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Subject: Grievous bodily harm rss

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Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed!

300pts Separatist vs Mandalorian

Squad Building rules: Faction Pure (i.e. No Fringe allowed)
Map: JediCartographer's custom City Map

This could be interesting. Two heavy hitting ranged Factions going at it.

The lack of Fringe
This would be noticeable on both sides. Separatists lack the use of several important boosts; IG-86 is the obvious one, a massive damage output piece with a high attack that is usually key to many Separatist squads and likewise the new HK-50. Separatists would also not have Gha Nachkt, an important activation and reducing the cost of droids. Mandalorians rarely need but one Fringe addition, the Mouse Droid to boost Command Effects, meaning the Mandalores would need to risk their Commanders. And neither side would have any door control, so even there.

The tactics
Mandalores were playing a game of Commanders and Stealth. Boba Fett would grant Accurate Shot, Mandalore grants Charging Fire, Quartermaster +4 Attack and two Captains granting Twin Attack. The troops were filled out with Gunslingers, Commando’s, Scouts and Troopers.
Separatists would use a mix of tactics. General Grievous Droid Army Commander combined with the Battle Droid Officer gave all droids a +8 Attack, +4 Defence and Twin Attack. Darth Sidious would play the Pawn of the Dark Side game with the Lancer Droid. The squad was filled out with Crab Droids, Battle Droids, a Heavy Super Battle Droid and Darth Maul on Speeder.

Stop, Look & Listen
Never played the Lancer, and still haven’t. The Seps player was using the Lancer for the first time, but made a critical setup mistake. Right form the start Mandalore could see the Lancer, destroying it on the first turn! Seps replied with the SHBD and Crab droid, and with a critical hit defeated Mandalore!

Both squads moved cautiously closer, but Stealth was proving to be the big advantage to the Mandalores. Seps could not get off a shot while the Battle Droids fell one by one. The activations battle was soon won by the Mandalores who also now had the Hit Points advantage. Eventually General Grievous had no one to command so was brought into the action. Darth Maul proved nothing but a hindrance to the Seps, 57pts that would have been better spent on more droids.

End Game
While the game was in the favour of the Mandalores it suddenly fell away. A slew of bad dice rolls allowed the Seps to level the field of play, but the Seps didn’t have enough attacking pieces left in play. A final charge by Grievous and a Pawned Crab Droid nearly defeated Boba Fett, but with Fett still in play the Seps could not last against the barrage of Mandalorian attacks.

Always watch Line of Sight, and be careful how you set up your squad.
Stealth and cloaked are two major abilities, they virtually turn you opponents pieces into Melee, which is the biggest hindrance in the game.

A solid win for the Mandalorians against a strong Separatist squad proving they are a force to be reckoned with, when not facing New Republic that is! cool

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Michael B
United States
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What a great scenario! The lack of fringe really takes alot away from the separatist droid sqaud butI would have thought it would own the game with pawn of the dark side and lancer droid(s). But there are alot of small places to hide on that map which clearly favors the mandolorians and protects against strafe.

I would agree that more droids would probably be better than Maul. Two chameleon droids would definitely frustrate the mandalorians
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