atmosphere, but everytime I play it's with plenty of house rules to make up for where the game seems to be wanting. Lost Cities, on the other hand, is a game that has a theme that's interesting, but the mechanics seem to overshadow it. When I look at it, I think "adventure movie," but when I play it I think "card game." It's not that the gameplay is flawed. Not at all. It's just that the theme doesn't fit the action, in my opinion. With Chrononauts (to finally get around to my point), the theme and the gameplay fit hand-in-hand. So much so, in fact, that I can see making up your own rules and scenarios--your own game, virtually--just using Looney's brilliant linchpin/ripplepoint timeline mechanic. Again, that's if you're attracted to the theme more than the gameplay.

Incidentally, I found my first solo play easier than I expected. I got seven of my eight Chrononauts home to their respective dimensions with a couple of cards to spare. (Gunther, sadly, was lost in the temporal ether.) I plan to try again today and hopefully get all 8 of them home.
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Gordon Adams
United Kingdom
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This cg was what sparked me back to RPGs.

After a lapse of many years when I used to play D&D type of RPGs at Uni, I thought that it would come to an end and I would play the "conservative" Chess, Backgammon, Risk, Monopoly etc (which I still do), but never the "teen" type of game again.

Well,having progressive MS,I was getting very bored and wanted to keep my mind alert. Apart from the daily electronic Chess sessions, I needed something different. I got Chrononauts at, what is now, my favourite RPG store, and from there on I never looked back.

Thanks to Chrononauts, I was re-introduced to so many wonderful RPGs (board and card).

So, I am really happy to read that you have found this little gem and enjoy playing it. It is , for me, one of the best solo games that comes out of the card draw (and sometimes ,whatever other game is on the table can be continued later) becauseI simply have to have my dose of time travel

Kind regards.
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Jim Dunaway
United States
New York
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I'm sure, having played and demoed Chrononauts for years, you will enjoy the competitive aspects of the game.

I was fortunate to see the prototype Gore Years expansion at Origins and can't wait for it to be released in October.

Once you get the hang of Chrononauts, I recommend purchasing Early American Chrononauts (played identically to Chrononauts). These two games can be combined into one awesome game known as UberChrononauts, where both timelines are combined (plan on a whole afternoon for this one).

There is a neat little expansion for Chrononauts called Lost Identities, which adds 13 new ID cards and a new mission card.

Both of these should be available from your local game store. If not, they can be purchased directly from Looney Labs using the following links:

Early American Chrononauts:

Lost Identities expansion:

There are also some pretty cool promo cards for Chrononauts (some of which you may already have since they were included in the lastest print run of Chrononauts), which are available only from Looney Labs, and can be found here:

German Cake: [url]
Really Fast Time Machine:

Teeny Tiny Time Machine:


Carl Sagan's Joint:

If you go to the Chrononauts homepage ( you'll find some interesting information on the game. I highly recommend reading the "Mysteries of the Timeline".

In addition, there is an email discussion list for Chrononauts ([url)[/url]) that you can join.
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