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Attaque! Toujours attaque!!
My friend Marten Jan and I recently started our third game of “Three days of Gettysburg”.

The first made it to the session folder as the "Post war Interviews" series. As some of you may already have guessed, we terminated this game. We felt that we had made to much errors (against the rules, I mean) in our first couple of turns. It just affected the game too much.
I will publish the last pictures we made shortly.

We then proceeded in playing a second game in which I was the Union and was thoroughly thrashed. The Union surrendered in the early hours of the second day, her lines compromised beyond repair, General Meade and his staff leaving the field despondent. shake

This time I’m the Confederates and I hope to avenge my shame..blush

As I was rather busy in the months we played this game, I didn’t take the time to post the sessions on the Geek. Everything is recorded though, and I will post a summary as soon as I find the time.

I still don’t have a lot of time to spare, so don’t expect the prose and drama in my previous posts.. This will be a matter of fact statement of the facts from a gamers perspective.

During gaming I make notes per activation and will keep this structure in my narrative. Let’s see how it works out..

July 1, 7.00 AM

Picture 1: The opening situation. Heth’s first brigades entering the field. Just a few horses to block their entry into Gettysburg…

Heth: Archers brigade moves forward.
Heth: Damn.. I drew Heth again. Archers moves forward again, but the artillery is blocked by Davies regiments who are still in march mode.
Buford: Cavalry moves up towards Archer
CSA March: Davies closes up with Archer
Buford: The single Union gun on the field fires to no effect..

Picture 2: Both sides taking position..

July 1, 8.00 AM
Heth: Archer and Davies are both in advance mode now. And move up. Pegram’s artillery positions on the railroad, leaving the road free for more infantry.
Heth’s Corps Commander, Hill hasn’t entered the field yet, and this affects my activation. I only got 1 AM, and since I drew first, I postioned carefully..
Union March: Marten Jan rolls for Rowley.. Bad roll... Rowley lags behind…. Doubleday, Wadsworth and Robinson enter the field and start their long march to doom.. err Gettysburg (wishful thinking on my part..)
Buford: Bufords single battery fires. Archers 7IN regiment is disrupted.
Buford: Devin’s brigade moves up. Gamble stays in position. The battery fires again taking first blood. The disrupted 7IN from Archers brigade loses it’s first step..
Buford: Gamble passes. Devin moves to flank Heth on his left..
CSA March: Pettigrew’s and Breakenbough’s brigade enter the field and move down the road..

Picture: 8 AM, 1: The Union blocking Schoolhouse ridge. Devins brigade is positioned to flank Heth’s left.. When I played the Union, I behaved rather aggressively, falling on Heth’s flank.. I lost some Cavalry that way, that turned out to be sorely missed later on. Marten Jan plays more conservative, but still those horses look threatening..

July 1, 9.00 AM

Union March: Reynolds three divisions move further to the front line.. Rowley too (damn..)
Buford: Passes
Heth: I got 3 AM’s this turn! All brigades reposition, but Pegram’s Artillery batteries pass .
Buford: Devin retreats some hexes. Gamble passes.
CSA March: Breakenbough’s brigade moves up.
Buford: Just a shot from the guns to no effect.
Heth: Pettigrew’s and Archer’s men move forward. Archer moves to flank Gamble’s line and positions to fire on of his regiments in the flank.
Heth: Archer activates for the third time taking fatigue. Two regiments fire at Gamble’s men but only manage to disrupt a regiment . Archer’s 5AL loses a first step by return fire from Gamble. (Hm.. did I take a fatigue hit for that? Damned horses..yuk)

Picture 9 AM, 1: You can see Archer’s slightly fatigued regiments on the Rebels right flank..
Some of Davies’ and Pettigrew’s regiment are extended. I want to cover my flank and keep my line as wide as possible.

July 1, 10.00 AM

Buford: Gamble retreats the single battery under his command and all his cavalry.
Heth: All brigades move up. Only Breakenbough’s brigade passes.
Buford: Gamble moves backward. So does Devin.
Heth: Breakenbough’s regiments move to the right. The rest passes
Heth: All regiments reposition.
Union March: All divisions move up.

Picture 10 AM, 1: A rather uneventful turn. Just some repositioning. The momentum of the Confederates evaporates as Union reinforcements arrive. You can see Wadsworth’s division with Meredith’s and Cutlers brigade taking position. Those are tough units, specially Meredith’s who’s got the toughest regiments on the field for the three days to come. Heth’s not up to a confrontation with them at this point. I wait for Pender..

July 1, 11.00 AM
I had to decide where Rodes’s brigades will enter in later turns. I chose area 3. I want to hit that Union right flank asap!! arrrh

Wadsworth: Both Meredith’s and Cutler’s brigade move forward. Wainwright’s guns pass.
Buford: Gamble moves behind Cutler. Devin passes.
Buford: Passes
CSA March: Pender’s division enters the field. I decided to move him to my right flank.
Wadsworth: Cutler moves forward. Meredith passes. Wainwright fires single gun to no effect
Wadsworth: All pass.
Buford: Gamble moves a Cavalry regiment forward into the woods to block Heth’s and Penders progress. Gambles single gun disrupts one of Breakenbough’s regiments.
Union march: Robinson and Doubleday move up.
Heth: Slight repositioning. Some fire by guns ineffective (in fact I fires 5 or 6 of them, without making a dent..).
Wadsworth: Damn those Union guns.. 42MS from Davies Brigade loses it’s first step by fire from Wainwrigth’s guns.

Picture 11 AM, 1. The overview at the end of this hour. It’s a bit of stalemate. Marten Jan has positioned his men quite well. If I move over the hill to engage, I will suffer too much.. (At least that’s what I think will happen..)
Let’ wait and see what happens when Pender is able to engage and Rodes comes up..

To be continued..
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