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This is a session report for the World of Warcraft minis game using the solo dungeon crawl variant rules which can be found on the Upper Deck forums.

Behind the harvest golem is a Mage Knight Dungeons treasure chest, with its treasure (unknown at start of game) against the wall. When this picture was taken, the heroes had just entered the dungeon and attacked the first mob which has moved one space off of its spawn point.

To set up my dungeon, I've used the figures Frostmane Prowler, Boulderfist Warrior, Helwen, Blindlight Murloc, Marsh Murloc, Harvest Golem as the 1st Boss, and Archmage Arugal as the final Boss. Since the monsters (according to the variant rules) only get to act on ticks 3, 6, and 9, I chose baddies that had 3 or 4 tick attacks. Their honor total is 43, so I can build a party consisting of no more than 21 honor. My party consists of Ta'zo (Fire Mage), Celenias Firemane (Marksmanship Hunter), and Thangal (Feral Druid) with an honor total of 20. I've played this variant a couple of times now, and due to the rapid respawn rate I'm going with firepower this time rather than a typical tank/healer/dps combo. Hopefully speed and firepower can save me from respawns which really slow down the adventure.

According to the dungeon crawl rules, the monsters don't get action bar cards, but heroes do. For Ta'zo I'm using Ice Barrier and Fire Blast. For Celenias I'll be using Hunter's Mark and Call Fury. Thangal (one of my favorite characters in the core set) will be using the ABCs Bear Form and Rejuvination (which I've previously found to be quite useful in this scenario).

There will be one rule that I'll be changing a bit. The rules mention treasure chests but don't mention treasure. So in the treasure chest (top right of dungeon) I've put a random potion ABC that I'll then let any character in my party use one time. To compensate for this, I've given the fist boss +2 health and +1 attack. Lets begin!

As I step inside the dungeon I see that my first enemy is the Frostsaber Prowler who has a lot of magic resistance but low armor. As Thangal charges in and shifts to Bear Form, Celenias fires a shot over his shoulder doing 3 damage to the Frostsaber. The Frostsaber leaps at Thangal who dodges the attack and Mauls the Frostsaber for enough damage to kill it. Celenias summons Fury, and Ta'zo moves forward to engage the Boulderfist Warrior.

Ta'zo's Scorch and Fireblast only deal 3 damage to the Ogre who responds by charging the Troll and swinging his Gargantuan Hammer. Ta'zo Iceblocks and takes 2 damage. Thangal can't get close enough to make use of his taunt, so he shifts from Bear Form and hits the Ogre with a Wrath for 2 damage, critting in the process and healing Ta'zo 1 health. Ta'zo's Scorch brings the Ogre down to 2 health as Fury leaps past Thangal and finishes off the Ogre with his Claw attack. Celenias and Thangal move up beside their companions, and Thangal casts a Rejuvination on Ta'zo.

The Heroes venture further into the dungeon and come upon a side room with a Succubus and a Harvest Golem. Celenias marks Helwen with a Hunter's Mark and fires her Sunfury Bow of the Pheonix, taking Helwen from 7 health down to 5. Thangal is out of range for an attack, but steps protectively in front of Celenias and shifts to Bear Form. As Ta'zo's Rejuv buff heals him back to full health, Thangal charges forward and Mauls Helwen for one damage, aggroing the Harvest Golem Boss in the process. Ta'zo deals another 1 damage to Helwen as Celenias fires at Helwen and misses. Fury leaps past Thangal again, but Helwen dodges the cat's attack. Helwen heads for Celenias, but Thangal taunts the demon and dodges her Lash of Pain attack. The Harvest Golem lumbers forward and hits Thangal for 2 damage.

Ta'zo finishes off Helwen with his Scorch and moves into the room to engage the Boss as Celenias sprints into the room and drops a Hunter's Mark on the Boss. Rather than loose an arrow at the well-armored Boss, Celenias chooses to circle around behind the boss towards the treasure chest. The Heroes will have to be quick about looting the chest and getting out of the room before the mobs respawn. Thangal shifts out of Bear Form and deals 3 Wrath damage to the Golem, critting in the process and healing himself 1 point of life. Fury deals 1 damage to the Golem and Ta'zo deals 4 damage with his Scorch, plus 3 more with his Fireblast. The Boss deals 1 damage to Thangal with his Reaping Claws and Thangal retaliates with a Wrath that finishes off the boss! Celenias quickly steps to the chest and finds a healing potion!

As the Ogre outside the room respawns, Thangal Rejuvinates himself and then shifts into Bear Form and charges out. Ta'zo steps in behind Thangal and does 4 fire damage to the Ogre. The Ogre Warrior's maul smashes into Thangal, knocking him back through the doorway into the side room! Fury lunges forward raking the Ogre with his Claws for 4 damage. Another Scorch from Ta'zo brings the Ogre down to 1 health. Celenias lets fly an arrow as she sprints past Ta'zo, and drops the fat Ogre where he stands.

Thangal's Rejuvination heals him 2 life as he steps around the corner towards the next enemy. Shifting out of Bear Form, Thangal unleashes a Wrath which hits the Murloc Mage for 2 damage, and heals Thangal 1 life. Behind Thangal, Celenias fires her bow taking the Murloc Mage down to 2 health. Ta'zo and Fury flee from the doorway of the sideroom as the Succubus respawns. The Murloc Mage hits Thangal for 2 damage as his ally the Marsh Murloc rushes forward and deals another 3 damage to Thangal. Fury leaps at the mage, but the nimble Murloc dodges the attack.

Ta'zo targets the Marsh Murloc and deals 4 fire damage to it as Celenias does the same dealing 1 damage. Thangal quickly quaffs the potion from the treasure chest healing 2 life, then finishes off the Blindlight Murloc with a well placed Wrath. Ta'zo's Scorch finishes off the Marsh Murloc and the Heroes turn their attention towards the final Boss.

Thangal's Rejuv restores 2 more of his life as he shifts into Bear Form and charges towards Arugal. As Celenias advances she drops a Hunter's Mark on Arugal, then hits him for 2 damage, critting in the process and strengthening her next attack. Thangal closes the distance to Arugal and Mauls the mage for 4 damage, while Fury Claws at the mage dealing another 3 damage. Ta'zo steps forward and deals another 4 fire damage to Arugal, and with her bow Celenias deals 3 more damage to Arugal, critting yet again.

Arugal unleashes a powerful Void Bolt dealing 5 damage to Thangal. Celenias deals 2 damage to Arugal, bringing the Boss down to 2 health. Thangal's Maul deals 4 damage to the mage, finishing off Arugal, thus conquering the dungeon!

Random Thoughts:

Rejuvination is an awesome spell. Though Celenias is usually considered one of the most useless characters in the core set, I thought she rocked in this senario and was a lot of fun to play (and only 4 honor!) though she wouldn't have been worth it without her pet. Not sure if the Ice Barrier was worth using... it only got used once. It's not that hard to keep a mage out of danger, especially with a tank. The game took roughly 2 hours to play, but that included a lot of sitting down and typing. I thought it was quite fun. Give it a try!
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Anthony Inskeep
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Great session report - thanks for sharing. I'm going to have to try another solo crawl, now that Spoils of War has been released. I may try a random equipment card as the treasure in the chest (I use the Mage Knight chests, too).
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Jack Kotov
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very interesting, will try It to)
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dafadsf asdfasdfas
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are the solo rules availble to read somewhere? The link doesn't work
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Alper Aslan
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I had copied them a while ago. They are from (not working anymore) link posted above, unfortunately I don't have the pics...

By Matt Hyra
Arena and battleground fights are great and all, but for the majority of World of Warcraft online players, raids and dungeons are where it’s at. You might be a master of tournament play, but building an effective dungeon party is a whole new challenge.

Build the map as shown using your Deluxe Starter map and moveable terrain pieces. This map uses six Monster spawn points, one player spawn point, two VP Locations, and one hill. You’ll need a bunch of other random terrain pieces to create the walls of the dungeon. They can’t be entered or moved through.

The dungeon is best played with a raiding player controlling the instance party and a dungeon player controlling the Monsters, but it can also be played solo.

Setup: Monsters

Grab seven Monsters. If you want to go with a particular dungeon theme, you can choose to use only Sea Creatures or only Elementals, but a wide variety of different Monsters is usually more interesting. One of those Monsters gets to be the boss of the dungeon. Choose one that you like or choose one at random. Unless it’s Legendary, give it an additional 5 Health (max 15) and and +1. The boss occupies the lone hill space on the map. Only it may ever occupy the hill.

The other six Monsters should be placed on the six Monster spawn points, either as the dungeon player sees fit or at random. For random, choose an unoccupied spawn point and roll (1d6 works best) to determine which Monster starts there. You’ll just be using the Monster character cards, so leave their action bar cards in your binder. Before the game starts, all seven Monsters should be on the board. Take note of which Monster is at which spawn point, as it will be relevant later. Now add up the honor of the Monsters.

Setup: Party

A dungeon party consists of three characters. The honor total of the monsters sets the party honor limit as follows:

Monster Honor Party Honor Limit
30 or less 15
40 or less 18
50 or less 21
51+ 24

You can also work backwards. If your friend brings a 17 honor party to raid the dungeon you set up, you can build your Monster team using up to 40 honor.

Feeling Aggressive?

Getting close to Monsters gets them all riled up. In the online game, this is referred to as “aggroing a mob.” A character who “has aggro” is the party member the monsters are going to be gunning for, so it’s nice if that character can survive an attack or two.

Monsters have an aggro range of 4 spaces. Line of sight (LoS) is also always checked between Monster and intruder. A character could be 2 spaces away from a Monster but not be in LoS of the Monster, because a wall separates them. The first character to enter into a Monster’s aggro range gets the Aggro token (use a coin, bottle cap, or whatever to mark that character as the one “with aggro”). If two characters somehow both end up in a Monster’s aggro range simultaneously, the one nearest to the Monster gains the Aggro token. If they’re tied, the party decides who gets it. However, in all cases, if any character already has the Aggro token, another character cannot gain it this way. A character loses the Aggro token when it dies or when it is not in the aggro range of any Monsters, even for a split-second.

You may have noticed that some action bar cards have the word “Aggro” in their middle referent bar. I’ll wait for you to check your Warrior cards now . . .

Ok, so if you play an Aggro card while in the aggro range of any Monster, the character that played the card gains the Aggro token. Taunt and Protector also work very well against dungeon monsters, so that is a consideration if you think you’ll have trouble keeping aggro where you want it.

Monster Moves

Monsters move at the start of ticks 3, 6, and 9. Once a Monster has had its personal space violated, it will continue to pursue the party, even if the party members leave aggro range or duck out of LoS. All Monsters act before any players move on those ticks. Don’t bother to keep track of their clocks, as you won’t be paying for their attacks. Some will benefit under this method, and some will suffer.

Monsters will always move as best they can towards the character with aggro, or at least into attack range of that character. Monsters with ranged attacks won’t move closer than necessary to the character with aggro. When a Monster is done moving its 2 spaces, it will attack the character with aggro if able. If not able, it will attack the nearest legal target. Failing that, it will attempt to use a secondary action. Example: Helwen’s Seduction ability, which ignores the Action Bar card exhaust cost in this scenario, since she has no Action Bar cards.

A dungeon player may make decisions as he or she sees fit when there are options. However, the Monsters still must go after the character with the Aggro token with all abandon.

Monster Health

Keep track of a Monster’s health just like in a normal battle. When a Monster dies, set the mini on the master clock tracker at the current tick. When that tick rolls around next round, the Monster respawns at its original spawn point at the very start of the tick. Example: A Rethilgore Monster dies on tick 3. It is removed from the board and placed on the 3 in the game-tick tracker. At the start of tick 3 next round, it will respawn at the same spawn point where it started the game, or adjacent to it if that space is occupied. Then, since all Monsters act at the start of 3, 6, and 9, it gets to act (if it’s in the aggro range of a party member).

Object of the Game

Kill Monsters and take their stuff! The two VP Locations represent treasure chests. If a party member occupies the VP Location and is not in the aggro range of any Monsters, it may, as an action, spend 1 tick to open a treasure chest. Once both chests have been opened and the boss has been defeated, the party wins! If the party members are all defeated, the dungeon player wins.

Advanced Options

This dungeon takes about an hour to play, but feel free to design your own dungeons, maybe by combining two maps. The larger you go, the longer it will take. Online players enter dungeons with five party members, so that will feel very natural for many. You’ll need wider passages with larger parties, or characters can get stacked up and be unable to engage targets.

As I mentioned before, this dungeon is well-suited to solo play. Use the random method of Monster distribution at the start of the game. Since none of the Monsters use Action Bar cards, and the Aggro token tells you where to move the Monsters, it’s not tough to run yourself through a dungeon. Solo play is a great way to test a dungeon or a party in private before you challenge a friend.

After you’ve played a time or two, if you want to ramp up the challenge for the party, give the Monsters their Action Bar cards. It’s still not recommended to use Action Bar cards during solo play, as it’s too much to keep track of, but it provides a dungeon player with a lot of fun options.

For the party, get some extra value out of your Rogues and cat form Druids with dungeon stealth rules. While a character is stealthing, it only aggros mobs at range 2. This means that if a stealthed character starts its turn without a Monster adjacent to it and moves 1 or fewer spaces for the turn, it’s not in a Monster’s aggro range unless it’s within 2 spaces of the Monster (and in LoS as usual).

I’d like to see some dungeon reports in the forums. I’m curious to see the composition of your dungeon-raiding parties and your Action Bar card choices. Likewise, I’m curious to see if players setting up dungeons will just grab random Monsters from their pile or carefully craft a killer team of beasties. You’ll have to look twice at each of your minis and action bar cards from now on . . .
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