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Subject: AAR (With soundtrack) rss

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James Luksich
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I often listen to music while I board game, and yesterday found me up against the Axis (Commanded by my brother). And being the geek I am, I was listening to the BSG soundtrack . But wait, it works! It works I say!

Early Game
Song: Prelude to War:

As the sun rises, the 7th Division races across the desert. The 7th and 22th Brigades swing left towards the Italians. The 4th Brigade moves towards the center to link up with the 7th Support Group with its recon and infantry screening a possible advance from the 21st Panzer. Recon units clash in skirmishes, with the German Recon units coming out on top.
The Afrika Division moves out towards the pass, and the 21st Panzer heads towards the 4th Brigade and the 7th Support Group.

Mid Game
Songs: Mandala in the Clouds:
Storming New Caprica:

The battle is joined as the 7th and 22nd Brigades slam against the entrenched Italians. The 22nd forces its way into the entrenchments but gets badly mauled by Italian resistance. After a grinding battle, the Italians are shattered and the bloodied 7th and 22th Brigades withdraw into the desert to recover. Meanwhile the 21st makes an aggressive attack against the 4th Brigade and the 7th Support group. The British take heavy losses, but actually manage to shatter the over aggressive 21st Panzer Division before the 15th arrived. The South Africans arrive late and do little in the way of moving or fighting. The New Zealanders arrive behind the Germans with one group seizing Gambut without resistance, and the other attempting to take some heat off of the battered 4th Brigade and 7th Support group.

End Game
Standing in the Mud:
Martial Law:

Burning tanks litter the desert and the 15th and 21st Panzer Divisions pummel the 4th and the 7th Support Group.Attempts to withdraw, but the endangered Stuart tanks are slowed by mechanical failures and the need to refuel. The NZ armor attempting to distract the Panzer Divisions is slaughtered, but the infantry at Gambut holds againist meager counter attacks. The mostly intact 7th and the partially recovered 22nd attempt a counter attack to buy time for the 4th Brigade but are wounded and driven back. The Stuart tanks are cut down by the Panzer divisions and the critically wounded infantry retreat with the Panzers in pursuit. The 7th Division is near the breaking point (8 units gone, the rest wounded) and make a fighting retreat as the Panzer Divisions close in. With some bad luck stalling the Panzers, the 7th Division survives and the Commonwealth is victorious.

Final Score: +3
It was my Brother's first time playing the game and we discovered the bit about reinforcements being able to enter at the nearest hex not under a ZOC part way through, which allowed the NZ units to bypass the roadblock set by the Germans.
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Peter Bogdasarian
United States
Dist of Columbia
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Thanks for the report - hope you enjoyed it!
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