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Subject: WBC World at War Tournament - guidelines rss

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[cross-postd from Eisenbach Gap folder]

2009 World At War Tournament

Welcome to the 2009 WBC World at War tournament. Thank you for your participation. I hope you enjoy the friendly and challenging competition ahead. In order for everyone to have a clear understanding of how this tournament will work, I have outlined below some guidelines for the tournament structure, as well as clarifications of rules issues.

The tournament will be single elimination. Players are also afforded the opportunity of a mulligan round that is scheduled on Thursday. Those of you who participate in the mulligan round can proceed directly to round 2 on Saturday if you win, or can play again at round 1 if you lose the match.

For those rounds in which an odd number of participants advance, and eliminator will be used to even up the number for matches. For advancement to the semi-finals (5 or less participants remaining), then the TIE BREAKER will used to determine who will advance (in order to keep an even number).

TIE BREAKERS - In order to resolve the top 6 positions in the tournament, tie breakers will be used for rankings. These rankings will be based on points as follows:

1)Points will be awarded based on losses. Each full NATO unit (excluding HQs) will count as one point. Each Soviet unit (excluding HQs) will be counted as ½ point. No points will be awarded for reduced or disrupted units.

2) The winner of each match will be awarded the net points gained by taking the difference of his own losses from his opponent’s losses. This may result in a negative point value.

3) If the tie breaker is used and scores are tied, then those who have tied scores will be ranked according to rolling a die with the high roller advancing.

RULES - The official rules for the tournament will be those found in the Blood & Bridges rulebook. These rules take precedence over those found in Eisenbach Gap. Also, some clarifications are outlined below.

1) We will be using the updated rule from Battles within Battles disallowing passing on formation activations. Once a formation chit is drawn, then it must be played, and cannot go back into the cup.

2) The most important change in rules from Eisenbach to B&B concerns rule #3.2.1. Not only does a player get to hold an End of Turn chit if all his formations miss activation, but he gets to hold an EOT chit if ANY formation fails to activate in the previous turn.

3)Another important change from EG to B&B is that armored units are restricted to gaining at most +2 on defense.

4)FOG - Fog conditions modify a unit’s PRINTED range by -5 with a minimum range of 1. Units that can use extended do so based upon the modified range factor.

SCENARIO SELECTION - Scenarios for each round can be any published scenario chosen mutually by participants. Participants are reminded that each round must be completed in the time allotted, and any matches that do not finish in time will be adjudicated by the GM and asst GM. Such adjudications are final. Below is a list of the official scenarios for each round. If players cannot agree on a scenario then the GM will assign one from the official list.

For each match, players will be assigned sides randomly after scenario selection.

ROUND ONE - #1 First Moves (EG); #1 Blindsided (DOFP); #2 First Contact (B&B)

ROUND TWO - #3 Rolling Hot (EG); #3 Wittman's Ghost (DOFP); #11 Beat Feet (B&B)

ROUND THREE - #4 Maelstrom (EG); #4 Counter Punch (DOFP); #5 Hold the Line (B&B)

ROUND FOUR - #6 Hell's Wings (EG); #6 To the Death (DOFP); Break on Through to the Other Side (LOF)

ROUND FIVE - See You In Paris (LOF); Yankee Hammer (LOF);

FURTHER ROUNDS - Official scenarios will be chosen by agreement of the GM and Asst GM based on number of participants remaining.
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